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  1. She read and loved all the Harry Potten books when she was 8, as her first books, and is now re-reading them. Not my first choice of literature for an 8 year old, but it is what it is. Blaming the older brother. :rolleyes: Now at nine she just finished the Warrior Cat series. (I don't really like them either, but she is crazy about cats in general.) She is reading now the Julie of the Wolves trilogy. Darker than I would've liked, but she's loving it. She read some of the Narnia books but didn't love them as much. Started a series by Tamora Pierce and likes it, but doesn't love it. None of those are the books that I would enjoy. I'd really like for her to try to explore something more literary. She's understands nuances well and is a deep thinker. What would be good books to transition with?
  2. Thank you! I'm so happy I asked, because I would not have thought about flat and eggshell of the same colour. I think that's exactly what I'd like! Deciding between New House White and Spun Wool by Behr.
  3. What kind of white? And what about the trim? The same as the walls or brighter? How did you decide on that particular white? I'm hoping to find a warm white, but not a pastel yellow, kwim.
  4. Maybe harm is a matter of scale and perspective. If souls exists and are immortal, then death and even physical suffering might not be seen as "harm." Maybe having their own country was more important for the Jewish people (in the grand scheme of things and in the context of eternal soul) than being saved from the Holocaust in a miraculous way. I really don't know. I'm just thinking out loud.
  5. Just wanted to offer hugs to you and your DD. And your entire family.
  6. Thank you, this makes sense. I got all the oatmeal / quinoa / teff ideas as I was looking for vegetarian sources of protein! I think I need to look at this more holistically.
  7. This is a good point about sugars. Though I only have plain yogurt. Do you mean sugars as in carbs? Even if it is plain oatmeal (like steelcut oats)? I was just thinking about the protein "requirement"--I similarly feel I can't trust some number. The same as we've been told how many carbs we need, and I'm doing so well on so little carbs.
  8. This is something that I would enjoy. Thank you for sharing. I doubt I'll ever be as organized though!
  9. Yes, this makes sense. A big part of my decision is based on a nutritional approach recommended to those who practice meditation / yoga. So it is not only caring about animal life, but also about what I want to put into myself.
  10. Hm...I think that sometimes innner need / intuition is enough. It is not that I just abruptly took this decision. It's been in the air for a while...
  11. I decided to start a more focused thread eating lacto-ovo-vegetarian. I looked up some numbers, and I should be eating around 70g of protein per day as a moderately active woman (and less as I lose weight). Should protein be my main concern? Something else to be aware of? I will be avoiding added sugars. My main goal is to be healthy (feel energetic) but if I want to lose weight (need to), should I be watching calories as well? If my breakfast is 2 eggs, 1/2 cup of quinoa / teff / oatmeal with a teaspoon of butter and some nuts / seeds, and a slice of Ezikiel bread with peanut butter and fruit / berries I'm at about 30g of protein. For dinner I can have beans or lentil stew with veggies and salad. Chia seed pudding with nuts and seeds and some stevia sweetener. 25g Greek yogurt with fruits for supper plus veggies and hummus. Another slice of Ezikiel bread with peanutbutter and apple; 30 g So it seems to me that I can easily cover the required proteins with the foods that I will enjoy. Coming from a LCHF way of eating--this is different! I really want to avoid the cravings for sugary baked foods which I completely don't have right now. I also feel I don't need huge variety, I feel. Any other advice or ideas? What am I missing?
  12. Thank you for this. Yes, I'm worried about not feeling well. I'd really like to feel well on an lacto-ovo vegetarian diet. I like feeling healthy and this is a concern...
  13. This is how I feel on LCHF--I stop craving sweets, I'm never hungry and I pretty much eat all I want, but it isn't that much because I'm not craving junk. Easy to lose weight and without the cravings I feel like my life is under control! lol How to transition to the lacto-ovo vegetarian without immediately gaining weight? And more importantly--without the CRAVINGS!
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