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  1. That sounds like a plan! Of course, because of reading... you'll probably want to practice up on the phonograms if you stick them in... and... running them to different locations... kinda hard... I have NO idea how much preschool is... I think it's a great idea~ Would it be easier on you to have a sitter for a few hours for both of them? I'd just try to have as few differences between schedules... as possible! :) Hugs and lots of love... There are seasons... and it's fine to do what's best for your family! (and you! because THAT is what's best for your family! :))
  2. Umsami and others ... :) Thanks!!! Rent is crazy expensive... and hard to find for only a few weeks... (mid-June to start of Sept) When I saw prices of... $2000-$2500 and you get paid a stipend.. travel and any fun... well... I suppose that's why people room together in such numbers! :) I'm sure she'll have fun... and hoping for a "not too crowded" spot for her! :) Got one pm that looks possible :) I'll take all I can get... :) I really hope for this to work out for her !:) Thanks Again! :)
  3. Math is the subject I LOVE to talk about. I'm familiar with all the ones spoken of here... except not too much with Miquion. I can't stand Saxon... sorry... Math in Focus I've taught at school... and Singapore is what I loved using with my son. Math-u-See is great, too! And... Right Start is lovely, as well. Free... for the cost of printing is the EngageNY (which.. EngageNY and Core Knowledge material is pretty much the same... public domain... and totally free...) EngageNY is really a quality math program! All of these... really build on... talking about everything... from Conceptual (touch, feel, build, think), abstract and pictorial... for each and every piece along the way. My son is advanced with maths.... and I think any of these would have been fine. I think between Math in Focus and Singapore... Singapore is MUCH easier... just get a Sonlight home educator's guide. You get a book for each "semester" ... Really quite simple after you start. Also, you want to get the manipulatives... and then just start talking ... I'm giving you "4" how many more to make "10?" Also, EngageNY math and Math-U-See count after ten... basically "the ten way." This is incredible to teach kids how to mentally work with numbers... so... Ten, One (or "T-one" for Math-U-See) and Ten, two...etc... I thought this was so stupid, at first... But... get it so your kids when they're six knows that Ten, two.... + ten two... plus ten two... is thirty-six... or 12*3!!! Amazing!!! Beastly Academy is a nice add-on, too :) Here's the thing.. Pick one... and stick with it... just... do it :) Don't skip around... :)
  4. Hey Everyone, I thought I'd throw out the need to the WTM community... in case anyone has knowledge of anything for our 21-year-old. She's responsible... and great to have around... Quiet... and she's great at Math!!! (AND explaining it!!!). She's happy to pay rent... but... if you need help for math from littles all the way through Pre-Calc.. she's your girl! She's looked for a room to rent... and really needs it to be pretty close to DC as that's where her internship is... Please let us know if you have any suggestions... Thanks!!! Carrie
  5. Hey Everyone, I thought I'd throw out the need to the WTM community... in case anyone has knowledge of anything for our 21-year-old. She's responsible... and great to have around... Quiet... and she's great at Math!!! (AND explaining it!!!). She's looked for a room to rent... and really needs it to be pretty close to DC as that's where her internship is... Please let us know if you have any suggestions... Thanks!!! Carrie
  6. So excited!!! I was able to attend the 1st-grade training and the 5th-grade training is tomorrow! How exciting!!! Only the people who have loved Singapore Math forever can probably understand... But it's wonderful and so great!!! I was so excited to be allowed to tag-along to the training... Oh, how I love Singapore Math :) Just thought I'd share... My next stop is going to one of the National Math Conferences! I'd love to go to one that is specifically about Singapore Math. Anyone gone before? Right now I could get "student pricing" for the conferences... :) Carrie
  7. Hi WTM People! I am excited to maybe be able to offer a list and review copies of the Orton-Gillingham based phonics programs to the school district in which I live. This isn't something I was asked to do, but rather something I asked about being able to offer. Please help me make a list of great programs for them to consider. As well, I think that them doing the very most basic parts... such as the phonics cards, perhaps writing the letters, and such. (And the great apps that some of them have) I seriously LOVE phonics cards and applying the knowledge instead of random phonics learning. (Ok, so not really random, but I don't understand the method and am not happy with the results I have seen.) I'd like to know if it is a program that you have to pay for a crazy expensive training or not. Like RIGGS, I think you have to pay for training just to purchase the books? Thanks! So far I am thinking: Logic of English, Wilson,
  8. Thanks! Sorry not to go crazy researching this, but it's competing with my studies! :) Do you suggest that we are showing the marks that you have on the words? Just trying to figure that out. Also, I am thinking I saw you maybe talk about speech issues. If so, I am specifically wondering about the skipping of the sound "S" especially at the front of words... mixing up of "m" and "n" and just general... trying to get the student up to speed... :) I'll take hints!!! (around the age of 7-9... thanks!
