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  1. That makes a lot of sense. I am feeling similar, I want her to get the content, but more than that I want her to learn how to take notes and do outlines from history. It just really seems like the best subject to do that with. I already know I love SOTW, This will be her 2nd time through and my son also went through it once. Are you using anything specific, or just what TWTM suggests and mom brain?
  2. This will be her first time applying outlines to a class other than Writing with Skill.
  3. Thank you. If you know of any readers that are more interesting for an 8th grade student, but at more of a 5th grade level that would be good to read along with the time period, I would sure love some help.
  4. I know. DD is 8th grade, but she really struggles with reading. SOTW 3 and 4 are at a level she is good with reading independently now. I am adding the Zinn and she will be outlining and keeping a notebook like in the logic stage of TWTM at the 8th grade level.
  5. I am finally getting organzied for next month. It looks like this might be my last year of homeschool as DD plans to attend Public High School after this year. Math: AOPS/Singapore Algebra 1 with WTMA Language: Spanish 1 WTMA Writing: Creative Writing and Writing with Skill 2 also WTMA Science: Oak Meadow High School Biology with me. We will add disections which my sister will do with her (thank goodness) and Trackers PDX once a week. History: We will be doing SOTW 3 and 4 and Howard Zinn's History of the United States and using the binder method from TWTM Logic:
  6. Has anyone matched up Howard Zinn's History with SOTW 3 and 4? I just wanted to see if anyone had already done it before I worked through it. Specifically the Young Persons history of the US
  7. I used the Phonetic Zoo and I really loved it. I wrote a huge review about it years ago. Cool, I opened another tab and it is still there. I am just returning to Homeschool after a 2 and a half year gap.
  8. I just decided on Thursday to pull my youngest out of school. I haven't homeschooled in 2 and a half years, so I need to dust off my brain and find my books. I will edit as my plan solidifies. This will be 7th grade and catching up and filling in from the last couple of years. Math: Easy, Thank you WTMacademy. She will do AOPS Pre-Algebra Science: OMSI homeschool science club, and a mixture of exploring Science topics (ie MP History of medicine) History: Using Story of the World, condensed to get through all 4 years in 2 years. Spelling: Probably Phonetic Zoo Grammer:

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    Complete Level 1 set ($249 new). Everything, down to the pen and clipboard. This is still in it's packaging. The first DVD was open, the rest are still stapled shut. I photo copied the lessons that we tried. This program just did not work with my daughter, much as I wanted it to. $140 includes shipping for continental US Message me if interested.



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    No writing in book Mac and PC combatible $80 ships in continental US Newer edition. Code starts with the 2. message me please.


  11. I am hoping it is in the fall, I want to sign up ds 12 as he really needs some skills in this area. Maybe if he is hearing it (and slightly different ideas on it) from someone other than me it will sink in.
  12. Please remove if not ok, but I have some interesting links to share. http://copyright-trolls.com/site/copyright-troll-craig-b-sanders-of-sanders-law-p-l-l-c-overruns-court-system/ http://www.fairfaxunderground.com/dmca/SandersLawPLLC-JessicaSimpson/SandersLawPLLC-20130723-JessicaSimpson.pdf http://www.extortionletterinfo.com/forum/getty-images-letter-forum/need-an-opinion-on-a-letter-i-received/ Susan, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. He seems like a real Prince!
  13. Wow! How ridiculous. No one is going to feel much sympathy for amazon, but it would be nice if we could get an article written about how it is also affecting a bunch of homeschoolers. I hope it gets thrown out as the greedy, money making scheme that it is.
  14. Yeah! I have permission for my avatar. :) I am doing a happy dance over here.
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