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  1. Yes, it's a yearly subscription that we do at home. I think it's around $80-$100 a year, I don't remember exactly. It's worth it for us because we live out on a ranch, so we'd never drive into town to go to a gym. Also, there's a ton of variety, and they're always adding new programs, so I don't get bored. We get a lot of use out of it because I use it and both my kids (18 and 14) also use it. Glad you found some boots, good luck with skis! I think my ski season is coming to an end, our snow has been awfully soft, and once we start calving skiing will be the last thing on my mind
  2. Rest day here, but I finished the first week of 9 week control freak yesterday. So far so good. They're much shorter workouts than 80 day obsession, but they are intense so hopefully I keep making progress. The shorter workouts are good, though, because we should start calving within the next week or so and I won't have time for super long workouts.
  3. I did day 1 of 9 week control freak from Beachbody, and so far I like it! Short but intense enough to get my heart rate up. Tried to ski yesterday but it was warm and the snow was so soft that it didn't work, but I did get in a nice long walk with my son and the dogs and enjoyed the sunshine. Also did some yoga, and I plan on getting some yoga and a walk in today as well. There are also stretching videos included in 9WCF designed to do before bedtime, so I'll be doing those as well. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!
  4. Day 80/80, booty, DONE! Tomorrow is a rest day, and then I will start 9 week control freak on Monday :)
  5. Day 79/80 Day obsession, cardio core. One more day! Will do a walk with the dogs, and maybe try to go for a ski.
  6. Day 78/80: total body core. Almost done! We looked up online what length of skis we needed for our height/weight, and then watched our local facebook group sale ads for skis in the right size range. Same for the boots. If you buy the boots separately, make sure they are the right ones for the type of bindings on the skis. There are three types, the old 3 pin style, SNS, and NNN. That's about the extent of my knowledge, as I'm a self-taught newbie :) I'm sure @wintermom can give you better info!
  7. I use to have bad leg cramps and my sister, who was training to be a physical therapy assistant at the time, told me to eat a banana and drink a glass of milk before bed. Sounds hokey, but it worked for me. Something about the magnesium and potassium in the banana working with the calcium in the milk.
  8. Yes, I've heard there are plenty of activities in the more urban areas. Where we lived in Nebraska was very rural but there were quite a few homeschoolers. There don't seem to be very many in our valley here, and they are mostly little kids, mine are 18 and 14.
  9. Day 77/80: Leg day. Almost done! I gave up Facebook and Instagram for Lent, and will probably post a lot less on here as well. I may just do a weekly check-in for now. Last time I tried skiing the snow was so dry and powdery that it did not go well. We're supposed to get more snow later this week, so hopefully that will improve our skiing conditions! So glad your kids get to have activities. We don't have any homeschool activities in our area. That's one of the few things I miss from living in Nebraska, we had a homeschool co-op, homeschool teen sports nights, soccer, and a ve
  10. Day 75/80, AAA. Final week of 80 Day Obsession!
  11. Thanks. I heard back and their registration opens March 1.
  12. Rest day here...did a short walk with my son and the dogs (would of walked longer, but the wind was dang cold), and day 18 of Yoga with Adriene.
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