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  1. just echoing the others.... if you can hear those mole chasers, they aren't buried in the ground properly and not working well. shouldn't be able to hear it unless you're really close to it. I have the brand that beeps every 28 seconds and barely know they are there. check out website for places like home depot or lowes and that kind of store. They show the instructions and pictures with it. wonder if neighbor would like to know that?
  2. liking JennyD's above. I moved here from a state without cover school too. Nothing at all wrong with doing the independent legal option. wanted to make sure I said that. oh blush. now I see where we read the document differently now that you said all of that. What they call ordering sites are actually professional testing services. But unless one knows that already it's not as clear as it could be. yep. that document needs work for clarity. some other little things I've learned along the way if any of this helps you or not: 1. to order from most of those , you need to select a test administrator in your area or become a test administrator. Rules for that vary. I'm not bju or abeka or seton's religions, but am approved through all three. Easy to do that. Set up for homeschoolers to do this. I'm not familiar with the riverside one to know anything. But those businesses are professional testing services. And they are the ones who approve administrators. 2. some of them have online or other at home options. others don't. 3. if you need standardized results for things like honor societies or clubs or outside groups, you'll most likely need someone else to be the test administrator even if done in your house. You might even do that for the state legal side. but I'm not a lawyer. sorry you have to deal with the LEA's lack of knowledge and the state's confusing wording.
  3. me again. I had a moment to read the the document you linked. I noticed it says "such as sylvan" . and then gives a whole bunch of other ideas that were the same places (and a few more) I mentioned. Also it says 'four most common tests". so you're ok to use any of those. and for those reading later down the road, this only applies to those who aren't using cover school options. not the OP's situation.
  4. In my opinion you don't have to say it like that. Instead, If it were me in this situation, I would inform the Director of Schools "we're using an approved test administrator for the Stanford 10". The location (in your home or another site) will not be an issue so I personally would not tell them information that is not required. They don't need the name of proctor/administrator or testing location. I also wouldn't personally worry about it if I used the replaced version of IOWA even if a document was not updated with current name. Maybe they should be more grateful, but maybe it's so far in the distance for them that they don't realize it. In our area, there are not a lot of people this impacts because most use cover schools. on the other hand, you might become the go to person in the spring and be the one to proctor for others. been there. (and yes, I'm in TN and graduated all three of mine.)
  5. I used cover school so I never had to deal with the testing. I've even heard there's no penalty for not taking it if you don't use cover school. However, I was a proctor for a family that was not using cover school. Our LEA allowed the use of the Stanford 10. Officially the testing provider was BJU with me as administrator. (and I'm not the same religious flavor as bju either). Maybe you could find someone (or yourself if you have bachelors) and do testing that way and send it to the officials. Other test providers that could be used can be on Abeka, or Seton Homeschool. There are others and some of those are online options too. But the family I helped was told some expensive option and that wasn't going to work for them in reality. So family said what about (using BJU with local proctor). No clue what you should do about the Sylvan issue at the bigger level. But wanted to share an option for asking which test and a few common testing providers so you can have options for testing if you want and don't use cover school.
  6. I don't have other titles that haven't already been suggested. Just another voice suggesting to go back to your cover school and ask more details about the 1, 2, 3, 4 (I II III IV) sequence. Even the big public school system in my area labels it with Piano (and Guitar too) I II III IV.
  7. I've heard of NARHS as less tuition than Clonlara https://www.narhs.com/Tuition similar idea in that get to pick your own stuff and can transfer in stuff from group schools and finish up. I'm not in NC so no input on the dual enrollment stuff for you.
  8. another thank you for this thread. just starting this process with 19 y.o with autism and ID.
  9. I have a linen closet with the dimensions you listed. The kitchen pantry is double folding doors. No wire shelving in either. I'm too short to have important stuff on upper shelves. grin
  10. Hope your dad enjoys the Bible study this morning. sending understanding thoughts your way for sleep issues.
  11. From the "been there" perspective: my oldest did 6A and 6B (original US edition version). 6B was not needed to be ready to start an algebra program. It was more of advanced problems with previous info and topics that would be covered again in algebra. in our case, student was near end of the school year so we used 6B to finish our that school year and start new book/publisher in the year after that. I do not think doing 6B is what made her become a math major (as one of her degrees), if you know what I mean. Using 6B didn't hurt her either. but it was not required to continue on. no opinion on tgtb. haven't used it.
  12. this seems to go to new stuff https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/simplygoodandbeautifulmath/
  13. Thank you to alisha for posting that resource. Very helpful for a friend of mine who is testing for first time with oldest.
  14. My cover school requires PE, Health, Personal Finance. So yes, they were on the transcript. With letter grades. boring side notes: Driver's Ed: in some states I hear that even if you teach your child that subject you still have to go to a licensed driving school to get documentation for license before age 18. When I live, that's not required. The insurance company did not give discount for drivers ed, but did give "good student" discount for overall GPA or high ACT score. All that to say, there was no reason for drivers ed to be on my oldest's transcript. (middle gal didn't take drivers ed until after age 18, so it was not on hers) Activities and Awards: on more of a portfolio of achievements extracurricular fun stuff: not on transcript but listed in college applications when it asked for stuff like that (this would be volunteering, any jobs, youth group leadership and participation... that kind of stuff for my kids) Independent fun learning where it was not a formal class or even an informal class : left off. not needed. kept it to 6 or 7 courses per semester which is customary near me. never seem like I was padding the transcript. oldest got into first choice engineering university with good scholarships based on ACT. (Middle did non traditional college route (clep, community college, finish at Thomas Edison). youngest - community college technical stuff. ) enjoy the variety of experiences 🙂
  15. Original poster here. Would have chimed back in sooner, but dealing with water heater and life. knew we needed to replace that water heater, but let's just say, that got a priority push. anyway...... So far, it sounds like the extra fee charged directly to students (for weekly testing) is not a new trend. Just one college in our area doing it their way. Seems like a better incentive to me (to go get the shot) than entering the contest to win a new car was. I have a weird feeling that our special olympics may not be returning to Rhodes even if our athletes have both shots. hmmmm appreciated everyone's thoughts and factual info. thanks. edit to add: back to TN colleges...... a few weeks later.... CBU (Christian Brothers University) just announced requiring COVID vaccine and of course in CBU fashion they'll help students get it if needed. Given that the main public center is adjacent to the campus.... should be easy to do that. go Bucs! and exemptions for medical/religions is accepted with No fines and no extra fees like Rhodes (which is about 2 miles around the block from CBU).
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