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  1. I want to share. I did this a week ago. and put it together in about 4 days. didn't think. just did! It was my first time hosting zoom meeting. Youngest daughter graduation ceremony. For first few minutes it was Admitting everyone to the meeting. and deal with tech issues of those two people who couldn't figure it out. Daughter greeted each person as we "admitted" to meeting. There's options on zoom to allow people to join before meeting, or be in a "waiting room" and then you can admit all at once, or individually. We elected to admit individually so daughter could welcome them. I let people stay unmuted so they could clap and be heard. Some people needed to be muted due to the room they were in and that was great and they did that on their own. After everyone was "in" the zoom and greeted with thank you for coming, we started with pomp and circumstance audio. My daughter had played it on piano earlier in the day and we played that facebook recording in background as she walked through a curtain from hall way into the living room, The curtain was hung with tension rod for fun effect. I shared briefly (3 sentences worth) of congratulations to the class of 2020. We moved to a "talent share" where my daughter shared a memory verse with sign language that she was learning in special needs youth group. (My daughter has autism by the way) And then she played a fun upbeat song on piano. after this, daughter wanted to give a speech. Well, she has autism and wanted to give the speech from High School Musical 3 Senior Year. so she did that. It was great 40 seconds. Then she moved back down the hallway stage for the presentation of diploma. I nearly choked up and lost it. But didn't. yeah for me. On behalf of the faculty of (insert our cover school name), I am pleased to present our candidate for High School Diploma. (paused) MIss First Name Last Name. and youngest walked down the hall to the room and stood in front of the camera while I handed her the diploma and cover. We did close up. I continued in presentation voice "You have completed all requirements of diploma and are hereby conferred. You may move your tassel to the other side". (she did) and then we did the cap toss and jump! and then, we played We're All in This Together (from first High School Musical movie) and told everyone to dance with us. we invited people to stay around a minute or two to say thank you and leave when they were ready to do. Since we were on a Free account we did the free 30 minute meeting. I guess it could have been 40 minutes. But 30 was plenty. I didn't bother with screen share. We tried to have it as a very scaled down version of the big mega city wide homeschool graduation ceremony she had seen for other years. But with so much of it just being about her and her talents and abilities. Things that were important part of the traditions (cap gown tassel moving, cap toss jump) and walking across a "stage" (hall way floor) and hearing her name called while receiving diploma were the things we did. and I'm crying now. But I was not crying that night . don't know how I held it back. and we did not figure out how to hit the record button... oh well. that's ok. Tips and suggestions: if any of the guests have not yet done a zoom meeting, do one with them a day or so before the graduation. I walked my parents and my FIL through it so they were ready to go. Have one person running the tablet/device with camera so you can move around if it's not all in one place. I did the best I could walking and talking. Hard to see what the camera was showing because I was used to being in front of camera instead of behind it kind of thing. I had the ceremony program printed** and taped on my living room wall to make sure we got stuff in. Practiced with sound on the songs that were recorded. (edit: ** I just mean I typed up the outline in word processing and printed here. not real programs) and whatever happened, was good enough. People told me it was really fun to be invited to be part of that and even though it wasn't perfect it worked. like I said, it was a quick, 4 days before the event, thought why not?
  2. I know what y’all mean on taking his review (or anyone’s review) with grain of salt. I just figured if that was the worst he had to say then it wasn’t that bad of an edition. ;) Over the years of doing apologia texts my kids and I weren’t bothered if we read about it and then did the experiment. But there’s a part of me that wishes the schedule would show that first one as read page 6, do exp 1.1 on page 7, read pages 8-10. But then that looks odd and hard to fit in the box. We just knew to do that style in the day. Come to the experiment and do it. Then pick back up in the text. I have memories of telling that to my oldest and getting that process into her pattern. Explore Mores. Kind of the same thing except the paragraphs are smaller so breaking them up is awkward. That first one that is showing in samples is one of those where it’s not really about the principles and reasons. It’s there to give an example how you will do an explore more and record it in notebook. Not much is explained about atoms, motion, etc at that point, but the idea is to introduce a fun, quick demo and that you can record it in notebook as a demo of a concept that has something in the chapter. I didn't think of those are mandatory to do, or "lab work", but more of fun activity, ungraded.
