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  1. On Vimeo: The Pedagogical Significance of Dialectic, by Kevin ClarkDid anyone else happen to watch this one? I'm unable to post the link.
  2. Who here has actually had to clean up after a hoarder? :::raises hand::: That'll leave a mark.
  3. We do very regular "keep/donate/toss/giveaway" here and have since the beginning. We also have had some very prolonged interesting life experiences where all you can literally keep is what you can fit in a suitcase and there is the line. (Very frequent moving, perhaps every 3 months as causation) - so my only sensitivity is photographs which are very portable thanks to back up drives. If I lost them, it wouldn't be the end of the world, but I'd sure bawl a lot. I'm sure to get copies to family and such, and have even taken several classes on how to back up your back up systems. They are very important to me. I rarely watch TV, but have a few times recently, and during the Christmas season, all the advertising for children and toys...they make me a little ill honestly. The perfume commercials, the diamonds, the cars...really? Really? If I buy that perfume I'm going to be 23 years old with the body of an athlete, upon a yacht with a trust fund with an exotic relationship to match? Wow. Hook me up! LOL
  4. Then there are the "it's my hobby" kind. You know, some creative outlet bug hits and WHAM, it's all over the house. They say that there is a "new" kind of hoarder which is called a digital hoarder. I'm not sure exactly what that's all about, but it's a type. I take the 5th on this facet of type casting.
  5. Sometimes it's also hard to tell the difference between say, a life episode..like depression and deep grieving that can cause a person to neglect their environment....and sometimes they don't ever "get back up" and it starts a trigger point. Then...there are clutter folks..not unsanitary, just clutter. Then there are the Pintrest Perfect People. Which I am not, but aspire to be some day. I spend a lot of time on Pintrest getting my PH'd in visual studies for perfection of a beautiful artful home. I hear the time to complete is about twenty years. Then there's another breed, like the messy Professor desk. I find that one very interesting as well. There's so many kinds to illustrate, such a range.
  6. The other interesting thing is what triggers hoarding. Do you guys ever watch Hoarders, find yourself compelled to clean right after?
  7. I'm really divided on this question; not sure if there is a right or wrong answer. What's your opinion?
  8. A facet of math circles is covered in this year end round up for the AMA. We end the year with a panoply of fascinating articles. There is an exposition of the study of Ramanujan’s mock theta function. Accompanying that is a review of a new film about Ramanujan. There is a study of Math Teachers’ Circles and an examination of the Kan extension seminar. Finally, there is a remembrance of the distinguished complex geometer Shoshichi Kobayashi. —Steven G. Krantz, Editor Link to online magazine, which is pretty wonderful. http://www.ams.org/notices/201411/ Look for the third featured article. Contains outside links and email galore if you need more.
  9. Well, actually, two family members, both with severe mental impairments. It's a long story... Once upon a time... Kidding. Kidding. I will see how tomorrow goes. I have lost count of team support people there are so many..... Meeting with another one at 11:00 for intake. WHEEE In house visits with countless Dr.'s and others as well. The round trip for me is about 300 miles. I'm a bit curious on what my mileage will be tomorrow with everything being all "extra" special tomorrow.. Eh.
  10. Yep, got the EC attorney and slews of other specialists- it just NEVER ends. It's like a constantly changing hologram covered Rubik's cube of problems. We've had (said in her best Chinese Curse voice) many "interesting days" and experiences thus far. Definitely borders on surreal. I've done hospice twice and gobs and gobs of other types of intensive medical care, but this? Oh, this... This is Gozilla, The Blob and Motha all together on an acid trip from 1962....whew...sometimes all 3 are awake, or two are napping, or one is on full recharge and ready to blow nuclear...ugh. RAWR (See, I still have a sense of humor, I treasure that and my ability to remain calm and serene above all right now) When this all blows over, I will give you the "deets" - cuz it's all like :smash: Somebody's in trouble..... I love that we have a judge slamming finalization decisions on this board. (wink wink)
  11. So ya. Going through this. Any top ten trick or tips anyone cares to share they learned on the journey of elder-care in general? This is a LOT of drama. Phew. I left home late June and I'm still here, this looks to be about a year long process to me, start to finish on the legal end of things. No returning home until it's all done. Financial and legal for two people..so anyway...just throw out ideas if you had discoveries or know of any that are really useful while wading though it all.
  12. "What is your name?" "Do you know what day it is?" "Who is our President?" "What is the Year right now?" "What is your birthday?" ----answer all that right and they must leave you be if their concern was she was unable to make a safety decision for herself. Over the line and Unconstitutional.
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