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  1. I think this is the best description of why I went back to school I have ever read.
  2. Awe, I'm so sorry you're not having a good experience. I think it is much harder to get much teacher interaction in online classes. I find the beginning of each semester to be a blizzard of reading assignments, then shifting more to putting the students into the academic conversation. I hope the semester improves as you go along. For me, no it hasn't been a mistake and I love what I'm doing, but that isn't helpful for you at all :(.
  3. As you can see in my sig, this is what I did. My degree was almost 30 years old and in a completely different field. It is true that many grad programs have specific requirements. Some courses may have to be taken within a specific amount of time, some course will just have to have been taken, some require a specific degree. Figure out what you want to do then look at the options! I considered going for an associates in something applied, I considered a second bachelors, I ended going for a masters. I took 1 semester of undergrad classes to qualify, then one semester of grad classes. Then I applied for a graduate assistantship and now tuition is free and I get paid a stipend each semester (I teach two classes/semester). Grad school doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't always have a lot of prerequisites. It may or may not be the answer, but don't rule it out without looking into it.
  4. Mine ranged from 6-9 hours/day. Dd was always toward the lower end and ds toward the high end. She worked faster and had more outside commitments. He worked slower and academics were his primary focus.
  5. Mom22ns

    PSA for those with college juniors

    While this is true, if your kids don't start looking until after Christmas, don't despair. Ds and several of his friends landed internships between February and April. Most local companies didn't post summer internships before Feb/March. I even saw one internship posted in May that ds would have loved, but he had already committed to another one. It is never too late until you pass your school's deadline.
  6. This. This was me when they left. Then I went back to school. I got a new community and a new group professors and classmates. All the Graduate Assistants share an office. I'm the oldest, but I am still one of them. I have found a new community filled with people that share my interest in literature and learning. I still wish the bolded hadn't been true back when I couldn't make it through a day without tears, when I was proud and happy for my kids and didn't want to bother them, but desperately needed to talk to someone. Dh was great, but I could only say the same things to him so many times. It was hard and lonely, and yet I did come to appreciate #1 & 3 on ThisIstheDay's list.
  7. I share a desk in the GA office, no shelf, but I do have a drawer all my own lol. It is nice to have a space at the University that is mine. It makes me feel like I belong there. I know, I'm weird.
  8. I'm teaching ENG 110 (the introductory writing course) at my local state U this semester. We've been told that we have to take 3, 15 minute periods through the semester for the kids to do surveys to support a research project from another department. It seems a bit annoying for everyone, but it will get them thousands of captive research subjects.
  9. Mom22ns

    First call home

    I don't have a freshman, but both my kids text daily and rarely ever call. The same was true when they were freshmen. I love the small daily contact.
  10. I finished my first week too. I have a ton of homework! I just finished grading the first assignment for the two classes I'm teaching and that took a bit longer than I expected, but it was kind of fun. This weekend will be spend doing a lot of reading, writing one essay, and prepping next week's lesson plans.
  11. Since you feel that way, I wouldn't worry about it. Whatever the cost (it won't cause you to fail or drop-out) its worth it right? As soon as the teacher makes blackboard available, check what will be happening and contact the teacher, but otherwise, try to let it go. Some things are worth it!
  12. I took time out of prepping my blackboard site to answer :). If you really need to be there, it doesn't matter if you're shooting yourself in the foot does it? I had to miss taking dd back Wednesday because I had teacher training. I can't decide if I would find that a sympathetic excuse because I hated missing taking dd or if I would be unsympathetic because as a teacher I had to miss it. If you know who your teacher is, I'd go ahead and send an email, rather than waiting for blackboard, and see how they respond. Anatomy isn't a good class to miss, but most classes give a couple of misses free before penalizing.
  13. Mom22ns

    What kind of drop off parent are you?

    Kid dependent here too. With dd moving into the dorm we moved stuff in, helped setup and decorate, took her to lunch and left. When she moved into an apartment, we added a grocery run to that. This year, I wasn't able to go when she moved in, so we did an early run with big stuff that needed our SUV, then she went by herself today. With ds moving into the dorm was similar. We carried stuff, helped setup (no decorating), lunch and gone. With his apartment we help carry stuff in (furniture and all) then leave. He is just 45 minutes away, and last year we did lunch and a grocery run with him after church the next day. He is ASD and just can't take the stress of getting everything done in one day. None of us get overly emotional at drop-offs. The first year was the hardest for me, but I held it together and the kids were just happy and excited. I've never felt like we were removing a bandage - slowly or quickly.
  14. I too hope the lawsuit succeeds and I am horrified. My kids didn't fill out any of the voluntary information when registering for the ACT, so hopefully it won't haunt the one who used accommodations for the last time in his life that day.
  15. I kept a list of all literature and fun reading my kids did, but never used it. I didn't include textbooks or other non-English class readings.
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