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    Must. Vent.

    Sometimes, if an event happens in Canada, people ask us if we are affected. Yes, we live in Canada, but jeez Louise it's a huge country. Chances are that we are NOT. And if we were, we'll let ya know on Facebook. Lol.
  2. I just started it myself this summer. I came here as well to see if anyone else was working through and considered posting as you did. I am a few chapters in on Don Quixote and I am anticipating this endeavour to take me several years! I'm still schooling an 8 year old, an 11 year old, a 14 year old and a 16 year old. But I should be able to swing 30 minutes a day, right? :)
  3. We were there for three days, but in our first day we took a free walking tour with La Bussola ( It was a great way to navigate around and see all the major sites and get a sense for the city without having to figure it out ourselves (Venice is not easy to find your way around!). I would recommend this for just one day in Venice, too, as you won't waste time just trying to find places! We took the 4.5 hour Big Tour. It isn't as strenuous as it sounds either, actually it is relaxing to just take things in as someone else leads you, with enough breaks for lovely cappuccino and cichetta. Edited to Add: It looks like they don't offer the Big Tour (4.5 hours) anymore on the website, although I just took that tour this past April. But they still offer shorter tours that I would recommend!
  4. This is the first purse I ever bought (last year...I'm 41!). It's crossbody - but maybe bigger it's than you are looking for?
  5. Are you decided that you want a hotel? Or have you considered an Airbnb? In my experience, an Airbnb is a better value as they are often less expensive than a hotel, but so nice for a family as you will have a kitchen, a living room, and enough bedrooms for kids and parents without having to buy 2 hotel rooms. Just a thought!
  6. Book a Scavi Tour right now. It can take months to get a response, apparently. I booked one in January for this past April and heard back quite quickly, but some people never hear back during busier times. As a bonus, on top of the fascinating tour led by a real archaeologist, you finish your tour already IN St. Peter's, thus skipping the huge line-up entirely. (The only "line-up" to start your tour will be with the 12 other people accompanying you into the necropolis, as the entrance is in an entirely different location than the main entrance to St. Peter's). Book the Vatican Museums ahead of time online to avoid line-ups as well. The email to reach the Scavi office is It doesn't appear at first glance on the website I linked above. (Edited to add email for Scavi office.)
  7. Woohoo!! Thanks so much for sharing. I had this on my "potential purchase" list.
  8. We use this and we live in Canada. It's the cheapest we've found without a contract and so we use it with our kids who don't need data or large amounts of calling/texting.
  9. We use the National Geographic United States Atlas for Young Explorers. It had the same requirements as you, and I am happy with this one!
  10. I bought a medium Case Logic Reflexion bag, and I love it: It is somewhere between a purse and a camera bag in my opinion. It feels a little large to me but it's still a tight fit to get my camera in and any other accessories like an iPad. I can fit a lot in it, though. I was never a person who carried a purse, so this is a big step for me! I see that there is a small version of this bag as well, that I hadn't looked at before.
  11. My sons learned a lot about Greek mythology from Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books. He recently released The Sword of Summer, which is similar, but based in Norse mythology. My boys didn't like it *quite* as much as the Percy Jackson series, but it is a start and a great introduction to the Norse myths. Some of my boys have read D'Aulaire's Norse Myths as well, which another poster mentioned and I also recommend!
  12. My sons have used iMovie for years to make stuff for YouTube. They've figured out a lot just messing around with it.
  13. No answers, but I feel your pain. I have yet - after 13 years of homeschooling - to find a science curriculum for the younger grades that makes me happy. My high schoolers have all liked Apologia so far. They do on their own, so that is fine. I am not very fickle, I have found what we like in every other subject and have stuck with these curriculums, for years even! Just. Not. Science. Argh! Sorry, I'm no help! Just grouchy, too. Haha!
  14. We have this one: It is very large. We mounted it to plywood so it would stay flat on the wall. I have thought about adding trim like a frame around it but we probably won't get around to it. Anyways, it is on sale and I love the colours, it looks nice in my home.
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