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  1. Specifically, I'm interested in hearing from parents of GIRLS who are on the spectrum. We're dealing with some very serious issues with dd7. I've been told that autism can look different for girls vs. boys. I'm not sure if dsd7 is severely dyslexic, has a processing disorder, or possibly low IQ? We're really struggling with understanding what is going on with her. I have a 2e child, dyslexic child, a child that is either severely ADD or who has some sort of OCD issue, and then this child that I just can't figure out where to begin with. The things that we're experiencing with her I've neve
  2. Whenever she does math or definitely anything she is struggling with understanding... she gets a headache.
  3. Thank you very much. I didn't realize that's how Saxon works. Dd would react in much the same way if there were only a few problems before moving on. She needs a decent amount of practice to retain.
  4. Yes, this is for my artsy child. She gets extremely frustrated with math very easily and shuts down if she doesn't understand the concept quickly. :( I have to be very careful not to push in any way. Life of Fred would be fun! DD tends to struggle with remembering what step to do, or she'll forget to read whether it's + or - and then do the problem incorrectly due to forgetting to check.
  5. I don't know if I will find the funds at any point in time soon for the iPad, but you have given me hope that it will make a difference with dd. I'm thinking about doing some of the TOPS books for science. I wonder if they include any math that would help? I remember a base 10 set helping me immensely to understand and really fully grasp math as a child.
  6. She says that she basically always has a headache. When I press her further she says that her head just feels funny. I guess I need to try to narrow it down better, but she doesn't seem to be able to verbalize or describe what she's feeling.
  7. Thank you! I guess I'm wondering if it would be best to do both levels or just do 1 level together?
  8. Quick Question: Would I get both levels if I wanted to do TOPS lentil science with a 2nd and 5th grader or would I just use the primary or intermediate?
  9. Oh, my. So many helpful responses. Thank you! Does RB work on the iPad MINI? P.s. Work is busy. I'll be back to respond and ask more questions (I'm sure) soon.
  10. We usually try out a curriculum for at least a couple of months. I do give placement tests. How are her subitization skills? I would say shaky. She has trouble remembering the processes, she often gets lost within the problem and won't answer the problem correctly because she's not giving the information that's being asked. Addition and subtraction facts are VERY rough as well as x and /.
  11. I would say that she has 3rd grade math skills. We've tried CLE, Khan, Math Mammoth, and Singapore.
  12. This. :) That's what I decided for my dd10, too. We are also continuing to use games, etc. to solidify multiplication, addition, and subtraction facts which will ultimately help her division facts.
  13. My dd10 has said for years that her brain "feels funny" or that her head hurts... She's had multiple eye exams. We tried allergy meds. She still says that her brain "feels funny". Anyone else?
  14. I've tried several math's for DD who is dyslexic. Most recently, we tried CLE. She hated it from day 1. I think it looks boring to her? I'm not sure, but it became torture to get dd to do her math. I've read that Ronit Bird is suggested, but I don't have an ipad and cannot afford one. Would it be best to buy the print books, or to find a different curriculum? I was considering Saxon Math because of it's spiral nature. I just need some ideas.
  15. Haha! I feel your pain. I have one that I always send to the car 5 or so minutes before everyone else in hopes that she'll be buckled in and ready to go at the same time as my other children. Nope. Still have to wait on her. ;)
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