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  1. Thank you all so so much for your replies. I have only ever been to Hershey and it was just passing through, but I enjoyed what I saw and did there. All of you sound like you love your respective areas. Honestly I am open to anywhere in the state, but being a native of South Florida, who has never been through a real winter or seen snow IRL, the idea of winter was very intimidating to me so I was hoping to not wind up in a part where I would have to shovel my house out of the snow, kwim? Maybe that doesn't happen there though? All of you sound like you are very happy with where you live. I like the idea of PA because they have so many programs for Autism and I can hardly get any help for my kiddos here in Florida. There is basically just one program here for kiddos with Autism and I have been on the wait list for it since 2005 and have basically been told I will never get off of it. I am open to going anywhere in the state really, I just wanted to go where the winters are not too intense or too heavy with snow. Do you mind sharing what counties you live in that you are so happy with? Or what counties you know of that you would avoid? It sounds like you have a lot more taxes there than we do here in Florida. Can you give me a rough idea of what you pay in those taxes per year? Here I just basically pay property taxes once a year and that's it. Other than of course sales tax when we buy anything. As far as your yearly taxes, what is a rough estimate of what you would pay in total? It sounds like it varies a lot by the county, but y'all mentioned some taxes that I haven't heard of. School taxes here are just part of the single tax bill for property taxes that I get in November every year. It is itemized and everything is on the one tax bill. Can you recommend some towns/counties? I have to start from scratch and hope to take an exploratory trip up there sometime this year, but need a place to start. I'd love to hear more of your suggestions. Thank you all so much. 🙂 @happypamama What towns/counties in Southeastern PA should I avoid. I am so over the city and big crowds. I just want some peace and quiet in a beautiful setting with a nice big garden. 🙂 My mom moved to a rural part of Georgia when she retired 19 years ago so I am pretty acquainted with how country life is from my time up there with her. I actually don't mind the drive. I usually have to drive 30-45 from her house to go pretty much anywhere, but I have to do that here too in South Florida because the traffic is so bad it takes that long anyway even if the place I want to go is closer mileage wise. I'd much rather have a tranquil scenic drive tbh,. 🙂 Thank you all again for your replies. I have a lot I need to learn.
  2. Can I ask you some questions? I'm considering a possible move to PA and need to gather some info. I have only driven through the state once in my life. It's a beautiful state, but I know very little about living there and don't know a soul there either. Would love some info about the different areas of the state, ie places to go, places to avoid, home prices, taxes, snow fall stuff like that. Ideally, I'd like to live more rurally as I'd like to have about an acre of land, but not too too far from amenities either. I have never been in snow in my life so would need to learn how to do a real winter as well and well, any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. 🙂
  3. The voting is over! It closed with my daughter in the lead! We're just waiting for confirmation that it is official! :D :D :D Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for voting for my girl! I don't think we could have done it without you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! <3 <3 <3
  4. Thank you so much! :) Two hours left now and she is in the lead! If she can hold on to it she will win and her design will go into production! :)
  5. 2 1/2 hours left! She might win! Thank you all so much for your votes! BIG HUGS!!! :)
  6. Only 9 hours left to vote! Thank you all so much for voting for my girl. :)
  7. Just wanted to give this a bump as voting ends today. Thank you all so much for your votes. :)
  8. Thank you so much! <3 I really hope she can go all the way. It will be wonderful for her to have for her portfolio. :)
  9. Thank you everyone who has voted! She is in the lead now, but by a very narrow margin and it still has over 24 hours until it's all over. They have been neck and neck for first place and she has the edge now, but could still lose it. Please if you haven't yet voted I hope you will. It would mean the world to us! :)
  10. Yes! She took the lead! But it's still a very narrow margin. I have no fingernails left! LOL Thank you so much for your vote! <3
  11. It is neck and neck for first place! I feel like I will have a heart attack before this is all over! lol Thank you all so much for your votes! <3 <3 <3
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