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  1. Yes, hold off on filing. I always filled ours out toward the end of the month when the accounts were at their lowest. That said, $15,000 may or may not change your numbers much, depending on the rest of your situation.
  2. Well, if she absolutely must quit, you can always remove her means of getting there and take away other privileges until the desired end is accomplished. That said, I'd be very reluctant to go there. I'd spell out the pros and cons of continuing with the current schedule, and then the ball is in her court. My youngest does work a job that I don't necessarily think should be prioritized over other things in the way that she does. BUT, I am seeing the value of working a grunt type job at this age.
  3. Mother of three daughters here...youngest in the age range of which you speak, one in her mid-20s and one early-ish mid-20s/new college grad. What you are experiencing is totally normal/typical. Is it unrealistic to hope for closeness at the end of it? No. But remember that their brains are undergoing a good bit of development through the young adult years, and it's not unusual to go through a few years of being annoyed by parents, and especially mom. My very difficult daughter has come out the other side at this point. My compliant child is currently really distancing herself from the childhood authority figures. And my youngest quietly looks for ways to do her own thing and ignore advice. 🙂 I do think in the end, there will be relationships with all three that are a bit more open (and hopefully fun 😉 ) Right now, the oldest is pretty happy to talk to me. I do think in late high school you do have to back off and give them some space to make mistakes, with the caveat that you do still have a certain amount of legal and financial responsibility. So, the battles I pick are generally about things that would impact us financially. As college (and its costs) is one of those things, I do a fair amount of reminding about schoolwork. That said, in the end, their choices are their choices, and if it limits future plans because of cost, that's just the way it goes. If there is mental illness/depression in the mix, the boundaries do need to be adjusted a bit. That's it's own thread 🙂
  4. There can be civilian staff but I would not say those people are the majority in many places, and likely not at Walter Reed. Granted, it's been 20+ years since I was last there. I suspect the doctors in the image (which I have not seen) are senior military officers and unlikely to have been personally chosen by him. He could get his own personal docs involved, of course.
  5. We figured out this summer that my new college grad has no credit history when she tried to get a credit card in her own name after several years of being an authorized user on ours. It's apparently much more difficult to get a credit card for a new grad now than it was back when I was in college because she was turned down for a few. She also learned that each application resulted in another ding to her credit. I think I'm going to make sure our youngest gets a small student loan that we start paying on right away.
  6. It's not an either-or situation. No one, even with top stats, is a shoo-in to either Ga Tech or MIT. They turn down 4.0/perfect SAT score kids regularly. He should apply, if those programs seem attractive to him, but he should also apply to his other, more certain, options. Once he knows what his options are, after acceptances and financial aid packages are in. you can make educated decisions.
  7. There was a dramatic decrease in case from July to August here? I don't think that is true at all. And no big outbreaks in the areas of the state without the same closures.
  8. My daughter had two insurance plans, one through the school and one through my husband. We never got to select which was primary. Oddly enough, the Tricare (military) insurance is typically secondary, though with her school plan, it became the primary insurance. Now we have two plans, because of my husband's recent retirement. The Tricare is secondary, and the insurance through his new job is primary. Be aware that you are supposed to notify each insurance of the existence of the other, and even after you do that (perhaps multiple times), they will likely still ask you for that information regularly. So annoying.
  9. Ditto here. Case numbers up exponentially. It may have nothing to do with masks, though I personally think that when you mandate face coverings (of varying quality), people tend to be less careful about distancing.
  10. Fair enough, though that doesn't really change the observation that she had less severe symptoms than the (20 years) younger person. And truthfully, I'm assuming the asthma is why she is calling herself high risk. There may be other things going on of which I am not aware. Doesn't really matter to me. Just observing. By the way, this is a case local to us, and the difficulty in finding a pharmacy was here in town. 🙂
  11. Hard to say if it was the treatment, but, yes, the high risk person in her 50s who used the HCQ had noticably less severe symptoms than the person who was in her 30s. The virus would presumably be the same strain, as it was the younger person who infected the older. Side note: both of these people were nurses, and the one who used the HCQ researched the options quite thoroughly early on in the pandemic. She is definitely not an anti-masker.
  12. A friend (in her 50s, high risk because of asthma) has just now recovered from Covid-19, with a relatively mild course over two weeks. Her last remaining symptom, loss of smell, just resolved.She started HCQ/Z-pack as soon as she got the positive test, four days after exposure. Very interesting to see how she fared in comparison to the person who exposed her (and was in her 30s. low risk). She had a difficult time finding a pharmacy willing to fill the prescription and went out of town.
  13. Nioxin seems to work pretty well for me, though honestly I think my periods of hair loss are strongly correlated with diet and/or hormonal changes. Has she had weight loss or done any sort of stringent diet in the last few months? I typically experience the thinning about 2-4 months post-change in eating habits.
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