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  1. My kids are super interested in doing a bee project like this. Could you share some of the resources (books, etc) that you guys are using?
  2. Two morning meltdown workouts last night, total body and a recovery/stretching workout. Cardio this morning. I hate working out in the morning and cardio is my least favorite workout, but I pushed myself and got it done!
  3. Two morning meltdown workouts today, upper body and core. Supper was Sausage and Apple stuffed acorn squash.
  4. I got two Morning meltdown workouts in yesterday, MeltCon and Re-vibe, and one today, cardio meltdown, in addition to working cows all day.
  5. Did morning meltdown workout 56 and went for a little walk with my 12 yo and the dogs.
  6. I've enjoyed it, but I'm kind of feeling it's not pushing me as hard as some of the other Beachbody programs I've done. It's worked well since fall is a busy season for us and I don't have a ton of time for long workouts. After I finish Morning Meltdown I think I'm going to try 80 day obsession again. I've started it twice, and failed to finish it both times because life got too busy and I didn't have time for nearly hour long workouts. I think I can do it this winter as long as I get it done before calving season starts in mid-March.
  7. I'm a little over halfway through Morning Meltdown 100, I did workouts 54 and 55 yesterday. I've also been hauling and stacking lots of firewood, so that's a workout in itself, and when we weaned calves and other cow work the last couple weeks I often got in 17,000 to 25,000 steps a day. For a good chunk of the year I got into the great habit of taking the dogs for long walks almost every day, and even did a bit of running. As summer wound down and fall started to arrive, the bears got a lot bolder as they're pushing to put more fat on for the winter. That means they're out and about more and seem less fearful of people, so I'm not so keen to go too far from the farmyard with just the dogs (they are chickens at heart). The black bears don't worry me too much, but we've had tons of grizzly activity this year. I bought the kids air-horns to carry when they're playing outside in the forest because they didn't like carrying a big can of bear spray, so I should just borrow one of theirs and restart my walking routine. Eating hasn't been too bad, but I need to make sure I am drinking more water and keeping my veggie consumption up. I got spoiled this summer with all the beautiful lettuce and other produce from my garden...we ate all the salad we could hold. Now the garden is done and it's back to buying lettuce and spinach and such from the store. Here in small town British Columbia, the greens seem to be half-wilted before they even get to the grocery store. Squash is one of my go-to winter veggies, but a grizzly bear destroyed virtually all of my squash and pumpkins this year, so I have to buy them at the store 😞
  8. I have Beachbody on Demand and I love it. There's a huge variety of workouts to choose from, and they add new programs every few months. I've done Clean week, 21 day fix, 21 day fix extreme, PiYo, Liift4, and some of T-25 and 80 day obsession. One of my kids has done Tai Cheng and the other did Core de Force. We are all currently doing Morning Meltdown 100. I love the variety available, and how we can all use it. I live rurally, and there's no way I'd make a habit of driving into town to go to a gym.
  9. Open Tent Academy offers ASL 1 through 4, as well as an Intro to Deaf Culture class
  10. My son had paleontology with the teacher that teaches bio, chem, etc at open tent, and she's great. She seems very knowledgeable and organized. Also, she taught bio, chem, etc. this year, so she's not brand new.
  11. Fish & Wildlife: Principles of Zoology and Ecology, by L. DeVere Burton
  12. Bon Voyage from Glencoe, plus other materials provided by the teacher
  13. My kids have really enjoyed their Global Goose French classes. I have one in French 1 and one in Middle School French. We tried doing French on our own last year and didn't get very far. This year has gone really well!
  14. It wasn't me, but if you find that post can you link it? I'm looking for something beyond basic cooking skills, as my daughter wants to be a chef. The class from Williamsburg Academy looks like a good possible choice, thanks for the info!
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