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  1. Thank you all. I will definitely utilize the placement tests. Good to know someone else has done it!
  2. Figures. I ordered Algebra 1 last week. :laugh:
  3. Has anyone skipped a level of Teaching Textbooks? I was wondering if it is feasible to go from TT6 into prealgebra, skipping TT7.
  4. I will definitely look into Thinkwell. Thank you. I'm new to transcripts and sometimes am not sure how to label things. She definitely needs the credits, though. This sounds like a good option!
  5. Prealgebra last year was a bit difficult, mostly because the text was so wordy. I had to read the text and then break it down into smaller, more manageable steps. We're currently going back over a few things to solidify some concepts before moving on. I'm looking for something with clear, concise steps for each lesson, not too wordy or cluttered pages.
  6. No definite plans for after high school, so I would like to keep the college option open. I would love to move on to algebra 2, but is the Walch course enough to prepare for that? We need to do some catch-up in math, so I'm hoping we can do the Walch Algebra and Geometry concurrently and then move on from there, I'm just not sure what to move on to.
  7. If we were to complete Power Basics Algebra and Geometry, where would we go next? I would like to get one more math credit in. Thanks.
  8. Thanks for all the advice. I think we will get the book to accompany the lectures that maize linked above and give that a try. :)
  9. Ok, this bit is important. I have NO knowledge of Greek and only a little experience with Latin. Thank you.
  10. Did you think that completing EG before Athenaze was helpful? Or would you have done just as well starting with Athenaze?
  11. I have looked at Lukeion before, and I would LOVE to sign DD up for their classes, but honestly it's just not in my budget. I would like to find an inexpensive Attic Greek program that we can learn together, with neither of us having any prior experience.
  12. In your opinion (since you have used EG), what sort of credit would I be able to give if we did the 3 levels of Elementary Greek in 1 year and then moved on to another program for year 2?
  13. Thanks! Is the entire program contained in that one book?
  14. Hmm, I'm not sure of our main goal. Personally, I would like to be able to read Homer in Greek. Dd just mentioned that maybe she would like to learn Greek, so I don't know what her goal is. We definitely aren't interested in biblical Greek. Thank you for that link.
  15. I'm super confused by all the different types of Greek language programs out there. I see things labeled as Koine, Biblical, New Testament, Attic, modern, etc. Is there really that big of a difference? What would be an ancient Greek curriculum that I could use with no prior experience? I picked up a used set of Elementary Greek (mostly just because it was a good deal). Would it be appropriate to use this and then switch into an ancient Greek program, or would that just cause confusion? Thanks.
  16. You and I must have gone to vastly different high schools. We read very few classics.
  17. THANK YOU for taking the time to type this up for me. It might be a bit much for my child (who does not enjoy reading), but I think I may order it for myself. Whatever translation I go with, I think getting an audio and having her read along with it might be a good idea.
  18. Yup, I definitely couldn't do the original. Oh gosh. There's so much there! Fun! I bookmarked it to watch when we study Sir Gawain.
  19. Sounds like I need to get the Tolkien version and give it a read-through. :) Has anyone read Simon Armitage's translation?
  20. Thank you for all this. I have been trying to find a sample of Tolkien's translation so I can get a feel for it, but no such luck (yet, anyway). I probably want a modern translation for this particular child, but I wouldn't mind if it was still in poetic form. I will definitely spend some time checking out these links!
  21. Thanks. There isn't a bookstore locally so it's hard for me to compare. :)
  22. Which translation of Sir Gawain is the easiest to read? Which is the best?
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