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  1. My oldest has loved his Engineering Honor College. Benefits for him have been nicer dorms, smaller classes in the dorm, weekend retreats, special dinners and things like the program rented a movie theatre to allow them all to watch Geeky movies. Priority registration has been huge, but the best thing has been an amazing community of like minded, super smart kids. He’s made life long friendships.
  2. DS accepted to University of Colorado -Boulder Aerospace Engineering with Scholarships DD accepted to University of Colorado-Boulder Technology, Arts, and Media Engineering with Merit Scholarships
  3. I have twins - my ds Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Aerospace - President’s Scholarship Colorado School of Mines - Scholarship Boettcher Scholarship Semi-Finalist ( Competitive CO Scholarship for full ride to CO Universities) my dd Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Aerospace Physiology President’s Scholarship, Women in STEM Scholarship University of Colorado - Denver Boettcher Scholarship Semi-Finalist
  4. I agree with Nan that you have to be strong in academics and be interesting. We chose to lighten History and some Enhlish Lit. We chose to spend more time on Math and Science but mine still scored a really high ACT, took SAT and SAT Subject tests and several APs. We spent time in Logic and Philosophy but I didn't require papers as we did more discussion based courses in things that were not our top priority.
  5. We focused on math and comp Sci AP's in which our oldest got very high scores and had him take but didn't really focus on the Science and English AP's and he did really fine but not great. In hindsight focusing on AP Chem, AP Biology, AP English Lit., AP Psychology, AP English would have been better. Like I mentioned, AP Calc BC, AP Comp Sci and AP Physics got him a pat on the head but didn't really take things off his plate as the college wanted those to be taken anyway. It's his humanities, electives and extra science courses that would have been handy to have off his plate. To Nan's
  6. As a Mom who just graduated a son who is now a freshman in college and went through applying for tippy top schools and scholarships, Nan's advice is right on. I still have twin high freshman at home, and I have started much earlier with outside classes (WTM Academy and Homeschool Spanish Academy) for some outside recommendations and experience. We also found a top notch robotics program for First Robotics and encouraged them to get into leadership opportunities early. We are pushing service opportunities especially those that require them to be in leadership or are teaching younger kids new s
  7. We have had a very different year this year. My oldest is at college which has greatly changed the dynamic as I now only have one grade (9th) to teach since I have twins. It has also changed because my dd was diagnosed with a very rare autoimmune disease, Retinal Vasculitis, which due to meds has had to change the way we do school. Not necessarily a bad change but a very different experience. We are incredibly busy but it seems more peaceful probably because it has to be. My twins have several outside (online) classes which have both caused more stress and lessened more stress. Howeve
  8. After much research, we ended up with a Pottery Barn Teen locking trunk. It's really sturdy, nice looking and was in a similar price range to those at Container Store.
  9. Thanks! That is very helpful.
  10. We have seen the dorms and they have frig and microwave in their room but I didn't see anything that locks. So, a good locking trunk is on the list, now. Pottery Barn teen had what looked like studier trunks. Thanks for the advice.
  11. I have been perusing dorm room needs and a strong locking trunk was mentioned. Since my ds is only going 15 min away but staying in the dorm, it didn't even occur to me but as I researched further, it seems like it might be more about security than storage. He is a techie kid with lots of gadgets, so what do you think?
  12. I have been busy so I haven't been on the boards for a bit, but I have checked all my posts. I, apparently, am incredibly boring and didn't have even one picture. In real life, I am far more interesting, I promise! SWB, I am so sorry for this mess and am grateful for what you do on our behalf. I will be praying for a positive outcome for you in this and that is stops affecting you and yours.
  13. If you had an odor in your house.... I would tell my teenage son to take a shower.
  14. I think it is reasonable and obviously needed. I appreciate your sacrifices on our behalf, I am blessed daily by these boards. I am also willing to chip in, if that is needed.
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