  9. Phonics Rule for Where, Were, Could (Logic of English or other O-G curriculum?) (And does anyone have the LOE book about decodable DOLCH words?) Thanks!!!! :)
  10. Hi :) Wondering if anyone has found the poems decorated? I have bought the program (2x actually) But the pages are missing the flare of "appealing" :) Some may prefer not decorated because of less distraction :)
  11. Hey Everyone! :) So, would Classical Education be considered "Perennialism" when thinking of Education Philosophies? I scored half and half between "Perennialism and Essentialism" when choosing what philosophy I would agree with. When our Grad class did different Ed Philosophies, we did the normal: Perennialism, Essentialism, Progressivism, Reconstructionism/Critical Theory, Behaviorism, Cognitivism/Constructivism, Humanism hmmmmm and a few more. Ten Pages of this! You'd think that since I studied forever to see what I wanted for my son, this would be easy. Not so!!! In case anyone thinks that it would be fun to take the test... don't look at the answers (Scoring Guide).... before you do your Self-Assessment. http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ed416/chart3.html (Explanations...) http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ed416/selfassessment.html (Self-Assessment) http://oregonstate.edu/instruct/ed416/scoringguide.html (What it says your Educational Philosophy is)
  12. Hi :) I need some college (online) courses. I am looking at Straighterline for some (They're self-study)... Particularly... Statistics & Probability... College Algebra... Geography... And World History... Anyone have good options for (cough cough... easy to do/succeed at) college courses? I am doing Grad courses at the same time... so I'm not trying for intensive ;) Thanks! Carrie
  13. Wondering if there might be an option of having a new Forum Heading? I don't see one for Teachers, and I know that's not the original purpose, but it'd be great! :)
  14. Does anyone know in the actual "Singapore Math" curriculum if they work with 5 frames before doing 10 frames?
  15. So, most interesting, is whose side did he get ADD/ADHD from? I would never just go to "A Doctor" for this. Our psych evals cost about $25 and are great. I almost think it's necessity! Then you get the diagnosis from them. I also think that getting both parents tested is a good thing to do. It gives you insight into relationship dynamics :) Meds are beautiful! Yes, there are side effects... and some of those are issues. Giving proper meds helps your child gain skill sets... make them more enjoyable to be around... helps with relationships... and will leave you less guilty if you do it sooner than later.... It's like... if your child needs a wheelchair... but can just scoot around.. would you make them do it? Good Luck! :)
  16. Hi :) I check in every once in a while :) I learned lots from the board, remember some of you... am FB friends with some... My daughter is doing college... son is in a charter school, but I still check on things sometimes. I'm going back for my M.A.T degree, because I've always really wanted to have a classroom :)
  17. I have to say that a nice tin whistle is actually better than the cheap ones... And they can sound nice. Supposedly the reasoning was because it's an actual orchestra instrument. That's what they use to say, at least. :)
  18. Not prepared, but there are easy sites to find that will help you in a pinch. For the free parts you can have your own user names and passcodes. Learn Zillion has lessons for all of math now, Learn some of the games, ask how the teacher calls things to order (our one now is Class, Class and they say, Yes, Yes) I would just have my own list of choices.... and some games for each subject that seem to work. (Maybe my own sub bag) Not because you should have to, but because over prepared is better than under prepared. You can even have a couple of well loved books to read. Technically they are suppose to have some sort of written down plans, just for this reason, where I volunteer. :)
  19. Hi There, I'm looking for apps that are actually going through a "Sequence" to teach 1st grade to a child with Autism. He reads at least on a 2nd grade level. I want to use the iPad for him. Any help? Splash Math and IXL is what I was thinking about for Math. Anyone? :) Thanks
  20. No, but similar ;) I have songs on an app, and I want to record them so I can put them on a cd...
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