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  1. My oldest has loved his Engineering Honor College. Benefits for him have been nicer dorms, smaller classes in the dorm, weekend retreats, special dinners and things like the program rented a movie theatre to allow them all to watch Geeky movies. Priority registration has been huge, but the best thing has been an amazing community of like minded, super smart kids. He’s made life long friendships.
  2. DS accepted to University of Colorado -Boulder Aerospace Engineering with Scholarships DD accepted to University of Colorado-Boulder Technology, Arts, and Media Engineering with Merit Scholarships
  3. I have twins - my ds Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Aerospace - President’s Scholarship Colorado School of Mines - Scholarship Boettcher Scholarship Semi-Finalist ( Competitive CO Scholarship for full ride to CO Universities) my dd Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - Aerospace Physiology President’s Scholarship, Women in STEM Scholarship University of Colorado - Denver Boettcher Scholarship Semi-Finalist
  4. The Denver Zoo is fun. Chitaqua has some good hikes in Boulder. 16th Street Mall in Boulder is fun. We love Estes Park and Rocky Mtn National Park but it would be a bit of a drive. We like to take people to White Fence Farm for dinner - it has great fried chicken but also has a petting zoo, slide, cute shops and playgrounds. Casa Bonita is a landmark, horrible food except for the sopapillas but has cliff divers, little melodramas, caves to explore and an arcade. Remember that Nov might be beautiful but also might be cold and snowy. Layers are a must in Colorado as you never know what t
  5. I agree, Terry Pratchett is the go to author for my stressed boys. They always find something to laugh about.
  6. Learned that the hard way for the oldest. For the twins, I added it onto their lesson plans to fill out how many hours, organization and position. Hopefully this will make scholarships like the Boettcher be easier to fill out.
  7. My oldest graduated high school days after he turned 17. Went to college and lived in Honor's Engineering Dorm that same year. Academically, he did fine, he was mostly bored but emotionally he struggled a bit. He had some depression issues but since he was only 15 min from home we could manage it. He turned 18 and flew to Boston to work for MIT and lived in a MIT Frat house with graduate students. He handled this summer much better with a year more maturity even though it was a harder situation. He started back to school today and chose to live at home. I really think emotional maturity
  8. I think that money is a big issue. My ds is going to a University 15 min away from us that is not highly selective but he was accepted into highly selective schools. The other schools didn't have as strong of a program in his field plus his University has a special Engineering Honors program specially designed for those top students. Those high school stats don't necessarily show what programs the kids are going into.
  9. My ds loved his messenger style laptop bag. He said it was by far, the most useful graduation present he received. http://www.amazon.com/Timbuk2-Command-Laptop-Messenger-Bag/dp/B0136NC96U?ie=UTF8&keywords=Messenger%20laptop%20bag&qid=1464017822&ref_=sr_1_14&sr=8-14
  10. Amazon prime was my go to and my ds only lived 15 min away.
  11. Some of the more helpful thing my ds found in the dorm- A sturdy locking trunk. Really good, noise cancelling headphones. Memory foam pad for on top of his mattress. Kindle to get cheaper, digital copies of textbooks. Messenger style, really sturdy laptop bag.
  12. I am a planner but one of the things I learned along the way was that new curriculum was being written and published as my kids got older so what I thought I might use changed because there was new and better products. For instance, my younger kids got to use WWE/WWS but my oldest did not. I found that having long term goals a much better plan. I focused more on what philosophy I wanted to use and what I wanted my kids to be and know. I could then have long term plans without focusing on the "tools" of the education while focusing on my long term goals. It also allowed us to be more n
  13. My ds had some outside classes which helped his transition. His senior year I had him take college level work, had hard deadlines and made him responsible for his work, so the actual workload and academics of college have been fine. However, my ds has struggled with when to eat. He lost 15 lbs in the first semester, which on his 160lb, 6'4 frame was far too much to lose. He also started getting stomach issues which I think we're caused by stress, not eating and the cafeteria serving much different food than we serve at home. He is an introvert so the lack of alone time in a dorm was a bit
  14. Do you want to use curriculum from a certain religious perspective? If you would rather use secular, then use secular. If you are worried that colleges won't accept "religious" materials and want to use certain Christian based materials, then we found it not to be a problem. My ds got into selective schools, elite programs and received elite scholarships while using very Christian materials. We also gave our ds credit for Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, World Religions and Philosophy. We found that our ds' test scores, outside interests and achievements held a lot more weight th
  15. My ds did all his APs self studied. He is that kind of kid, though. My twins will be doing a combo of AP and self studied classes. I think it all depends on the kid.
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