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  1. Thank you all. I will definitely utilize the placement tests. Good to know someone else has done it!
  2. Figures. I ordered Algebra 1 last week. :laugh:
  3. Has anyone skipped a level of Teaching Textbooks? I was wondering if it is feasible to go from TT6 into prealgebra, skipping TT7.
  4. I will definitely look into Thinkwell. Thank you. I'm new to transcripts and sometimes am not sure how to label things. She definitely needs the credits, though. This sounds like a good option!
  5. Prealgebra last year was a bit difficult, mostly because the text was so wordy. I had to read the text and then break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. We're currently going back over a few things to solidify some concepts before moving on. I'm looking for something with clear, concise steps for each lesson, not too wordy or cluttered pages.
  6. No definite plans for after high school, so I would like to keep the college option open. I would love to move on to algebra 2, but is the Walch course enough to prepare for that? We need to do some catch-up in math, so I'm hoping we can do the Walch Algebra and Geometry concurrently and then move on from there, I'm just not sure what to move on to.
  7. If we were to complete Power Basics Algebra and Geometry, where would we go next? I would like to get one more math credit in. Thanks.
  8. I need something fun to keep my daughter engaged in learning to read. I don't want her to dread reading lessons or think that reading isn't enjoyable. So, is there something that makes reading seem like a game or keeps it playful?
  9. Wow, this is interesting. I have some back issues of the Arrow but none very recent. Love the idea that she added literary analysis!
  10. I had decided on Fagles, so this is good to hear. I chose Fagles mainly because then we can get the Ian McKellan audio to read along with. :)
  11. Thank you. That's exactly what I needed to know. We are doing a semester-long mythology course, and with what I have scheduled so far, we have 6 weeks left at the end of the semester. I was hoping I could fit The Odyssey in there. DD is kind of a slow reader, so I'm considering getting the McKellan audio and having her read along with it. We'll do the reading, listen to the lecture, and discuss. She's already familiar with the story, so I think that will help too.
  12. I know it will be different for every student, and I'm not wanting to set a firm, rigid schedule, just looking for a general idea on how much time I should set aside for reading/studying The Odyssey? We will be using Vandiver's TGC lectures and don't want to rush. Also, does anyone have a favorite translation?
  13. I am using this book while planning for this school year (9th). I'm a little behind in my planning, but I have had my daughter fill out a list of interests as recommended in the book and I've made a list of books I think might fit those interests. My next step is to outline some requirements for her as to how much reading she needs to get done at a minimum. I need to re-read the sections on that, as well as the sections on grading. I'm sure I won't do things exactly the way the author suggests (I never do!), but it will be helpful.
  14. I had considered getting some poster board and doing a family tree. Because, honestly, it can get confusing! My daughter is definitely a visual learner, so movies and documentaries are fine with us. I hadn't even thought of graphic novels! She LOVES graphic novels and comic books. I'm excited to go search for some now.
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