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  1. The cover school we used suggested "If a student takes longer to complete the course, issue partial credit (.5) for the first half of the course. The remaining .5 credit is given when the course is completed." This was common approach with electives. They issued transcripts by date not by subject.
  2. adding my 2 cents even if it's similar to what was already said. The cover school I used fell in line with what other members on forum have said. http://homelifeacademy.com/academics/high-school/high-school-credits/ so yeah, I did that carneige unit thing. and they had a standard for honors courses http://homelifeacademy.com/special-courses/ then, in my research I found that other places, such as NARHS which is regionally accredited, used a different standard where 80 hours was considered year credit and 40 was semester. blew my mind. didn't change what I did. But open my ey
  3. Very generally speaking: I work toward progress and improvements. but I don't define the goals by grade levels. if any of this story time helps..... I have children who are not typical learners. I homeschooled all of them from kindy through high school graduation. Oldest is gifted but with ADHD (and dysgraphia) and is a college graduate with STEM degrees. Middle has language and auditory processing disorders and should finish online college this semester with a bachelors in general studies earned in very non traditional route. She would have never thrived in group school and always w
  4. I'm sure someone will have the magic trick out there. Here's my failures to share if some of that would help with those "eek I can't send them out" thoughts. My oldest is 25 y.o and a terrible speller. She has issues along with being gifted in intelligence. I considered myself homeschool failure about spelling. In college, she used Word and learned to use spell check for things pointed out. And learned to have someone look over for wrong word but spelled correctly. I often thought Logic of English would have helped her but she refused to try. It seems set up for adhd, engineering and a
  5. If you're concerned on calling something chemistry, then Conceptual Chemistry with Lab works. I used that title for a course youngest did using the text Friendly Chemistry mixed with labs from Gourmet Lab: The Scientific Principles Behind Your Favorite Foods. I used to have this feeling it was wrong to call it high school level on stuff until I realized how flexible high school courses really are for general classes. "Conceptual" chemistry or physics tends to be less math needed approach. It is legit to do that for high school credit. and my youngest surprised us a few weeks ago in that sh
  6. wanted to share my opinion and story. I noticed you were leaning toward community college right after high school. My youngest is in community college now and it was right after high school. no DE during high school. She had an unusual science sequence on her transcript (think, coasting or remedial if you will). Community college here has open admissions so it didn't matter. If it helps you any? her chemistry labs were primarily kitchen based with foods. Turns out for her college non major science she will transfer in a non major biology course that she took from arizona state university e
  7. agreeing with starting points already mentioned (know your state's laws for homeschooling and issuing diploma, count what has been done, look at what is left that is essential to complete). adding: I think for spring 2020, getting through March call it done and give the credit. I base that on how the public schools here ended up doing it. This year you can give credit in some fashion for all the horse and barn work. You know your child of course. Online courses does not always mean "virtual learning done in pandemic". We would have withered with "virtual learning" the way it's done locally.
  8. Thanks for this. We watched Berry eagles several years in a row and sometimes wondered if others on here were watching too. Loved it when they made it the whole way to first flight. Felt sad when some didn't make it. eggs crushed, non viable, or the walk off the edge of the nest that one year (that was heartbreaking to see nature like that). didn't watch last year. Ending up getting our nature streams on cat rescue sites. and it says on the info that it's a new Berry Female. oh wow. exciting. the female we watched all those years had about 10 make it to fledgling. awwww thanks f
  9. This is important to say since you're early in your homeschool journey. There is no "right" or "wrong" way to approach this topic/subject or any other topic/subject. You'll mess up on something just like all of us have had trial and error along the way even when following a structured program. I'm in the camp that says religious study is part of cultural literacy and is necessary. It's just too tied into studying history and people. Many ways. here's what I tried to do. Many people will follow a general idea of younger years to teach it concretely as part of your life, then add s
  10. whew. I was thinking the Dalek and cars being exterminated were involved. first you get the light, then crack in the walll... just don't blink, ok? and yes, glad the neighbor is fine. I'd be out of my mind at that point.
  11. If it was fluorescent bulb, don't worry. That's normal when it's at the end of life. but yeah, given the monolith and exploding cars. wait, it was fluorescent bulb, right?
  12. The Christian one with a pediatrician as one author (Brooke Ryan, MD) may have been apologia anatomy and physiology in the young explorer series? supposed to be in that recommended age/grade level too. It's not a set of books though. It's text with student journals and that kind of set of stuff.
  13. Welcome to homeschooling. For how much you'll adjust will be a personal thing. Here is a link to the samples for RS4K. https://gravitaspublications.com/getting-started/samples/ Hoping that is a little bit helpful to you to get an idea of the books. I haven't used bookshark personally. Just listened to my friend who does. He was biology major long ago. I don't know how much he adds/changes etc to stuff, but even if I did, that kind of stuff is individualized. No suggestions for what to supplement. But echoing that some of it will be presented in future years in other texts. Enjoy thos
  14. and here's the grading scale conversion for the cover school that dmmetler and teachermom and I use. http://homelifeacademy.com/hla-recordkeeping/grading-scale/ "... because they can read the transcripts". yes, that is funny. and Alabama has cover schools too. Maybe it's all about the legal side of private school vs "independent"? maybe those other schools don't have easy to read columns on transcripts? I don't know. just rambling and showing there is no consistent standard out there with numbers and letters.
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