  3. I've used 2nd edition twice. And for the fun of it, got 3rd edition last year and used it with my youngest. She's special needs learner and science review was fun. Because of her learning needs, we got the full package with video and audio and notebook. I really liked how notebook helped guide a student into more independent style of learning with guiding how to take notes, and lab reports and all of that. I don't remember anything that stood out so horrible as to say oh no, I better post that some day. My youngest enjoyed watching the videos and then listening to the audio while holding the text and listening along. The tests and study guides were fine. I know when 3rd edition was first available Jay Wile had a mild negative about one or two aspects but those didn't seem to hinder us. Here is a link to that review and my opinion of that in light of the course. Agree with his likes. His first disagree about coverage of topics: I don't agree that's an issue because it's grade 7 and you'll come back to this stuff. Sometimes it's better (in my opinion of course) to not over explain some stuff. He even says it's enough for textbook. So, ok. if they want to learn more let them go look it up later in another resource. So, I don't agree with wile's reason for that. His dislike number 2 was about when things are explained. I saw that mostly in first module. So it wasn't as big of an issue. Again, this happens in general courses. Maybe if it was my first kid, I would have freaked more? His last dislike: I don't even know what he's talking about to know if I noticed it or disliked it, but I appreciate his heads up about it. Again with my oldest I might have read Wile's opinion to her and said "there's another opinion". I get it. But it's a mild thing and if I were teaching co-op, I might just share the other opinion and move on. I don't agree with Wile's dislike that the notebook is "required". Wile states that a regular cheap notebook can be used and same thing achieved. Well, you know what? I tried that cheap notebook method with older with 2nd edition, and I say get the notebook. It will teach and show the young scholar what to do. It is a tool from which to learn. Then, the following year in physical, biology, etc. you don't need the notebook then. You can use cheap notebook that is blank and do it. If nothing else, at least find the sample notebook pages and glean how to learn to take notes, etc. But honestly, it felt to me like it was a good tool to use to help the young scholar step it up a notch. On the nit picky said of it, should it say "highly recommended" instead of "required/necessary"? ok, maybe, I'll agree on that. Overall, I liked the 3rd edition with all of the bells and whistles. It was enjoyable. I think the videos were helpful to watch lab set up and discussion. I know we muddled through plenty of stuff in 2nd edition and got it done and felt smarter for figuring it out on our own. So I don't think it is needed to watch those. The video segments were a teaching of lesson but not in front of a classroom. I'd have to go back and check, but I don't remember it being a verbatim teaching of the text. I definitely put it in the optional side of items. Same with audio reading - perfect for my learning needs child. minor but cool difference from 2nd to 3rd edition: module 1 in 3rd edition is paced slower than 2nd edition. It still has overwhelming amount of history and names. But instead of cramming it into 2 weeks, it goes out a little into 3rd week with more study time. (Oh yeah the student notebook has a suggested lesson planner). And I like that it encouraged open book test for module 1 and 2 to help the independent scholar learn how to step up and take tests and not feel like a failure on first module. So all of those teacher wisdom things that come from doing it wrong the first time in 2nd edition, were placed into 3rd edition. maybe there are others who know if content was not good. I'm not qualified on that. But having through it, I liked 3rd edition. Really liked the notebook too. I wouldn't buy notebook each year to cut down cost once they learned how to do it on own. But it was far better to use that than to muddle through the get a cheap notebook and go figure it out on your own and have a meltdown.
  4. I'm sorry they did that to you with removing and blocking. and I believe all of y'all that the wording is new. it's sad.
