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  1. In my review for myself, I found that a company that rhymes with team o "has privacy issues" with sharing embedded video anywhere. I used to be such a fan. :( Maybe we can lure Anonymous to come in and free our world. It's like Egypt when it went transmission black out. I think Mae West used to say, "Any press is good press". This is horrid and mean. I believe I'm clean, cross me off the list.
  2. I've pretty much always used Photobucket. Now if you did as well, just go to your photobucket account and delete the photo. (and click That breaks the html url language and it comes off the post without too much hassle.
  3. Phew, am I ever glad I logged in today to read! :) Super cool. I think that's a home run Quark! :) The OCW to match is here:
  4. A local womens shelter or other community non profit might love to have these. Could you take a tax deduct with that perhaps and do some good at the same time?
  5. It has stopped raining! Everybody dance!

    1. dm379


      A rain dance? Won't that cause it to rain more?

    2. dm379


      A rain dance? Won't that cause it to rain more?

  6. Am making coffee at five p.m. Am I going to regret this?

    1. Pixjen


      Probably. ;)


    2. ladydusk


      Depends on how much you need to get done and how long it takes you ...

    3. EKS
  7. The group has lists and topics from this thread, it was getting too big and things and ideas were getting lost. Just click on the link for community, then on social groups, you'll see it there. You have to be logged in to read it, if you are not logged in, the community function doesn't work. If you sketch out how many kiddos/what subjects you want to cover, what hours, people would gladly jump in and help you out on how to organize things.
  8. Try this one for memory as a God given faculty. Faculties which are cultivated become virtues. Be very attentive when you read that word and watch for context, it means more than it's saying: "cultivated". Also, look at number three in this one: Virtue as the end of education, rather than mere application, thus a concerted and rigorous effort to cultivate every human faculty in every student. In particular, the faculties of sensory perception, attentiveness, intellectual apprehension, and concrete re-presentation are cultivated in all the arts and sciences.
  9. Circe just put this up on the facebook stream. That chick is holding a violin of epic legend. Go see. Circe on facebook is at:
  10. I don't think I could use the "grade" x "look like" concept quite yet. I'm still getting my head undewyied. I think Lady Dusk sent that thought over here...someone did..during a discussion somewhere..I think it was about Caldecott's book.... So Yes, that's a word, it's a verb or an adjective I think.... I can pick up books. I can read. I can think. I can attend with an open mind. I can teach with love. I guess that is what matters.
  11. Well, I made it to post 33 for obvious topics....for some reason this reminds me of hoeing a garden. :) I'll commit to cross referencing to post 50. Who would like to cross reference post 50-100? :) Or some portion thereof?
  12. When someone gets bored or wants a project, I offer the question.. "Wouldn't it be nice to have a tidy collection of all the titles and links from this thread in one condensed spot?" I'm tempted again to do this...what do you guys think? Would it be useful and welcome?
  13. Oh. Dyin' laffin. :lol: :lol: You report first. N & N is totally amazing jump off Mt. Everest backward, blind and no parachute praying for a soft snowdrift to land in. That thing is like trying to get through Corbett. Just buy it as a reference and know you'll be living with it for the next 100 years and still not *get* it all.
  14. Okay- this one is new for me, or is it? You ever get that feeling you once read a book and forgot it? I opened the first pages and started reading and got that feeling; maybe I read this as a kid or something, but anyway, here's a link to the Google free online edition; Amazon has like zero online free for the Kindle. This is one of those "you have to scroll to the bottom to see the links for pages" things on Google.
  15. Okay, the "Till We Have Faces." I did some preview reading and browsing. This is heavy. I'm not ready. I slept in today, what bliss. Bliss I tell you. I found a copy of CS Lewis "Mere Christianity" yesterday at the bookstore. Oh boy. I think I better get a list of all his titles eh? I've not done the CS Lewis thing. I'm aware of a general sense of his works/life, but haven't done anything deep. Anyone fans of his out there want to drop some hints or thoughts on his works? How much of my mental hard drive is this going to take up? :lol:
  16. I found some Kreeft on youtube tonight. Listened to the one on Beauty, the 3 part series. It's worth a second run. My personal opinion is he really gets smoking in the final moments of the third part. Makes the brain go WHOO WHOO, like a choo choo train, and for felt so connected, fast..I literally found myself bobbing my head in agreement. It cuts short a little, the actual ending is missing, but I really enjoyed it. This particular set is not educational pedagogy as in sit down with your books, learn a lesson in an academic curriculum sort of way, it's a exploratory talk which is highly religious in nature. I'll stop trying to explain it all now, if one is curious enough about it, you'll figure it out. This link is for the general collection. Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:
