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  1. I used the Phonetic Zoo and I really loved it. I wrote a huge review about it years ago. Cool, I opened another tab and it is still there. I am just returning to Homeschool after a 2 and a half year gap.
  2. I just decided on Thursday to pull my youngest out of school. I haven't homeschooled in 2 and a half years, so I need to dust off my brain and find my books. I will edit as my plan solidifies. This will be 7th grade and catching up and filling in from the last couple of years. Math: Easy, Thank you WTMacademy. She will do AOPS Pre-Algebra Science: OMSI homeschool science club, and a mixture of exploring Science topics (ie MP History of medicine) History: Using Story of the World, condensed to get through all 4 years in 2 years. Spelling: Probably Phonetic Zoo Grammer: Analytical Grammar Handwriting: Can do cursive. One last chance to improve the handwriting before I give up. Writing: WWS1 Literature: 1 book a month with workbook. (MP, Cricket in Time Square, My side of the Mountain, Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, The Hobbit, + 4 more) Health: Foreign Langauge: Spanish of Japanese with WTM academy PE: Soccer, horseback riding and hiking.

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    Complete Level 1 set ($249 new). Everything, down to the pen and clipboard. This is still in it's packaging. The first DVD was open, the rest are still stapled shut. I photo copied the lessons that we tried. This program just did not work with my daughter, much as I wanted it to. $140 includes shipping for continental US Message me if interested.



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    No writing in book Mac and PC combatible $80 ships in continental US Newer edition. Code starts with the 2. message me please.


  5. Last Update for awhile. DS finished level 2 and has tested at a 7th/8th grade level for spelling. It caught him up and he is right where he should be spelling wise. He is going to 8th grade part time next year for Language Arts and Social Studies, so spelling is now over for him. DD is starting AAS1 next year, and will probably go to Phonetic Zoo after AAS3 (unless that program works better for her.) This has been a success from start to finish.
  6. I would like to see a lot less specific resources. Maybe an online resource guide that can be updated and a code with purchase to access it. If you need some, just what you consider are the one or 2 best, and then maybe an appendix of alternatives. I have browsed through a friends 1st ed. I would like some of that back. The how to do it on our own. How to teach with resources and not hand holding curriculum. Things that would make it easier to take curriculum's and customize them. I have heard you speak, the Homeschooling the 2nd time around. A chapter on that would be great if you and your mom felt like writing it. I liked what you said about not rushing to get kids into college young. Talk about the gap year between homeschool and college, about specializing. A chapter about how we don't need to do it all, to not be perfect. The cheerios anecdote would be great. You come across so perfect and ideal in TWTM, some stories of failures, or amusements when things didn't go right. Look at your conference presentations, if you could get some of that into the book. A chapter we moms can read, when we just need to know that not only someone else has been there, but that you were there. That it will be okay, and we aren't ruining our kids by homeschooling. (I hope that makes sense).
  7. I am hoping it is in the fall, I want to sign up ds 12 as he really needs some skills in this area. Maybe if he is hearing it (and slightly different ideas on it) from someone other than me it will sink in.
  8. They all will move at different paces, the program is set like that. You might want to wait one more year with the fact that your oldest 2 are struggling spellers. I started when my struggling speller was in 5th grade. At the same time, as long as you let them know that there own pace is ok, you could give it a try. What I have done, is I have a plastic box with our portable CD player and headphones. I keep spare batteries in their and 2 of each pen color needed. I have 2 file folders, one with blank forms (which you print as needed) and one for him to put his completed spelling sheet in. You could have a folder for each kid. Once a week, we go through the sheets together. We discuss words he keeps missing, and just check in.
  9. Just want to update that we are still using this program and still happy with it. :)
  10. Please remove if not ok, but I have some interesting links to share. Susan, I am so sorry that you are dealing with this. He seems like a real Prince!
  11. Wow! How ridiculous. No one is going to feel much sympathy for amazon, but it would be nice if we could get an article written about how it is also affecting a bunch of homeschoolers. I hope it gets thrown out as the greedy, money making scheme that it is.
  12. Yeah! I have permission for my avatar. :) I am doing a happy dance over here.
  13. Ok, I have done all the searches etc.... and removed what content I could. However, whenever I search under my user name, nothing comes up, it is as if I had never posted. I removed content under the manage attachments. My dolphin and cow avatar is gone. However, I think someone on here's husband did that one. If so, would he give me permission to keep using it as my avatar? Hi everyone!
  14. So glad I read this. We are doing 2 weeks of IEW then one week of WWS1 (6th grade). I am feeling really good about that decision now. Thank you! I am printing out the guideline and putting it into my copy of TWTM.
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