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  1. Oh my goodness! Lori, thank you. I'm taking a look at Evan Moore now. I actually like FLL, so I'm going to knuckle down with that. I think the Evan Moore will address my big concern. And I'll switch boards. Really appreciate your feedback.
  2. Anyone else, please chime in re fourth grade writing program.
  3. Hello Peter Pan! I wonder if you could give me some more advice. It is now the end of October, so I'm several months into the school year with my fourth grade twins. For English language we have WWE Level 3, FLL Level 4, Take 5 Editing (thank you for that recommendation - my kids love it), Spelling Power, and Killgallon's Sentence Composing. Of all these, my favorite is Killgallon, so I give it a more time. The Take 5 is no big deal and a great way to start the day. Spelling is easy to knock out. But . . . I never seem to get to WWE, which should happen four times a week, and the FLL is
  4. Peter Pan, I so appreciate your advice. I've had a good look at Killgallon and the Take 5 Minutes editing and I have ordered them both. My children do not yet know how to type. I will start them on that this year, but I would like to make sure that their handwriting doesn't suffer from negligence. Do you have thoughts on balancing this?
  5. Further to my post, here is a narration my daughter did last November when she was 8. It is not concise, but it will give a sense of her abilities to anyone willing to offer me advice. My son's narration on the same book is a full page longer than hers and has even more detail in the way of names etc. Julius Caesar by Rachel Firth. Narration for comprehension by my daughter (age 😎. November 1, 2019. Dictated to me. I typed this word for word. Julius Caesar was born in an important noble and modest family in Rome. He really wanted power. He came across a young woman named C
  6. I would appreciate some advice on my writing and grammar curricula. I have rising 4th grade boy/girl twins, both of whom are avid readers. (They are big fans of the Rick Riordan books.) Last year was our first year of homeschool. For Grammar we used FLL Level 3 and for writing we used WWE Level 2. They did well with these, but only got about half way through both, thanks my lax scheduling. They also did a fair bit of writing in their workbooks for Story of The World. My question is which levels of those curricula should I purchase for this year? I'm afraid that what we are doing is to
  7. Thank you both so much. I will check out these options. I’ve posted this concern in the wrong forum so will rest with these two recommendations. Susan, really like your testing method. Thanks for the tips.
  8. I will be homeschooling my eight year old boy/girl twins next year who will be in third grade. Both children now read at a 4th grade level, but just this morning, my son asked me how to spell "when." None of his attempts included an h. As a clue, I told him to think of the words what, where, why and which. He's smart but was slow to twig to this one, which surprised me. I've been reading the WTM book. "Spelling Workout" seems like a good choice. My question: Should I begin with Spelling Workout A (first-grade level)? If I begin with Spelling Workout C (third-grade level), will they
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