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  1. The OP asked what we learned from the movie so I told her. Sheesh.
  2. I have 2 family members who had terrible adverse reactions and no one was held accountable. The vaccine companies didn't fork over a penny and their lives were just considered collateral damag, plus their families have to pay for their care. In what kind of world is that considered ok?
  3. Oh I'll let her know if we get it. Things happen, but to bring her son in a home with 10 kids the same day he was puking? Really? Even if we only had 1 kid I'd still be upset.
  4. I have 10 kids. We get a big pumpkin at Aldi for $2.50. Each kid gets a smaller pumpkin to carve and make their own when we go to the fall festival (it's included in admission)
  5. A friend just left my house after she was here with her kids for 3 hours and on the way out she mentioned that her 8 year old had been vomiting all morning but looks great now. Um?mmmmm?????
  6. It was interesting and it magnified my wondering WHY some people are more susceptible to having a terrible reaction. WHY aren't we working towards figuring out the answer to that. WHY aren't vaccine manufacturers held accountable for reactions? WHY aren't they tested and scrutinized nearly as much as pharmaceuticals? WHY hasn't there been a study comparing Vaccinated and unvaccinated children?
  7. I'm sorry. I've been there. Can you start your own homeschool yahoo group and set up weekly park days? We met a lot of friends through park days. When it's too cold you could do play dates at each other's homes, Chickfila or the library. See if the library or a local church has a free room to use during the day. You could start a craft day or lego day or board game day. Super easy even with a baby. Catholic churches usually have homeschool groups. You could always start there. Put an ad in the bulletin about starting a homeschool group and see who responds. Good luck.
  8. My time savers: Breakfast for dinner crockpot instant pot tacos spaghetti
  9. I'm hosting a baby shower for my sister-in-law who is having baby #7 after a 7 year gap. I'd like to have a couple games, but everyone seems to hate baby shower games. No measuring her belly or anything inappropriate like bobbing for nlpples. Something easy and cheap because I'm already spending a fortune on other stuff. Oh and if you have ideas for prizes that are also cheap, please add those. Thank you! edit: and if it has something to do with large family/ baby #7, that would be a bonus.
  10. No I definitely never thought of doing that for our homeschool. She's definitely not too young to work for something. Heck, even a few weekends of lemonade stands and bake sales would cover that.
  11. Fluid on the knee for the past 5 or so days. Really swollen but not necessarily painful, just uncomfortable. No injury, came out of no where. Should I go to the doctor? Just my general practitioner or an orthopedic? I don't want to go to my gp and have her send me to ortho and have to pay for both. What could the doctor do?
  12. I'm afraid that Halloween may not go well with all these crazy clowns trying to scare people.
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