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  1. missed this a few weeks ago... (yes I'll admit to this group) The Osmonds: Down by the lazy river , Yo Yo, and One Bad Apple (and try to keep up with their choreography on those songs) Box Tops: soul deep another vote here on Rubberband Man (The Spinners)
  2. I know right? Today would have been the rain date if it rained yesterday. but what it rained both days? eek! and the parking lot mess delayed 15 minutes before start (oh my... that's right. the other side of the parking lot is the FEMA run covid vaccine center, there won't be any issues with that. LOL ), only to be followed by the Liberty Bowl power outage delay for another... what was it when they actually started? an hour later than planned. Nothing stopping those Saluqis yesterday! so glad we opted to stay home and watch and just celebrate our youngest daughter's technical
  3. awesome story yeah!! as information for others, always check with specific university about this. Some may not allow any transfer credit after a certain time frame. I think I remember that being the case for my oldest. As long as she had not reached senior status (at the university), they'd allow it. Policies will vary of course.
  4. Just sharing the odd example out there with public school. There's a Middle school in one of suburb public schools in the greater Memphis area that encourages CLEP. https://westcolliervillems.colliervilleschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1531650&type=d&pREC_ID=1664600 also encouraged at that high school in that system. https://colliervillehs.colliervilleschools.org/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1104064&type=d&pREC_ID=2085089 Doesn't mean it's widely popular in that situation but it's done in PS too apparently. They also encourage DE and AP in that system.
  5. cbollin


    Definitely no guilt. Social studies is not limited to history. You might have to do some social studies to meet some legal portfolio thing you mentioned. That I don't know. But if that is legally required, then go for minimum needed for this one subject given the big picture of all that went on this year in your personal family life.
  6. cbollin


    Since he is repeating grade 8, don’t worry about US history crash course before that. Social studies does not have to be history as you noted. Yes it was a tough year in your house. That’s ok. Play time in summer is important. To meet requirements with review, you have a good idea. I don’t know what that means in your state. If I had to prove something quickly for reviews and such and need less stress approach, I would find a short workbook on the topic. I’d probably go with State studies or state history and pick a resource on something like teachers pay teachers. Nothing wrong wit
  7. I didn't see this mentioned: https://ea.asu.edu/courses/the-living-world-bio-100/ 4 credits at Arizona State University. online course . virtual labs. different approach. My youngest (with learning disabilities) was able to do this as post high school student in a beta testing group. At that time, it was called "bio beyond". Thankfully ASU updated the course title. Here's some info on syllabus https://homeschoolingforcollegecredit.files.wordpress.com/2020/09/bio100-biobeyond-syllabus.pdf it's 8 week course for a college semester worth. expect to do a module a week and devote time.
  8. With my youngest, I taught from PaceMaker Practical Math for Consumers. I got it used, but I think the preview should still be here? https://www.wiesereducational.com/products/practical-mathematics-for-consumers-gf3221.htm This was nicer to use with my youngest (who has disabilities) as it was not as wordy as the Abeka book . I didn't have the AGS book to compare. It's possible pacemaker is going out of print and may be too simple for your needs. I needed a 4th math course for this student with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She went on to technical certificate (Microso
  9. Our grandparent visits were few and far between. different states. Oh, and now, one grandma moved to costa rica because that's a thing now that her generation does for cost of living issues. Another one has passed away. oh the visits were so rare. It's not like they live in the same city. I can remember needing to have a "Must Finish by such and such date in May" a few times for reasons (such as graduation, etc) and yet needing to record the full 180 days (90 semester). That was when it hit me, oh yeah, if I need 10 more days, go back and look at what we did accomplish on weekends
  10. oh wow. thanks for update. That's a change from when I bought it in 2019. I have hard cover text. oh collector's item for me.
  11. Respectfully pointing out that the original topic of this thread was not the High School Biology book. It was Middle School General Science book. So any "positive sentiments" about General Science edition changes weren't talking about biology. I have not done 3rd edition Biology to comment. Edit to add: other reviewers out there agree with you Tammy Texas that biology 3rd is too much, too fast and too much. so it's not just you.
  12. With the jacobs geometry we used (whichever edition number is sold by mfw is the one we used), I read the text out loud along with my middle dd and we worked through together. I used answer key for details. Oldest didn't need me to teach the text to her. And it was better for oldest if dad went through answer key issues with her. engineering brains and math people the both of them. I didn't work through the text more before the lesson. But there was something in reading/teaching out loud that helped me explain as needed and helped middle dd learn.
  13. @alisoncooks you have me laughing now. I had never thought of her as a college freshman before because it's a one year program. But yeah, let's go with that. I like that. Makes me feel proud. happy squeal! oh oh and I can make it sound really awesome too. She's on full scholarship. There's a state grant that pays community college to the last dollar and she did the hoops for that with filling in the paperwork and 8 hours of community service. giggle. they cover it all except for a minor fee to access the course material through Cengage. Some days around here it feels like she still i
  14. RE: "not double dipping". Around here in group schools, there is no credit given for "extracurricular" marching band. And, it's not double dipping when the public high schools give the PE credit and the student still lists it as activities. I was sure that was a bad thing. I was terrified that it was somehow wrong and bad things would happen or something, so I did the split the hours thing that Lori is describing for EC archery and PE archery (and stage musical stuff). Pretty much the awards with archery those were "EC activities" but the hours on the range with class time. To me doubl
  15. @Clear Creek: my youngest was in grade 9 for pre-algebra. Therefore it was high school credit. Maybe that’s not the norm on this forum but it was an acceptable path with our cover school. right there with ya. just saying... My oldest is academically strong but didn’t have AP, CLEP on transcript, DE or even a co-op course. No world changing activities either. Course work was not bare bones though. Did fine in college. Has job, Middle is average. Same course work as oldest. ACT 24. nothing wow on EC. Did community college, with clep, and is finishing last course for a b
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