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  1. A spa day, new black coat, a red purse, other than that I'd buy shoes or clothes or maybe makeup. :D
  2. I like holidays fancied up and I don't get that feel from paper plates. The compromise of the white plates to match the linens for the adults and then using Chinette for the kids is my favorite suggestion.
  3. The kids beg until I let them do it. :D It probably takes them half a day, we don't have much and don't decorate outside because we live down a dirt road and don't have any neighbors. ;)
  4. Pies are totally fine made the day before. :drool5:
  5. I had a severe lazy eye as a child, to the point my left eye didn't move. I surgery and a patch but since I was about 7 I don't know much about it. I've never of anyone losing sight due to lazy eye. Was patching mentioned at all?
  6. My mom swears the thing that helps hers stay in check the most is exercise. I can't remember her numbers but at one point her doctor seriously wanted her to take medication (she didn't) and now it is borderline normal. She does elliptical or Zumba in the morning for an hour and an hour of brisk walking at night, 7 days a week. Also while she doesn't eat extremely low carb she does avoid sugars and carb loaded foods and has protein with every meal. She is 65 and has had type II diabetes for about 10 years.
  7. Coffee, computer, internet, printer. Though I did homeschool pre-internet. :001_huh: Then it was just coffee, books, and the library. :thumbup1:
  8. I make all the traditional foods. We wouldn't get them any other time and I don't want to miss them or the leftovers. ;) We dress nice and set a nice table. Have an early dinner then lounge around. :D
  9. Yep, yep. I love my Pampered Chef can opener.
  10. I think you're doing great. You won't gain it all back unless you go back to your old habits. I lost nearly 40 pounds over 3 years ago just watching my calories and I haven't gained it back. I do still track my calories though,
  11. I'm going to be a grandmother in February. The thought definitely makes me feel old, but I'm in the best shape of my life and feel no different than I did in my 20s. Except I might forget more things. :D Still I don't like thinking about it. :huh:
  12. I use Avon's skin perfecter. I sell Avon so I haven't tried anything else :p, but I do love it and it's not expensive.
  13. I try to only indulge on the day of the holiday or celebration and I don't keep it around the house for random snacking. On those special occasions I'm selective and only choose one or two favorites. No slacking on exercise.
  14. I didn't have to work but did work. I worked picking strawberries and later full time baby sitting in the summers.
  15. We had our first hard freeze a couple weeks ago, and our heat has been going at least some of the time for a month at least. Some of you are pretty hard core. I like my house about 72 in the winter and I let it get up to 85 in the summer before I'll turn on the AC. It is 72 right now I have on a long sleeve shirt, thick hoodie, jeans, and fuzzy lined slippers. I should move south. :lol:
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