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  1. This is a great thread! I saw this a couple years ago and made a mental note to find this again someday :) Today is that day!
  2. My rising 9th grader will be attending his first Duke TIP summer studies session next week and we are in the midst of packing. He has to travel light, as he is flying. Does anyone have any words of wisdom as far as what to pack/what not to pack? Thanks! Jill
  3. Wow... I knew I would get great things to think about when I asked all of you... and I was right. I feel much more prepared now for our upcoming visit to the school. Thank you for all of your wisdom! :)
  4. We have been homeschooling our children for 8 years after a really bad experience with our public school. Homeschooling was a wonderful journey, but we are starting the transition to public school again now that we moved into a better district. Two of our four kids have already made the transition and it has been WONDERFUL and we have decided to start at least one of the remaining two next year. Our youngest one is the difficult one to decide on. Our youngest (6yo) is gifted, and pretty well advanced (2nd-to-3rd grade math and reading, but Kinder-First grade writing). He is a July birthday kid, so though he fits in more socially as a kindergartener because of younger age, he technically would be considered a first grader this year. Here is our dilemma... There is a magnet (Montessori) school we want to apply for, but it is only a possibility for entering first graders because it is highly competitive to get into and they never have openings after that first year. If he doesn't get in there, we wouldn't have a good option for him until he enters 4th grade and can apply to the gifted magnet. Our options are this: (1) Continue to homeschool two more years (2nd and 3rd) then apply for the gifted middle school for 4th grade. (2) Hold him back this upcoming year and place him into the 1st grade again into the magnet Montessori program. I am going to visit the Montessori school to see how much they could accommodate an "advanced first grader" next year. In the meantime, do you think we would be making a huge mistake holding him back just so that he could go into this particular school?
  5. I've been home testing the ITBS for many years using ITBS Form C. When I just went to order our new set for the Fall, I learned that Form C is "embargoed" because I just moved into the Dallas ISD area... so I will need to use Form A. Does anyone have experience with these different forms enough to tell me what the difference is? Is it a difference of the formatting of the answer key, test results printout, or test itself... or something else? This is all I found from BJU: The Iowa Tests®(ITBS®/ITED®) Form CIf you live in New York or Dallas ISD, you will not be able to receive the Form C tests because of the publisher’s agreement with your state (areas subject to change). Form A is available for customers in these areas. If you are a South Carolina resident ordering Level 7, please call our Customer Service department (800.845.5731) for options.
  6. When will you start? I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes too.
  7. We are trying to decide if it is worth missing his soccer game for...
  8. I agree. I think early reading enhances their childhood by opening them up to worlds of knowledge they can easily access on their own :)
  9. Here is my dilemma... please let me know if you think we are crazy... (1) Our 7th grader is highly gifted, which is why I am homeschooling in the first place. Our current district is terrible and was forcing him to "conform" with their low standards and refused to allow him to work ahead at his level. He has been homeschooling from 2nd-7th grade and is doing beautifully... though, he is starting to need more of a challenge than we both feel I am able to give. (2) A neighboring district has a magnet school that has consistently rated in the top 3 highschools in the nation for years, and is specifically a "gifted" magnet. I hear it is highly competitive to get into as a resident, and even more so as a non-resident since they take in-district first and all others get placed onto a waiting list.... but I am nearly certain that he will be accepted if he is living within the district. He would need to be already living there to be considered a resident at the time of application. (3) My son has been asking to go to this neighboring district magnet school and has his heart set on it after seeing the course plan, and because it will be "all gifted kids"... he really, really, really craves being around "likeminded" kids. (4) The freshman class is the time to enter, since it is rare that spots open up after the first year, so the option of waiting until later isn't good. (5) My husband actually works on that side of town, so it would simplify his commute and centralize our "world". (This also happens to be our church, so it would make ministry opportunities within our church more feasible.) Here is THE NEGATIVE: (1) The cost for a house MUCH SMALLER would be more than TWICE what our current home is worth. (Though a nicer neighborhood) (2) Moving... UGH! (3) Possibility he still won't get in (though unlikely, it is still a possibility) (4) We are pretty firmly rooted in this part of town... soccer teams, friends, etc., etc. This is our world, and it would be so hard to leave :(
  10. Allergic to both, but more allergic to cats... so I chose the dog.
  11. Mine nursed all different amounts, more with each child. My last nursed until just short of 4.
  12. I got this email today :party: _____________________________________ Khan Academy now supports accounts for your children under 13. If you sign into your Khan Academy account today, you can now create an account for your child, even if they don't have an e-mail address, Google, or Facebook account. You'll automatically be registered as a coach for your child and get access to all of their progress at Khan Academy. For more information on child accounts, visit our help page. Cheers, Sal and the Khan Academy Team
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