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  1. I have been researching and staring at curriculum for months and I am losing my mind now that time is running out. We start school in less than two weeks and I am stuck between two curriculums in three subjects for my son who is starting 9th grade. Could you please give me your input on which you would choose and why? Thanks! Maybe one of your posts will give me the push I'm looking for. English: Illuminating Literature or Essentials in Literature (I think I like the "tone" of IL and the way it is written to the student, but the DVD's from EIL are a pull. IL uses a lot more novels F
  2. Nope. Still same ol' nothing!! I bet I've logged out/in 25 times since I posted last. No email. Nothing! Thanks for the good vibes though!
  3. This is driving me batty! Thanks to the posts here, I was able to at least get our school updated correctly, using the MY PLAN, UPDATE MY INFO, and state code working to get homeschool to come up as an option. Unfortunately, like many but not all of you, I then get to the page that says there are no scores and to ADD YOUR SCORES. This link takes me to the page that requires the access code. So I've made progress, but still have NO scores. This is crazy!!! Thanks to all who helped me get this far!
  4. I'm using the ipad version of the book and it doesn't list the links
  5. Wondering if anyone has a list of which videos correspond to each chapter. Thanks!
  6. We ended up going with the ML bio book on the ipad. Does anyone use the study guide and could you give me an idea of what is in it? Thanks!
  7. EoO--- I don't think you saw my question earlier....Have you figured out a good plan for scheduling this? The iTunes plans were VERY extensive. Thanks again for the find!
  8. KAM, Do you mind sharing what kind of supplies you have had to come up with for the labs? I am trying hard to avoid having to buy one of the $150-200 lab kits. Been looking for labs online, but if the labs don't require a lot of special equipment or supplies, that would be very practical to have it correlate right with the book. End of Ordinary, I really like the looks of the EO Wilson book too! On the iTunes lesson plans, there seems to be a ton...obviously can't do everything. Do you have any idea how to schedule it so far?
  9. Thank you both! I had seen the ecletic home link earlier, but couldn't find it again, so thank you! I will also look at the other biology....thanks! If anyone has any other suggestions, I am all ears right now!
  10. Due to a rough summer we are so behind planning and money has become extemely tight here. I am still trying to finalize school purchases. We decided to go with the $15 ipad version of the macaw book, as my son does better with interactive online books, but I am at a loss for how to plan this or if someone knows of some free or extremely low-cost lesson plans and/or worksheets that could go with this. Thanks in advance!
  11. My son will be going into 9th grade this year. He is very interested in computers, and moreso in the hardware side than any programming. He has asked his dad if he can build his own computer this year and they are planning to work on that. I was wondering if maybe you had some suggestions for how to make this project into a semester .5 credit and how you would list it. I was thinking if I can't find anything formal then I could get a couple of books on the subject for him to read, but I would really like to find something online that might be more organized. Thanks!
  12. I have an upcoming 5th grader, and I would be VERY interested in this, KFamily! Chapter books and some independent work each week would be helpful. Thank you!
  13. Do you know if Project Passport will be adding any more to their world history series? Looks interesting!
  14. We've used TT for YEARS and I've never known this existed! Is there a link to any info? Thanks!
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