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  1. Whose kids? My children? Yes. Everyone else's? Do I really get a vote on that? I didn't vote in the poll. :)
  2. If she expects him to fly through, I would think the Intensive Practice might bore the life out of the child. My 2 cents!
  3. Similar scenario here too. Clients have been wanting websites done by us, because they knew I used to do them...so I've been buried lately brushing up my dusty (eight years dusty!) dev/design skills. Work is done early in the morning, during recess, during the kids' dance and swim practices, and in the evening after they go to bed.
  4. No but it is abhorrent enough that 75% of the folks who I know to have been "severely Catholic" :D to no longer feel comfortable within the Church. That's a mighty fine mess in which the Church has left us! To be complicit with them?? Is that our only choice? So many standing out in the field...just waiting... And then an Archdiocese like Philadelphia, puts all the right moves on its website...looks good. What does the new Cardinal do? Have a convocation dinner where DEFROCKED priests, not just "moved around" possibly guilty folks, are invited. This is cool? And OK? Really? Two of the defrocked I knew personally. Personally. They are at a Catholic priests of the Archdiocese dinner? Still a loooonnnggg way to go.
  5. So you are the one who should really be asking "What day is today?" ;)
  6. Kindred souls. I figure my clean eating balances out my alcohol intake. I also had a Shamrock Shake last week. One has to live, a little. :lol:
  7. Just hang in there. :grouphug: :grouphug: It's a bumpy ride. And it may not be short. I've been on this trail for 5 years now. The thing is, in between all the insane moments, there are treasured moments too, that will keep happening, right up until the end. Remember to breathe deeply. And regularly... :grouphug:
  8. Our library has a few copies along with a mess of other books on homeschooling as well. They host an annual meeting to go over everything they have.
  9. UrbanSue, this year's blessing of the animals should be epic! :coolgleamA:
  10. Being he's a Jesuit, I would have thought St. Francix Xavier. Either way...
  11. nono

    I'm back!

    I'm soooo confused!!!!! :tongue_smilie: Glad to see "you" again!
  12. FTR, I think it is a WTM record...I believe it took 171 posts before the LUST word was mentioned. Heck, I look at the adults. I point them out to my dh -- he's a little slow on the uptake. Pretty people are pretty. Better than some of the stuff I see hanging out here in Wildwood. Ooooofa! And yeah, I don't think he's lusting. Look does not equal lust. A luster needs a frying pan upside the head.
  13. I teach from the textbook, both sections (I have one in 1B and the other in 3B), and then we do some of the workbook. CWP I only started this year with my older, and we do them for fun, while we're waiting for something to start or end (sports practice). I do use the tests. After every even unit I use a cumulative test. (For my younger, I use ever odd unit...working off of one test book for both students). The rest of the tests I use as homework for practice. We also do one Miquon book per grade year as another way to cement ideas. My kids aren't fast in math. They are thorough. We sometimes take 2 hours to get through math. If math is going poorly, we table it, go onto other assignments, and then start it again late in the afternoon. My kids love math though, so it isn't a burden to them to have it 2x a day sometimes.
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