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  1. I finished my MA in English Lit in May. I just got hired to teach classes at the local community college for fall which was my goal when I went back to school. Good luck to everyone who is still in progress!
  2. I'll answer this one - if the student is smart, they are regularly backing up to cloud storage, whether that is provided by the University, purchased from Google, Apple, or any of the host of options that charge just a few dollars/month. Then they will be able to use the school computer lab, accessing everything that is in progress from there. I will suggest avoiding Chrome Books. Most of my students with Chrome Books are very frustrated with them. They have some compatibility issues with BlackBoard if the University uses it as their LMS. I wouldn't wait until they get to school, but I would make sure you've looked at the school and department websites to see if they have specific requirements. I would also set a budget and let him pick, giving him the option of adding some of his own money if he wants something nicer than what you're willing to pay for.
  3. This thread is making me glad I teach writing, not Physics. My dd has had proctored exams using ProctorU (or something similar). I teach one online section and one seated section of the same class, so taking both online would be easy for me, but I don't give exams.
  4. I'm so happy for you! This is such a tough thing to do and I'm super excited that you got in and are on your way!
  5. I'm a Truman grad as well. I think the strong liberal arts focus and somewhat high academic standards (the highest of all the state schools in MO) might make it a good fit. It is a small town and the school is just over her minimum size. It has a good reputation and isn't expensive, even OOS. When I was there, about 1/4 of the students were from Iowa.
  6. My semester begins Monday. What about everyone else? What are you taking? Are you excited? stressed? This will be my last semester. I'm taking YA Literature and Middle English. I'm teaching Introduction to College Writing and Writing 1 (online). I'm super excited about the semester! Who else?
  7. I finished my semester as a student. I'm still finishing grading; hopefully I'll have grades posted tomorrow for both the classes I teach. My semester was really good. It wasn't overly stressful in general, although I did complete my thesis and comprehensive exams in addition to my classes and teaching. Other good things that happened: I got accepted to speak at the Nineteenth Century Studies Association conference again this year; I had 2 professors offer me opportunities to collaborate with them on research projects, both should lead to publication and one will lead to another conference presentation (I'm probably not going to take that one though - more work than I'm up for and a bit outside my time period); my first reader on my thesis wants me to submit it for publication as well. All these opportunities make me feel like a "real" scholar. It has been very encouraging. Two more classes to take and two more to teach in the spring, then I'll graduate with my MA English Literature!
  8. Nursing schools have some unique formulas for acceptance as well. Dd's school based acceptance on GPA and Quality points. Your quality points were the hours * the grade points (so like the total grade points before you average it). The more hours you had grades for, the higher your quality points. Students don't receive quality points for courses they test out of with AP, IB, etc. So, although the school officially takes those credits and the nursing program will take some of those credits, the more you have the less likely your application is to get accepted. It is a bit weird - but like I said, nursing programs have some unique formulas. Be sure your dd looks into the details.
  9. My ds graduated from Drury in May. I was thrilled with his experience there and he was too. I also attended one semester of online classes before starting back for my Master's degree. That is a totally different animal, but my experience there was positive too. The professors were fantastic. The class sizes are small, and students have the opportunity to do about anything they want to do - faculty is very supportive. The biggest downside that I'm aware of is that the variety of classes offered is smaller, in proportion to their very small size. However, professors will setup independent study, projects, research opportunities etc that go beyond course offerings (at least they did in the English and Mulimedia departments). If you have any specific questions, feel free. I'm not around TWTM much anymore, but feel free to send me a message
  10. Congratulations! What does it mean to present a poster? Is there a display area or is it in some kind of session? Getting it all paid for makes it even sweeter! I presented a paper at a conference last year and I'm waiting to hear if I'll get to do it again. It was a great experience, and I really can't recommend it highly enough. I hope your conference is equally beneficial to you!
  11. I'm sorry that you're having to deal with so much right now Jenny, but I'm glad you made the decision to give yourself a little space. Take care of you first. School can wait.
  12. I stared back this week. I am teaching one online class and one T/TH class, then I'm taking a Shakespeare class and a Linguistics class. I think the workload looks really good and it should be a great semester, except that on top of that I'm taking comprehensive exams in October and my Degree paper also has to be in about the same time. I've been working on studying and writing all summer, so I'm in reasonable shape, but I'm guessing September and October are going to be pretty stressful as I try to finish those things.
  13. From the perspective of someone who has taught both, they each have their own advantage. Complete College America is an organization (funded by a grant from the Gates Foundation) that is lobbying heavily for colleges to switch to the corequisite model. The reason is that it speeds completion. For students who are up to that, it can work. However, if a student is weak in a subject (typically math or writing) and has to take a corequisite class, they are suddenly thrown into 5-6 hours of a subject that is weak for them and that can be really rough. The English department where I am offers both and prerequisite is far more popular. Both have very high success rates. I think a student that goes through the prerequisite is more likely to come out well prepared for future classes, but either one can work.
  14. Oh that's bizarre! I just went to work on the BB site for an online class I'm teaching in the fall and it was GONE! I'd already set it up. There was more to do, but the site just totally disappeared. I'm so annoyed. I know these things happen, but while you are in an active class? That is a nightmare! I hope it all works out ok!
  15. This is us exactly. Neither of us has gifts as a love language. We don't buy them or give them to each other for any occasion. We do buy things for each other, but not as gifts and not for "occasions".
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