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  1. The high school Geography is brand new, so no one will have done it yet. We have used their Botany and Chemistry curriculums though. The plans are pretty easy to follow, but it does involve juggling a lot of different books/resources, rather than just reading from a textbook. We are tentatively planning to use the Geography curriculum next year for my 12th and 8th graders.
  2. Hard to believe my oldest will be a senior next year 😭 We're still working on the details, but here's the plan so far: Math: Saxon Advanced Math English: Lantern English 12th Grade...Not 100% sure on this yet, she'll be taking a short writing class from Lantern English soon to see if she likes the format Social Studies: Guest Hollow Geography Science: Clover Valley Chemistry Electives: Personal Finance...probably the Dave Ramsey High School Curriculum, one semester of Anatomy & Physiology (probably on Outschool), one semester of Ecology, maybe a semester of shop class with Dad, and possibly some of the Veterinary Science classes that are available on Outschool. She's leaning towards getting her Vet Tech certification, and to apply for the program she needs to volunteer with a Vet for at least 40 hours, so we'll try to get that knocked out over the summer so we don't have to worry about it during the school year. She also was chosen as a BC 4-H Ambassador, which will involve extra activities and travel in addition to her normal 4-H activities.
  3. Got in some solo snowshoeing in the sunshine, then 15 minutes of stretching.
  4. Finished another week of 80 Day Obsession yesterday, only two weeks to go! I also went snowshoeing with my husband and the dogs, so my legs and butt were dead last night. 😂 I'll probably do some snowshoeing this afternoon as well, but probably just for a bit because I think we're going to take the kids out to shoot targets and sight in my newest rifle better. I got it for Christmas and have only shot it a couple of times.
  5. My son has been taking Middle School French, so French 1 was split over two years, he's in 1B right now. My daughter took the regular French 1 class last year, but after that she decided just to stick with ASL because two languages was too much for her. Neither of them had a full hour every day of homework, although if you leave out weekends it probably could be an hour a day. Next year my son is taking the French 2 Honors class, so I'm sure the amount of homework will go up a bit. They are assigned pages from the textbook, pages from the workbook that the teacher provides, Duolingo, Quizlet, and sometimes other assignments and projects. She is currently putting together next year's schedule, so not all of next year's classes are up on the website yet. When you fill out the priority waiting list form there's a spot that asks what days and times work best for you. She tries to find a time that works best for the greatest number of students.
  6. My son is in his second year taking French with Global Goose, we've been really happy with it. He seems to be learning a lot more than I did in my high school French classes back in the day! Let me know if you have any specific questions.
  7. Went for a two mile snowshoe with my 13 yo and all the dogs. The snow is good and hard and the sun was kind of peeking through the clouds, so it was a perfect day for it.
  8. Finished up week 10 of 80 day obsession, only 3 weeks to go! Didn't get my workout in until late, but I'm glad I didn't put it off until tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll do some stretching and hopefully go snowshoeing.
  9. Today was day 59 of 80 Day Obsession, leg day. I am still drenched in sweat! Yesterday was cardio flow, and Monday was AAA (arms, abs, and a**). This second week of phase 3 is so far going much better than last week, when I seemed to struggle through the whole week.
  10. Today I did workout 56 of Beachbody's 80 Day Obsession. It was booty day and my bum and thighs are definitely sore! My abs are also still sore from all the core work the last couple of days. I have 4 weeks left, so I'll finish up at the end of the month, then do A Little More Obsessed (1 week long). Then it will be calving season, and my main workout will be taking care of baby calves (including picking them up and moving them around) while trying to avoid irritated mama cows 😂. I think I walk several miles a day during calving season, although this year I'll be sure to wear my fitbit and find out just how many miles I log! Example: I had one cow last year that climbed what should have been an un-climbable snowbank, crossed the creek, climbed another ridiculous snowbank, and had her calf under a tree in deep snow where the calf couldn't really get up and move around. I spotted her while crossing the bridge upstream, and there was no way to get to her with any kind of vehicle. So I climbed the snowbank, crossed the creek, climbed the other snowbank, and waded through the snow to the calf. He couldn't walk through the deep snow very well at all, so I picked him up and carried him back through the snow, over the snowbank, across the creek, etc etc, having to put him down several times to rest. Except the mama cow didn't follow, so I put the calf on a dry spot, climbed back across, and had to chase her around in the snow for awhile before she finally decided to cross the creek and find her baby. Thankfully most of calving isn't quite THAT eventful.
  11. Finishing up week 9 of 80 day obsession. The workouts have increased in intensity and really kicked my butt this week, but the number on the scale is decreasing and my clothes are getting looser, and my muscles are getting more defined, so I keep pushing through!
  12. It's way too icy to run here right now, and I'm kind of missing it...never thought I'd miss running!
  13. Can't believe my baby will be in 8th grade next year! 😥 Here's our plan so far: Jacob's Geometry Clover Creek Physics Writing with Skill 3 Guest Hollow High School Geography with some added books to cover World Literature as well French 2 via Global Goose Languages (Honors level if there are enough students) Continue with 3rd Form Latin unless he decides to finish this summer, in which case we'll move on to Fourth Form Plenty of exercise and outdoor time 4-H
  14. Congratulations @IvyInFlorida!!! Did cardio flow this morning, that was day 50/80 for 80 Day Obsession and the end of Phase 2. One more phase to go! The sun is finally shining here after days and days of snowy drearyness, so I will definitely be going for a nice long walk with the dogs this afternoon.
  15. Still cold but much better than it has been. We had a sledding party yesterday, but we built a bonfire at the bottom of the hill so we could warm up between runs 🙂
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