  17. Ya, and you have me chasing Peter Kreeft all over the interwebs tonight like some sort of stalker-chick. You n yer 2 buck downloads! I need free. Walmart isn't going to happen until this weekend. Only for this discussion will I set foot in a Walmart. You have any idea what an honor that is? It's like the purple heart or something. :lol:
  18. I am so tempted to open another thread that deals with a list of books attached to this journey. So tempted. But I won't, because I like the energy here. This particular reference I'm going to share now came from another area, but is interwoven with this discussion. I went hunting for it, and found an online freebie for it. Here it is. Henri Irénée Marrou A history of education in antiquity Link: Cluecard: Scroll to the bottom of this page, you'll see hyperlinks and a chart of contents. Start clicking lines, the pages will open. The amazon page with two reviews are here: :D <---for Justamouse for whom I know cannot resist these things :leaving:
  19. I have to get going to class now, but a favor please? Can someone out there jabber on a bit about the "tools of invention of rhetoric" a bit? My mind wants to pull back and look in Norms/Nobility for a connect, this one feels squishy to me and not quite set in cemented knowledge for me.
  20. Don't get the book, we need you here. Really. :D I only hyper-linked Barry's name earlier, but for those that scrolled by it in life as it happens...Wendell Barry is the Paideia Prize winner at Circe for the 2012. This is the tenth year of the awards at conference. Anyway, the availability of things Barry are highly available, which is ironic, because he is a bastion of the anti-tech life. There are some websites run by fans, (one of them, a Brother) - forums, just reams of things, and they are all excellent and insightful. Very unique man. I found this in a poetry archive, and I wanted to share. I think there are many phases and stages of life where this is a perfect key to understanding, and I would hope that it speaks to someone here. For myself, personally-I'm printing this and tucking it in my purse. I might even laminate it so I don't wear it to shreds...I dunno yet. It's the kind of thing you want to print copies of and leave in mysterious places to send messages to Here it is, the title is Do Not Be Ashamed
  21. I shut off all the lights in the house. Everyone is asleep now but me. This is honestly my favorite time for studying. There is an absence and space here where I can just focus on me and my thoughts. It's what one person I read recently stated, "It's ONE conversation." A hundred years ago, when I was doing the poetry circuits in a place almost 3 thousand miles from where I sit now; I was being hit left and right by all these "people" and their work with words. I didn't know it then, that the things I'd hear and see would literally sear into my memory for a lifetime, and that I'd return to them again and again, but this time, without the partnership and deep understandings that can form, connect and "become" something, even if it was just in a one.second.too.long glance. sort of way. Being blown apart inside, something new would grow, and we'd experience it as a collective, and then as solitary individuals..but the sharing of "it" - it was rather holy in a way. So to bring this full circle, this W. Barry....on one of the podcasts, he does a reading of six of his poems. I just sat here in the dark, listening about white haired things below, a thing he calls a "they" and a "you"..sprinkled with some sun, raspberries and of time and eternity. After I heard that, I suddenly found myself missing the days of the circuit. If "we" had been gathered together, listening carefully to that; it would certainly be food for one of those glances and understandings. I miss living among writers and poets like him. My oldest daughter, at the time, was attending (there's that word again) the slams, the outings, the meetings right long side me. Now, today, as a full grown adult; the exposures she had then remain with her now. I won't stop to think who she might be today had we not done the circuits together, but I will stop to think about this youngest one. She does not attend readings, slams, performances - and it would be unreasonable for me to think that the magic that happened to my oldest will happen to my youngest in the vacuum I've set before her on the table. She, this young one, needs to hear this. She'll be eating it for breakfast tomorrow, if only it's ghost, I promise you that. Wendell, his background, I've only hit a few pages worth, but I already know where this is headed. And I love it. Edit: Upon a little bit more reading, I am utterly fascinated by the fact Wendell Berry was a friend of Thomas Merton. We've been studying the life of Merton here. Mr. Berry's biographical "lists" of associates- um, they are significant indeed. But the Merton thing, because I understand it, I can only sigh and dream of what their lunches and conversations might have been. I'm going to look at the stars out my back door now.
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