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  1. Fish & Wildlife: Principles of Zoology and Ecology, by L. DeVere Burton
  2. Bon Voyage from Glencoe, plus other materials provided by the teacher
  3. My kids have really enjoyed their Global Goose French classes. I have one in French 1 and one in Middle School French. We tried doing French on our own last year and didn't get very far. This year has gone really well!
  4. It wasn't me, but if you find that post can you link it? I'm looking for something beyond basic cooking skills, as my daughter wants to be a chef. The class from Williamsburg Academy looks like a good possible choice, thanks for the info!
  5. Has anyone's child taken the Culinary Arts class at True North Homeschool Academy? Or is it brand new? I can't tell that much info about it from their website.
  6. I think we now have this ironed out: Math: Saxon Algebra 2 Science: Clover Creek Physics English: WTMA Creative Nonfiction Writing (Fall Semester), Literary Analysis using Windows to the World (Spring) History: 20th century, focused on World Wars 1 and 2, Korea, and Vietnam. Will use Gilbert's History of the Twentieth Century, the applicable chapters from A Patriot's History of the United States, All Quiet on the Western Front, The Worst Hard Time, Citizen Soldiers, The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, It doesn't Take a Hero, etc. We'll also use plenty of movies and documentaries. Languages: French 2 through Global Goose Languages Electives: Foods and Nutrition, Agriculture (probably focused on Livestock Science), Psychology (Sonlight AP Psychology)
  7. My daughter is really looking forward to this course. I never took physics, so I'm glad I don't have to teach it!
  8. Open Tent Academy is offering ASL 4 as well as Intro to Deaf Culture. My daughter is in their ASL 3 class right now.
  9. My son and I are anxiously awaiting the schedule for the Norse Mythology class 🙂
  10. Nonfiction: Island of the Blue Foxes; Longitude; The Brother Gardeners; The Founding Gardeners; Madness, Betrayal, and the Lash; The Invention of Nature; Alexander Mackenzie and the Explorers of Canada; Undaunted Courage OR The Journals of Lewis and Clark; Plants of the Lewis and Clark Expedition; Tales of the Mountain Men; Birchbark Brigade. I may have him read some parts of Sightseers and Scholars by Stephen Bown and A History of Canada in Ten Maps by Adam Shoalts. Fiction: Robinson Crusoe, Stowaway, Treasure Island, Carry on Mr. Bowditch, and whichever Jules Verne stories he decides to read. Also, some of the books we have read aloud or will be reading aloud for Guest Hollow Chemistry fit into this category: Salt: A World History, The Disappearing Spoon, Creations of Fire, 50 Foods that Changed the Course of History Edited to add: He also reads from the Story of Science books
  11. He is my super motivated and independent learner. For the last few years he's always started his day by doing his math, then Latin, and then the order of the other subjects has varied. His schedule for next year so far looks like math, Latin, science, and French before lunch. Sometimes he gets rolling pretty early and gets through Writing with Skill in the morning too. Lunch and outside time for a bit, then Writing with skill alternating with grammar, followed by LLfLOTR and history. Nature study and agriscience is mainly hands-on stuff outside, with some independent reading. I'm not sure yet how the Norse Mythology and Linguistics will fit in, if we decide to do them. Honestly, he just rolls through things until he gets them done or until I tell him to stop and go outside and play. My older child is the one who will drag her feet and take 3 hours to do a math lesson 🤨
  12. I haven't seen one for 7th grade yet. Here's our plan so far: Math: Saxon Algebra I Language Arts: First half of Writing with Skill 2, Literary Lessons from the Lord of the Rings, maybe some Rod & Staff English 7 (just the grammar portion) or MP Grammar Recitation 4 History: 20th Century. K-12 Human Odyssey Vol. 3 and lots of books and movies about the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, and the Cold War Science: Novare Earth Science, nature study, Agriscience Foreign Languages: Third Form Latin, French 1B online with Global Goose Languages Other: Logic, Norse Mythology (CLRC?), Linguistics (Excavating English? Online G3?)
  13. Here's my plan so far for next year: Math: Saxon Algebra 2 Science: Was planning on 1 semester of Anatomy & Physiology and 1 semester of Ecology, but may do a physics course instead (something that only requires Algebra 1) Looking at signing up for Clover Creek Physics English: Not sure yet. She's currently doing a writing class with Open Tent Academy, and she may take another one next year. Probably continue using Bravewriter Boomerangs. She wants to use The Power in Your Hands for writing next year History: 20th century, focused on the World Wars. I'm still pulling together resources for this. Languages: ASL 4 and Intro to Deaf Culture through Open Tent Academy French 2 through Global Goose Languages Electives: Psychology. She may do this online through Open Tent Academy Maybe a nutrition course
  14. Medieval Lives by Terry Jones
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