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  1. The focus of the workout is all the muscles of the booty, although the legs get worked plenty too, and the arms from holding the weights. Really every workout in 80 day obsession is a total body workout, but each day has a different focus.
  2. Day 45 of 80 day obsession: booty day
  3. Since the weather is nice I scrapped my indoor cardio workout for a nice two mile run with one of our dogs. I'll probably also do a walk/jog with all the dogs later.
  4. I put them in lemon juice and water until I'm done slicing and peeling them all, drain, put in a pot of boiling water for two minutes, drain, put in ice water to cool, drain, and then pack them in bags and freeze them.
  5. Day 43 of 80 day obsession done. Hoping to get in a long walk with the dogs later
  6. Day 42 of 80 day obsession: leg day. Haven't posted for a few days but I've worked out every day except Saturday. Saturday we picked apples and then I spent a good chunk of the day peeling apples and making applesauce. Yesterday I cut up and froze apples for using in pies and other baked goods. Today I took a break from apples because we had to move cows, but tomorrow I'm hoping to slice some apples and get them into the dehydrator for apple chips.
  7. @barnwife congratulations! Day 39 of 80 day obsession, booty day, done. Tomorrow will be halfway through!
  8. Got my workout in before lunch. Instead of my scheduled 80 day obsession workout (cardio flow), I subbed in the sample workout for 30 Day Breakaway, a weight training and running program that Beachbody's releasing in October. There was a short weight training video, and then a downloadable audio file to download to your phone and take running with you that takes you through various intervals. I really enjoyed it and am looking forward to getting the program in October.
  9. In addition to this morning's workout, I also got in a walk with all the dogs this afternoon and a one mile run this evening with the two dogs that can run that far. Our poor fat corgi with her short legs gives up on me when I run 😂
  10. Got my workout in this morning (Day 37/80: AAA). Now I'm trying to muster up the ambition to start picking apples for applesauce, pie filling, etc. If I don't get to them soon the bears will!
  11. Day 36 of 80 day obsession: leg day. I didn't get any formal workouts in this weekend, just a lot of house cleaning and some gardening. Today I felt a little off, kind of tired and foggy, but once I worked out I felt perfectly fine, even though I'm sweaty and a little sore. 😂 Guess it's a good reminder not to skip too many days of workouts!
  12. Day 35 of 80 Day obsession, total body core. I didn't get it in first thing this morning because I was still dealing with carrots from the garden, but I got it done this evening and now I think I'll take the dogs for a walk.
  13. Day 34 of 80 Day Obsession: cardio core. Now I need to deal with all the buckets of carrots I pulled from my garden yesterday!
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