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  1. This morning DD has music and PE at the public school, so I am running errands. This afternoon she only has Math (TT) and her on-line reading remediation program, so i get to do my paid job from home. This week- We just started Teaching texbooks 6 (we finished 5 in Feb!) Reading remediation (online program) Copywork and sentence construction Wrinkle in Time (we get to see the movie when we finish the book!) Science-starting a unit on cells!
  2. We love TT, so i thought others might be interested in the "new" online program. Some have been using it for a while, but it is now available on their website.
  3. Today: Math--teaching textbooks (DD is sailing through and wants to do multiple lessons every day!) Reading--Audible book: Wrinkle in Time Narration: Wrinkle in Time HWT Cursive (3rd grade) History: Beginning look at local First Nations tribes (defining the vocab for the lesson so it's easier for DD to read) PE: Walk in the spring sun and play at the park! "home" work Cooking: Chicken soup (little bro is sick) Pet care: Caring for our pup post-neuter surgery.
  4. I almost never post, but I just wanted to let this group know of my recent success with our local University's Special Education Department. If you are lucky enough to have this option in your town, it is worth your time to look into it. Yes, many of the profs there are anti-homeschooling, but if you ask for help/assessment/tutoring and show that you are committed to your kiddo, then they might be willing to assist. Simply by asking (and asking!) I am now getting free reading and writing assessments, curriculum guidance, a grant for a science tutor, and free access to Read Naturally Live for my learning differences/sensory/anxiety kiddo. One of the ways I have avoided some of the side-glances about homeschool is by stretching the truth about how long I plan to homeschool. "Oh, yes, this is just for a year." or "Only until she is in high school." or "I am trying to get her ready to re-enroll in public school." The profs have been lovely and really, really helpful! I have met some amazing people, plus my dd gets to hang out on a university campus like a bigshot college kid, which is really good for her self-image.
  5. Therapies for learning differences, emotional health, and sensory issues are my biggest expense in education my kiddo. For traditional curriculum, science can be a little pricey for us since my DD needs lots of experimenting to understand concepts.
  6. We are progressive Christians. We use secular curriculum for most subjects, then attend church every week plus Sunday School and youth group. My first thought when reading your message was Godly Play, even before you mentioned it. Do you have a church in your area that has that program as Sunday School? That might be a good thing to look into. Many Episcopal churches and some Lutheran and Presbyterian churches are using this program. The materials are prohibitively expensive for the home teacher, so you might benefit from connecting to a church with the program.
  7. Thank you for the LitWits rec. I was a homeschooler when my kids were small (PK-1st grade for both), but that was years ago now. I picked curriculum in about five minutes because not much has changed there, but I feel totally out of the loop with resources. And, yes, Lori D--Luci Shaw! She is absolutely angelic when you meet her. When we got assigned to the same committee at church, I completely had to keep from acting like a FanGirl. LOL.
  8. I have seen educational neglect and it is sad and ugly and leaves lasting mark. It happened in the public school. To my daughter. That is why we are homeschooling.
  9. We're going to start "A Wrinkle in Time" so that we can read the book before we see the movie. The book will go relatively quickly, as my learning differences kiddo needs it read out loud to her. Anyone else scanning the web for ideas to go along with the book/movie? As an added bonus, we go to church with a poet who was a dear friend and collaborator of Madeline L'Engle and she has agreed to have coffee with us and chat about the author and the book! We'd love to be prepared with good questions...but I'd also like to look into art projects, math, science stuff to companion.
  10. I devoured the book in just a couple days. It came to me at a time that I needed it. After years of fighting our school district for intervention, we made the decision to pull our DD out of public school. Her needs were never met and she fell further and further behind. She is now in a combination of intensive reading remediation at our local university and homeschool. Her home school lessons are anywhere from a 1st grade to a 4th grade level even though she is 13 years old ("7th grade"). Your information on grade level and age being out of sync hit home and helped ease my guilt at waiting so long to bring her home. One bit of advice for others who have out of sync kiddos--We ripped the covers off of everything and blacked out any references to grade level on her curriculum--even in FLL and WWE since she is needing to start at year one with both. Our DD is keenly aware that she is behind her peers academically and it hurts her heart to see anything that does not match the "grade" she should be in. Thanks, SWB!
  11. If your church has a youth director, children's director, or youth pastor, set up a meeting with them. IF you belong to a smaller church, meet with your head pastor. Talk to them about your child and what kinds of accommodations would help them in worship and in Sunday School. I am a youth pastor in a mid-size mainline church and I minister to multiple youth with special needs. Some of the accommodations we have made in our congregation: We allow a youth to walk freely in and out of the Sunday School classroom, with his boundaries clearly explained. He can be in the hallway outside the classroom, or in the coffee hour space, or in the classroom and can get up when he needs a break from the stimulation. The youth group understands that he might suddenly jump up and leave and they are all great about it. We educate the congregation that the worship space is for everyone. Sometimes a child, youth, or adult might run to the altar, wear earphones, or speak out of turn. Get your pastor to teach people by his or her actions of love and welcome. We have taken all sugar and junk food out of youth ministry to support a youth with an eating disorder. We welcome fidgeting! We welcome one-on-one support for students when needed. There are many, many accommodations that congregations can make. Let your pastor or youth pastor know what you need! Help them work with your family and you will benefit those that come after you.
  12. My grandmother was born in 1903 to a poor farming family in North Dakota. At 13 she was taken out of the school to begin work. She worked as a domestic in other people's homes, taking care of children and cooking. She was also in charge of all the baking at home. Her older sister cooked the family meals. I certainly don't want my daughter to have the hard life my grandmother did, but it is amazing to reflect on how far my family has come in just 3 generations and hope my daughter can have a glimpse into the "old ways" in our family history. We're thinking of doing a "Great Grandma" unit, where we will study where her great grandmothers were raised, do the work that they did, bake, clean, and maybe make some money. Anyone else do something like this?
  13. Teleios means “complete,†“mature,†or “full grown.†It refers to something (or someone) that is a finished product or well-rounded outcome. Paul used it (again in the letter to the Ephesians) when he referred to the goal of Christian discipleship, “that the body of Christ may be built up, until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature [teleios], attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ†(Ephesians 4:12-13, NIV).
  14. DD plays clarinet and wants to stay connected to her public school buddies by playing in the public school band. Anyone try to work with their district on this? Experiences good, bad or indifferent?
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