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  1. I love makeup! I love wearing nice clothes. I love fixing my hair. I enjoy it when people tell me I'm pretty, or I look nice. I can't imagine leaving my house looking like a fright. To me that sort of look means, "I don't think I'm worth the effort." I like to put my best self forward at all times, and for me, that best self is well dressed, with makeup, and decent looking hair. And to be honest, the reality is, people are nicer to you and treat you better if you're more attractive. I wish the world didn't work that way....but it does.
  2. My dd is a professional ballerina. She received a full scholarship to her university for ballet, and received a BFA in ballet. She danced professionally while in college as well. If your dd is naturally talented in ballet, she should be able to get a scholarship easily. Has she attended any ballet summer programs with professional companies, and did she enjoy them? The field of ballet is ruthless and competitive for women, so whatever she can do to get a leg up early on is essential. Have her attend as many summer programs as she can in the coming two years (my dd usually attended two d
  3. Using your high school biology starting tomorrow!! I'm so excited....and grateful. Thank you so much, Jenn!!! You're a rock star!! :hurray:
  4. Sarah, I love your podcast, website and book. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and that's such a blessing for homeschool moms. I've been homeschooling for the past 21 years, with four years left to go, and I've learned (and been reminded of) several things I need to be better at accomplishing from your site and your guests. The most important message for homeschool moms that I can offer is....We're all in this together, nobody's perfect, and we need to be supportive of one another and our efforts. Have a great year, everybody!
  5. 1. My two oldest are graduates. My dd is married and a professional ballerina. My ds is finishing his undergrad and starting the process of applying to law schools. They both have full-ride scholarships, and they both have been on the Dean's List every semester. Although the first semester of school, my dd called me all upset about that, thinking she had done something wrong. :lol: Homeschool mom failure...she had no idea what a Dean's List was. 2. No, I didn't follow WTM strictly. I used my own method, mixing philosophies and methodologies until I had things the way I wanted them.
  6. They're very young in the original strips. Like kindergarten age. But they do age throughout the series. I remember the older strips (I had several books of the Peanuts collections as a child), and you can tell that they were much younger than the age they are when the television specials began to air. And, yes, I remember watching those on TV in the late 1960s. Google the first Peanuts strips and you'll see how much younger they are in those.
  7. Love your stuff! I'm happy to send you a friend request.
  8. I read it on my own at age 8 and loved it. I read it repeatedly throughout my childhood. My dd read it somewhere around age 10, I think, and loved it as well.
  9. Most people that I know who have grown up in families with six or more children have a few who are bitter. The most common complaints I hear are: 1. No privacy. They hated having to share a bedroom with their siblings as they grew older. This is especially true for those who were introverted or more private by nature. Always having someone right THERE grew to be intolerable. 2. Not enough money. Sometimes it's hard to be the one who never gets to do what other kids are doing. I don't think this means the person is selfish, they just had something they really wanted to do or part
  10. I just returned from Stake Conference, and Elder Oaks was our speaker. He said that Elder Perry attended their Tuesday meeting, and participated in it. Then he called on Wednesday and told Elder Oaks what his doctors said, and that he wouldn't be able to work with them anymore. Elder Oaks and Elder Ballard went to visit him at his home today at noon, and he told them that he didn't feel he would be here much longer. Then Elder Oaks got the call that Elder Perry had passed away at 3 pm. He shared some wonderful stories about their friendship and how much he loved and respected him. It was
  11. Exactly. Victims bear NO responsibility for what happened to them. At all.
  12. Loved his personality. In spite of a great deal of tragedy in his life (the death of his first wife, his daughter, and two grandchildren), he was always smiling. He taught me a lot through the years, and he will be missed.
  13. I'm in Utah as well. Run. As far and as fast as you can away from this nonsense. Seriously. It's complete and utter nonsense. And it doesn't work.
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