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  1. Mom22ns

    Please critique my 9th grade plan

    Welcome to high school! I think Lori covered everything (as she always does) but I'll highlight what I see as the key points. 1. Choose a high school science, not health which is an elective. There are many high school science options out there if you don't want to struggle through Biology, but make sure you choose one that will be accepted by colleges later just in case. 2. Don't double up on English if she already hates reading for school. I haven't used either of the programs you are considering, but I wouldn't plan to do two full programs - it will be torture. Pick one, or just pick parts of two, or pull together two or more programs that aren't meant to be complete in order to make one whole program (such as grammar, lit and writing programs). ETA: We were posting at the same time and I think you already addressed all of these things. I don't think it is too much to ask that you can do a more traditional school experience than you had and still maintain some of the freedom that homeschooling provides! You can do it!
  2. I really just have a question. Have you used TOG before? I found TOG the most overwhelming and difficult to use boxed curriculum I've ever considered. If you haven't used it before and are considering it just to make your life easier, you should be very sure you've gone through their samples and made sure it will do what you want. For an open and go boxed curriculum that still has the whole book feel, you might consider My Father's World.
  3. Awe, I'm sorry she is having so much trouble! Neither of my kids has had roommates switch before they got to school, but that is a very small sample and doesn't mean it isn't common at her school. Is the school in a conservative area? Since she is outspoken in her identity and multiple polarizing issues (sexual identity, religion, political issues) I'm not surprised (although I am sorry) to hear she is having a hard time finding a roommate. She could very well be facing discrimination from the parents rather than the students. As a college student/teacher, I find students to be very open on most of those ideas, but their parents are not always so open at all! Many of my liberal students come from very conservative homes and it may be that their parents are encouraging them to switch, and that once she's at school, she won't face anywhere near this level of discrimination. I hope she finds a roommate that will want to get to know her, not just the labels they see when they look at her on FB.
  4. Mom22ns

    Favorite non-chocolate cookie?

    Snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter are my three go-to chocolate free cookies.
  5. Mom22ns

    Dress clothes for college?

    Wow, I had no idea that some kids dress up so much. We bought ds a suit his senior year of high school. He wore it once for a scholarship interview before starting college, but has never worn it there. It hangs in his closet here. He has worn dress pants, shirt and tie for a couple of job/internship interviews, but all have specified they were casual and he didn't need to dress up. He has never dressed up for a presentation. I don't know if the other kids in his classes do or not. I never thought to ask. I would have said one pair of dress pants, one dress shirt, one tie, and maybe a sports coat would be more than enough.
  6. Mom22ns

    May I just vent for a minute?????

    Oh, 8! I'm so sorry. Having a spectrum ds myself, I totally get how little excuse they need to stall and avoid change. I know your guy is super smart and I hope he is able to look past this offer and consider the long term benefits of the trade he is considering pursuing.
  7. If you are going to use Lial's for Algebra 2, I wouldn't do another algebra when he is finished. Lial's Intermediate Algebra teaches each concept from beginning to end, so it reviews the Algebra 1 level of the concept, then builds on it for Algebra 2 - in each chapter. It makes a great review without having to do another program.
  8. Mom22ns

    You never stop worrying about them

    My dd is terrible about letting her phone battery die (and every other device too). Dh got her a portable charger, but it never seems to be charged when she needs it either lol. She is really extremely responsible and reliable - except about charging her devices 😂. OP I'm glad you were able to help your dd out and that everything was ok. You definitely deserve ice cream 🙂
  9. Mom22ns

    Laptop for College?

    If your ds is into creative things: graphic arts, video, and even writing, Macs will be more common. If he is in the business department PCs will. For school in general, it will make no difference. Many colleges provide free access to Microsoft Office for all students and he can download the version for either Mac or PC. Most papers are turned in, in Word and Mac & PC file formats are completely compatible. My kids have MacBooks, but I'd go with whatever he prefers.
  10. Yes she can. Do look at admissions for colleges she wants to attend her junior year and if there are any that require it (we never saw it required, but that means nothing) either change your title or add a course her senior year. You certainly don't need to worry about it now.
  11. I think this is more kid dependent than gender dependent. For us, ds was great homeschooling all the way through. Dd needed outside teachers and our relationship was definitely more strained by homeschooling high school.
  12. I would seriously consider letting him try the school in 9th. If he loves it, great. If he hates it, you can always return to homeschooling. Starting high school as a homeschool and switching to the charter is probably much harder if not impossible. Friends at the high school level (particularly for homeschoolers) typically come from shared interests. Find groups that he can participate in where the kids share an interest and he is more likely to make friends. As Alewife said, you can make your homeschool as academically rigorous as you choose. We did honors, AP, and dual enrollment to provide our kids a college prep education and they have both done great in college. I would not let a one-day-a-week program where he doesn't have friends dictate your homeschool decisions.
  13. Our district has OTAs and PTAs at the elementary level, and probably higher, but that was as long as we used public schools :). I know all the hospitals and their affiliated rehabs here use them. I'm pretty sure that our CC, which has programs for both, claims 100% job placement rates - at least they used to when a friend became a PTA (and did immediately get hired). It may be that most hospitals hire directly out of certification programs and that few jobs get posted.
  14. I just want to say what a great job you have done by planning and making the best possible accommodations for your FIL! Really, you've gone above and beyond. I think the next thing you have to do is let go. Let your dh take care of his parents. Let dh sit by them, and you sit on the other side so he can be a barrier. You focus on your son and enjoy your day. Separate from them as necessary to make sure you are where you need to be when you need to be there. Then, I think this is the hard part for you, relax and enjoy celebrating with your son. You've done your part of the prep. You've met your responsibilities. Now change your focus. Thank you for posting the update. This situation felt very distressing and I'm glad to hear you have handled it so well. Now relax! and congratulations to you and your ds on his graduation!!
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