  5. I'm not a member of any of the MB groups. But facebook showed me the rules of hte "moms of masterbooks group". This is how I read the rule: on this facebook group, they aren't allowing used sales. which means you find used stuff somewhere else. If they are physical books, you can still get used market becuase of that thing in US law called first sale doctrine or something fancy like that (but I'm not a legal person). I think all the mean is they aren't setting up used shop for you to do that. If I were still in the market for their products, that would not bother me. facebook showed me some "unofficial" MB groups too where people can have their fun with used market. sorry to hear there's issue with the admins and all of that. never fun with that. edit to add: in other words, I think of it as "no more resale ON the fb groups for MB" instead of "no more resale OF". those means different things to me. Sorry that it makes it harder to find stuff for those of you who are looking for their products.
  6. " please reassure me that it's OK to let DD spend her senior year mostly reading on topics of interest " before that, I'm right here with you on the driving. my 21 y.o with learning differences was signed up to take that autism/adhd driving course over at the agricenter when all of that shut down. it just feels odd. but it'll work out eventually. I know I didn't drive much when I was in college away from home because I didn't have a car. so back to senior year. Yep. you're going to be ok. My oldest, about 6 -7 years ago now, didn't do much senior year (especially spring semester) and it turned out ok. She still did fine in college as a freshman and even graduated summa cum laude in 3 degrees in 4 years. Her grade 12 was read a few novels (oh man, we didn't even really do any papers with it), did a non credit mooc for learning calculus before taking it at her college, uhm... watched some great courses dvd, archery, youth group. and light economics reading first semester. I think after years of lots of stuff, she needed it. your post is showing up odd on my screen, but basically you're saying you have something for English, some fun for science, art. psych, math, music, spanish, and skipping history (which is fine). You'll be ok. (edit to add: and she's still teaching her online class.. it's ok to not have a team sport right now. no one will). I don't think it will be red flag because the reason for the change is widespread and everyone will make adjustments.
  7. I used it for about 14 years (all the way through with middle child from kindy through grade 12, and with oldest from her grade 2-12 years). I have no idea if it leans classical. My guess is that it's not classical enough for some, and too classical for others. It doesn't do a full latin program and the logic isn't rigor/vigor enough for many on this forum. So therefore it can't be classical, right? Well, here's more of the kind of classical they go for CM: here's mfw's words about how they try to incorporate 8 key "inspired catch phrases" into the program ( I like that kind of description about most programs. marketing people do like buzzwords. I agree with the previous poster about that "inspired" part) Then, there's the unit study approach. They are just the mix and match patchwork quilt of stuff, right? Overall, after using it with two of my children, I was happy with it. Both did well in college. The smart one is still smart. The average one is still average. same product. same teacher. your mileage will vary too. youngest? mfw was too tough for her with intellectual and development disabilities. hope you find what you want and avoid what you don't want. best regards.
  8. one more link with ideas. (and I also sent some to your PM with a longer syllabus) But this caught my eye from Oregon State. FW 112. SCIENCE OF FLY FISHING TROUT. link to college syllabus in a moment. You'll need to search in the letter F for the course. But it will list ideas for each week for that. (Students are also required to be enrolled in Eng 225 The Literature of Fly Fishing for Trout and Physical Activity Course with fly fishing in it). But maybe that FW 112 syllabus will give you ideas to develop your non traditional biology class. yes, I know that course is 1 credit by itself. But it's a framework to help.
  9. and some more inspiration:
  10. Maybe looking at some of the course descriptions from Southern Illinois University (Carbondale)'s Fisheries, Aquaculture and aquasciences department might give you some ideas. click on the descriptions that are available. some list objectives, some list texts. here. or maybe some ideas on hot topics in fly fishing. or biology of a specific fish and of course, there's the basic fish dissection lab to do. just need a write up with it. right?
  11. Would it help anyone to access School on TV in Memphis? maybe it could help give some of your students some structure even though it won't match their school stuff. In Memphis I guess the access is in various ways with tv channel and internet.
  12. love the parade! on Sunday when I heard the news, I couldn't decide if it was too early to sing his song Prop Me Up (as a honoring of the fun and joy his music brought). Other fans were ok with that. My dh thought I was a little insensitive. But now, after that parade, I'm back to listening to John Deere Green. prayers for the family and friends.
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