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  1. Thank you all so so much for your replies. I have only ever been to Hershey and it was just passing through, but I enjoyed what I saw and did there. All of you sound like you love your respective areas. Honestly I am open to anywhere in the state, but being a native of South Florida, who has never been through a real winter or seen snow IRL, the idea of winter was very intimidating to me so I was hoping to not wind up in a part where I would have to shovel my house out of the snow, kwim? Maybe that doesn't happen there though? All of you sound like you are very happy with where you li
  2. Can I ask you some questions? I'm considering a possible move to PA and need to gather some info. I have only driven through the state once in my life. It's a beautiful state, but I know very little about living there and don't know a soul there either. Would love some info about the different areas of the state, ie places to go, places to avoid, home prices, taxes, snow fall stuff like that. Ideally, I'd like to live more rurally as I'd like to have about an acre of land, but not too too far from amenities either. I have never been in snow in my life so would need to learn how to do a rea
  3. Karyn!! I miss you! I miss your pm's and your posts. I hope all is well with you and your family. May God shower down His blessing upon you and your family.

  4. Where's my daily acknowledgement of my existence? Have you gone and found new friends with more access to electricity? :p

  5. I answered on FB coz your inbox is full!

  6. You ought to be sleeping! I'm going to bed now. Chat tomorrow, Hon!

  7. Empty your inbox!

  8. Hey! I just saw that it's your birthday and wanted to wish you a happy one. :) Enjoy your special day. :)

  9. Now I'm harassing your FB page mwahahaha... hope all is well! xx

  10. Ibby, I'm getting worried about you... where are you???

  11. Oi, are you still alive?

  12. My dd13 was talking to me this afternoon about a conversation she had with a friend of hers that was confusing her. She told me the question she had asked her friend and what her friend's answer and then said, "but her answer doesn't make any sense. I think her logic is flawed." LOL
  13. Thanks for all the laughs the past few days! That thread is cracking me up. You rock!

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