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    This is the 2001 edition of Caesar's English and the 2003 edition of Caesar's English II. Nonsmoking and pet free home. $15 each, or $25 for both, media mail.


  2. I tend to make a big mixed grill on the weekend, and then sides that work well to mix and match. So I might grill chicken, burgers, hot dogs/bratwurst, hot sausage patties, boneless ribs, vidalia onion halves, and peppers. Frequent sides are green salad, fruit salad, baked beans, coleslaw, pasta salad, white bean salad, black bean salad, potato salad, and hummus with veggie dippers. I just grab various combinations and microwave as needed throughout the week. I also cook down chicken in the crockpot to shred and serve with nachos, make chicken salad, or top green salad. Boneless pork ribs in t

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    Still in shrink-wrap. 6 DVDs, course guidebook, 2 volumes of lecture transcripts. Domestic shipping included. Pet-free and nonsmoking home. Paypal only.


  4. I voted other, but my situation is a bit odd. I have Reynaud's Disease (diagnosed in my teens), but the worst symptoms disappear if my thyroid meds are at a good level. I have lasting nerve damage from the years my thyroid issues went untreated, and that can result in sensations of hot tingling areas when my exposed skin first comes in contact with really cold air. The flip side is that when i touch something really hot I usually get a sensation of ice cold somewhere on my skin. My wiring is pretty messed up. :laugh: I do pretty well overall in almost any weather, though. I actually enjoy the
  5. 5 or 5:15 on weekdays. I can often sleep in until 6 one day per week, but that might disappear this school year.
  6. All of us really enjoyed Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman (and read by the author). It is a bit under an hour -- very short -- and very funny!
  7. Have you ever had a c-section? I just went through very similar symptoms, and after having a pelvic ultrasound that showed nothing, it looks like my problem could be adhesions from my 2 c-sections. My last one was nine years ago, and I had no idea that issues could crop up after so long. I did not have the bloating issue, though, just pressure. I think the bloating could be a digestive issue.
  8. The Guardian. I have it set to the US edition on my PC and the UK edition on my tablet. I listen to NPR when I am in the car with DH.
  9. The public schools in our district are not an option -- both middle schools and the sole high school are so low-performing that students here have the right to state funds to attend other public -- and even selected private -- schools instead. Not many parents use this option, since that leaves them transporting their own kids across a few counties, but it does say something about just how lousy our schools are.
  10. What I have said to my kids is that even if they feel they have been invited into a neighbor's house, I feel like it is asking the adult in that house to be in charge of them. For neighbors I am friendly with, this doesn't feel like an intrusion, while with neighbors I am not that close to, it does. I have handled it more as an issue of manners than safety. Our situation is a bit unusual, though, since the households with kids near us are either foster families (who are even stricter than I am about this sort of thing) or grandparents raising children due to some very serious parental issues,
  11. Three pairs of jeans at present, two of which are hand-me-downs. I only replace them if they get torn or stained beyond repair. I am more of a skirt/dress person. I have considered buying some nice black slacks since they sound so practical, but I can't see when I would wear them that it wouldn't make just as much sense to wear a skirt.
  12. Ok, the snap circuits set is this one, but I got it for $30 from National Geographic over the summer, and they don't appear to carry it any more. I also got the rock tumbler from them for a steal. The marble run is this one, and these are the juggling balls. The craft stuff for dd is just small things I have picked up over the year for her sewing and weaving, plus a velvet poster kit that Mindware doesn't seem to carry now. This American Girl dvd is the one I got dd. This is her Hello Kitty robe and bath set. Ds got this Captain America bath set. They collect Schleich figures. but the price h
  13. I am on the tablet now, but I'll post links when they clear out of the room with the computer. :-)
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