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  1. I don't really know your daughter other than what you share on here. But I agree with you that CBU is not quite right fit for her. My oldest loved it there. She was electrical engineering/comp sci/math major. They had research in engineering, but I can't see your daughter's resarch interest in the school of science there. My EE/comp sci/math daughter had a lot of opportunities in research and attending conferences every year. But as you already know, the school of engineering is not the school of sciences. I say that not so much for your benefit but in case random person is reading more
  2. Not sure that transfer is the answer. But....Some info on TESU: he would need at least the 2 required courses there (SOS 110, and a capstone). plus pay the "credit residency waiver fee". You can play around with the degree requirements and see what he already has toward it. or some of the gurus on degreeforum.net can help plug and chug and have best guesses on what to fit. That D might even transfer. I can't remember all policies. (edit to add: grade of D can transfer as non area of study. so yes for gen ed, or elective. ) another "does not need 30 credits" in transfer is Chart
  3. Here's something to think about. You have goal of learning to take notes. The pre made notes were not from her. Go back and use them as part of her own Cornell notes. If needed, go look that up and watch some quick videos on what they are. let her learn from the mistakes she made this time. You can adjust the weight of this quiz for final grade. So, watch the videos again and make notes. talk back to the video as you go along (as a study aide for self of course). She made need to learn that she benefits from hearing a lecture again from recording. Even my super genius oldest (who has ocd,
  4. For what it's worth, the exams and quizzes my middle daughter took in community college biology (and other courses too) were open book. You still have to study so you know where to go look up stuff and get done in the time limit. She studied like it wasn't going to be available (used the cengage flashcards, practice quizzes, etc). (oops. started typing while you were making second reply.....For what's it's worth... for the first few exams in high school in all subjects in grade 9, I had my oldest and middle study and use notes/open book as part of an overall learn how to study process.
  5. I used Easy Grammar. But if samples of Fix It would be helpful, I found these on the IEW site. (clicked each level for either student or teacher version, opened the tab that said samples. I'm on a desktop so it's easy to see and open. not sure how it looks from other devices. It may not have been easy from your device so here are the links https://iew.com/sites/default/files/paperbasedcourse/fileattachment/FIX-1-SB_Sample.pdf https://iew.com/sites/default/files/paperbasedcourse/fileattachment/FIX-2-SB_Sample.pdf https://iew.com/sites/default/files/paperbasedcourse/fileattachme
  6. both in high school. I really wanted them to know that more than one way existed and to read the syllabus to know, or to ask. and to know that the editions change and little requirements change with them. Both oldest and middle: Eng composition in college had MLA in first semester, then mix and match mla and apa. My trade school daughter (taking word processing and business office work) is learning the techniques to format in apa from all the cool easy features in Word. So far, she doesn't have to do original reports - just learn how to type and format. I made the other two use a handb
  7. My dd's colleges did not use common app. But while you are waiting for those on the forum who have first hand experience, here is a link to counselor section https://www.commonapp.org/counselors-and-recommenders/recommender-guide read through the page, but I'm noting this: To create a recommender account an applicant must first invite you as a recommender. Note: An applicant can invite you as more than one recommender, e.g. Teacher and Other Recommender. Once an applicants adds you to their application, you'll receive an email invitation with a link to create an account. You have the
  8. I didn't have to track hours for legal or credit reasons. One way to award credit is tracking hours. It is not the only way. Hours will vary according to which authority you follow. It could be as low as 80 hours for a credit, (NARHS for example has the 80 logged hours rule), or somewhere between "120-180", or it has to be 150, or 180. There is no one standard for this is what I've realized over the 20 years of homeschooling (I know others here have more years than me). Credits can be goal based, or textbook based (finish most of the book and it's normal course like algebra or history,
  9. This thread is making me remember when I was a kid and we had TV channels with commercials. It was during commercial breaks that my brother and I would take the dishes from other room to the kitchen sink and get them done a few at a time during those breaks. really could get a lot done and not miss the show. Just before the show starts, fill sink and add stuff. next break, quick wash and rinse of a few. let them dry. back to the show... etc. Was visiting my mom recently. She has dishwasher now, but I just couldn't use it. I was back home and had to do them between commercials on Whe
  10. opinion I like that example. but I'd revise one sentence slightly to not sound blamey or b itchy about it. options I'd select are from either A. " It is possible that the exposure took place at the TKD facility due to timing of symptoms." or B . " It is possible that the exposure took place at the TKD facility."
  11. Here's link to the college board photo id requirements. https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/sat-subject-tests/register/special-circumstances/homeschooled-students It needs to be government issued. So I'm guessing homeschool enrichment group id does not count??? When my oldest needed it before her driver's permit, we did the affidavit (find on same link) and just got it signed at our bank's notary. no cost.
  12. With our cover school option, we had to do a year's worth credit of fine arts and they suggestion 120-150 logged hours in activity for year's worth and it could be done over all years if needed. A common approach was to log hours of attendance at fine arts event (theater, music, listening to composers) and ask for a 1 page write up on event . Low key "appreciate of fine arts" approach is acceptable with appropriate course title such as appreciation. With that said, my middle gal was involved in a major production in community that took about 120 hours of practice and rehearsal, and th
  13. Here are some links to read through. One district's policy about how to transfer credits in high school https://www.lcps.org/Page/78848 One of the options is like Terabith said that you use an accredited program. But it's not the only thing that district accepts. Other districts set their own decisions. Check with your local district for policy (as was already stated but I felt like researching too) general advice from a VA homeschool group about extra record keeping for credits in case you transfer https://vahomeschoolers.org/guide/return-to-school#HSTC and a different homes
  14. One of my cyber friends wrote a post a long time ago in a message board far away about how she helped her son (who was the only child at home as he was much younger than siblings) learn how to have productive but unscheduled afternoon time. In her situation (and this may or may not apply to you) her son needed to be "in homeschool" until 3:30 when his friends came home from brick and mortar school. (It was just her way of doing things. your mileage could vary). She called it "choice time" and listed about 5-10 things he could go figure out on his own. She wrote it in a post on another foru
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