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  1. Chiming in here quickly. This is on the website: Question: Aren't some of the books too easy for high schoolers? Answer: The spine text A Patriot's History of the United States is a book that is used in some colleges. It is NOT a lower-level book. Using just the spine book, the scheduled videos, and the linked activities covers quite a bit of history. The scheduled books are "frosting on the cake" that help bring topics alive in a way that is engaging and memorable. I do schedule in quite a few graphic novels and some easier fare (amidst some more difficult titles written for adults)
  2. The Kindle version of The Science of Seasons is free until Friday: https://amzn.to/2NxGk8s I wrote an illustrated it. ?
  3. Good idea to separate it into a separate activity book...I will consider that for the future. :-) (And I love reading all the great feedback from the other posters!! Totally made my day.)
  4. Oooh, no, I haven't seen that....checking it out now. Thank you so much for the recommendation!
  5. I didn't see my chemistry program listed, so I'm chiming in. ;-) Forgive me if I missed it! http://www.guesthollow.com/homeschool/science/chemistry_highschool/chemistry_home.html
  6. It's tomato season!

  7. :-) Love my view of the roses blooming out the window. Ahhh...spring!

  8. Starting school back up today!


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    I need Sonlight's Core 300 parent IG's version 2009 or newer. :-)


  10. Watching the hummingbirds...

    1. shanvan


      We saw one in our quince the other day!

  11. A successful first week of 9th grade!

  12. Husband brought home twinkies and cupcakes. Don't care that I'm blowing my daily calories today. Sweet comeback indeed!

    1. SunnyDays


      Oh, yummy! I think I need to hit the store....

  13. "Real lit" hater :-P

    1. KathyBC


      Not necessarily. (((hugs)))

  14. Inundated with tomatoes from my garden! Want some? ;-)

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