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  1. LAVH on Wednesday morning. Would appreciate prayers!

  2. Happy birthday to my middle son. He's 11 today and I actually remembered to change my siggie to his new age. :-)

  3. I'm done watching "The Following." This past week's show was especially disturbing.

    1. freeindeed


      I know. My daughter asked me if she could watch it when it first started. I told her that she could but ONLY if I watched it with her and that at any time I could "call" it off limits. I am contemplating it after this week's episode. The whole thing with Joe "teaching" Roderick how to do what he does made me nauseous. Then the "love" scenes at the end...icky and disturbing.

  4. Petition to eliminate DST. http://1.usa.gov/Zm4HBZ (I hope this isn't political, but it is an official .gov website.)

    1. nmoira


      I think this particular issue crosses all political lines... at least here :D

    2. RootAnn
  5. The log home saga continues...we just got back from making an offer on it. We would appreciate your prayers that it is accepted!

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    2. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      I forgot to say I'll pray!

    3. KathyBC


      Did I miss the thread? We live in a log home, so you caught my eye.

    4. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      No thread. I've just mentioned it in a couple of status updates. It's been a roller coaster.

  6. I

    1. Live2Ride


      Me too! Its an awesome little program

    2. paceofnature


      I agree ~ we would be in so much trouble otherwise!

    3. GailV
  7. Disappointed tonight. It doesn't look like the awesome house we are looking at is going to work out.

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Oh, no! The lodge behind you? I'm sorry!

    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      Yes, Chelle, the beautiful lodge behind us. There's still hope, but not much. :(


    3. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Don't give up! It ain't over 'til it's over!

  8. Totally not in the market for a house. Now our backyard neighbor is selling her amazing lodge-style log home and we are probably going to buy it. What changes a week makes!

    1. Miss Marple
    2. Luckymama


      A similar situation happened to use seven years ago-----I hope all goes well!

  9. Can anyone point me to where I can figure out notifications? Sometimes I get them, sometimes I don't.

    1. melbotoast


      Go to My profile>Edit my profile>Notification options

    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      I've already checked that and it still doesn't work. I have "auto follow topics I reply to" checked and set to immediate, but it doesn't happen.

    3. Oak Knoll Mom
  10. And the rain that was supposed to transition to snow six hours ago is still rain. Boo hiss. We want snow!

    1. Rosie_0801


      I would happily take your rain!

    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      We've needed the rain, but it has gotten tiresome. We've only had five days this month with no rain. Hope you get some soon.

    3. Upward Journey

      Upward Journey

      I'll take your rain. You can have my snow that's been here since October!

  11. We should be doing school. Instead, I'm getting prepared for our probable power outage once the snow starts. I so wish our power lines were buried!

  12. Who took my sweet little boy and replaced him with this sullen, lazy soon-to-be teenager?

    1. Chelle in MO

      Chelle in MO

      Hang on! You're in for a wild ride! Be strong! :)

    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      The ride is just starting...he has two more brothers right on his heels. Heaven help all of us!


  13. Lots of excitement over here! My middle son won "The World's Largest Stocking" at our dentist office. Six ft tall stocking filled with toys.

    1. Element


      That's awesome!

    2. Oak Knoll Mom

      Oak Knoll Mom

      I told him we were could call Santa and tell him that he doesn't need anything this year. ;-)

  14. Poorly timed but absolutely necessary schoolroom remodel almost done. Can't wait to get back in there and back to our regular routine.

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