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  1. Does anyone know of a reasonably priced hotel close to OHSU in Portland? A "middle of the ground" type? Hampton Inn or Holiday Inn Express or something like that? NOT an el cheapo like Motel Six. NOT an executive conference like Marriott or Hyatt. This would be for our initial appointment with the doctor. Only a two or three night stay. Thanks!
  2. Thank you to everyone for all the hugs, prayers, kind words, links, phone numbers, and ideas. I am too tired tonight to follow through with anything, but will certainly look into resources.
  3. Does anyone know of a good website or you tube video that teaches sentence revision? Specifically, revising sentences to not use the word "I?" I'm teaching a business communication class in community college this semester. Although the word "I" is allowed, the OVERUSE of "I" is not allowed. Having a short video or worksheet (or both) would be useful for this group of students. Thanks! Pam
  4. We've had several bouts of unemployment over the years. And, have had to use retirement funds to eat and live. And, had to pay the taxes and penalties, yes... but you must eat. We've also incurred debt because of those years... working to pay that off now. We are at an age when our friends are retiring, but we can't because we like to eat. We are investing a little in retirement again... but it won't be enough. So.....???????
  5. Great. No wonder why I don't come here anymore. The first message I see is going to cause a hot-bed of disagreement on the boards. Yuck.
  6. Go ahead, honey, and whine away! We all need to vent. I tend to vent too much sometimes. Hope you have a relaxing evening.
  7. I am so sorry you are going through this. Don't have anything to say really... other than ((( hugs to you ))).
  8. Maybe try a different brand or use more cubes?
  9. I'm sure they have security for the employees. Also , managing the food court is a little different than being in the classroom. I am surprised that she did not research the school before being interviewed for the job.
  10. I drive 20 to thirty minutes for all our activities!!! Will you have some money to remodel in a few years time? To make it ideal? It sounds like you like this house BETTER than you like your current house! You will be able to paint and decorate and make it really cute! Or live in it a few years... while looking for your ideal house... and sell for a nice profit later. Think... What can I do to love this house? If you can't think of anything... then maybe pass on the offer. OR... If you can think of some things you DO love about it, or COULD love about it.... then maybe buy it.
  11. I've never heard of Halloween Gnomes. I felt that I had been "lied to" by my parents. Why would they do that to me? What else is a lie? I did not want my children to feel that betrayal. For dh, it was a religious issue. If we can't see Santa and it turns out that he is not real.... well, we can't see Jesus, is He real? Santa and the TF are fun to pretend and play. St. Nicholas was real. Jesus is real.
  12. Trends in "age at marriage" could be a good research topic. I think the trend of later marriage ages ( late 20s to mid thirties) is a rather recent , historically speaking. It was not too long ago that being twenty-five and unmarried was considered an "old maid." In my sphere, ages have ranged from 17 to thirty five. Not all numbers on my computer work. Sorry.
  13. Sorry you are in this situation. I would follow your paid lawyer's advice and telll the neighbor that you do appreciate her help, but now the situation is being handled by lawyers and you are not sure how it will all turn out.
  14. I am not ordering online. I need to have my frames adjusted and fitted locally. I will probably just find the least expensive and go with that.
  15. This might be an unpopular opinion around here but..... I think it is OK to have a car loan. In my opinion good, reliable, working vehicles are as important as your home. NOT an investment, mind you.... but the peace of mind that comes with a newish and reliable car far out weighs the interest charges. Just my opinion. Keep in mind that we live 20 miles in the country... 8 to nearest grocery store or gas station. And we've had to deal with broken cars alot.
  16. Even the lower figures quoted in this thread are still much higher than a whole lot of people make. Anyone in any career than makes $100K a year is doing well!!!! Many many many families.... are making $50K a year or MUCH less than that! So yes, seems doctors make more money ( have more expenses probably) but we have to be careful when we compare salaries and cost of living.
  17. This doc actually "fixed" my script last year. So, he knew exactly how to do my eye exam this time. I trust his script and would feel comfortable to return to him for help if needed. I have been several places for quotes. I am getting a quote of $88 to $97 for the "least expensive" plastic lens. About $175 for the "better" and upwards from there. I am deciding between the really cheap $88 to $97 VS about $175. I can not afford more than $200 for lens. I really want a full pair of glasses for less than $250 IF that is possible with progressives!
  18. My son used to get severe several times a month. Sometimes several times a week. A few months ago he was put on a preventative medication. He has only had a couple of mild headaches since then. NO severe headaches at all. Don't be afriad of traditional medicine if that is what your child really needs.You might try the more holistic approaches first and if that does not help talk to your doctor again.
  19. I don't think we ever get to a point of "getting everything done." I think that maybe we should focus on getting our priorities done and scheduling in things that are a lower priority. What do you mean by "everything?" Academics? Housework? Meals? Laundry? All of the above? Today, I have gotten almost nothing done. None of my priorities that is. I've let little things/details sidetrack my attention all day long. Instead of really tackling the laundry I have spent time on two stains. Of course, I had to do internet research on stain removal! (not, but I did anyway). We need new glasses and instead of making a couple of quick phone calls asking about prices, I've spent at least 2 hours online reading articles, asking for input, looking at frames. Even now instead of finishing my housework, I'm enjoying the WTM message boards. Although I am no longer homeschooling, I do work at a job. So it certainly IS OK for me to relax and surf the net for a few hours on my day off, I'm really not using my time very wisely today. So there is a balance between setting priorites, time management, and allowing yourself some relaxation. I homeschooled 4 children for 20 years. I have plenty of ideas to help you schedule "everything".
  20. wapiti: Can you really tell the difference in clarity of a wider range of vision with the more expensive ones?
  21. I hated Ambien. Is trazadone the generic for Remeron? Remeron is what helped me the most back then. Now I take melatonin and 5htp. But my health is so much better in general now than is was back then.
  22. I have worn Progressive lenses for over 10 years. I have had the more expensive ones; I have had the cheapest ones. After I period of adjusting to the new lens and new script, I honestly have not been able to tell the difference. Now... I have a new script and need new glasses. (So does my son and my dh. All 3 of us wear progressives.) Even going the least expensive route it will cost a lot for 3 pairs of glasses! We will have to get one pair a month for the next 3 months probably. Anyway, my question.... I am being told that" progressives have really improved in the last few years".... that I "will be able to see much more clearly" with the more expensive lens.... that I "certainly do not want nor would I be pleased with the least expensive and lowest quality" lens! Is all this just sales hype? Dh said that my script changes every year and we should just get the least expensive lenses in our glasses. Are the more expensive lenses REALLY "better"/ "best"? As I am typing now, I don't think I really need a "wider range of vision". I just need to see the monitor and keyboard clearly. I think I need to see a "focal point" clearly and therefore the cheaper lenses would be fine. Any eye docs or opticians in the hive to help me? (We do not have really "heavy" or "bad" scripts.) Thanks!
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