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  1. What is the best choice for a senior who is finishing his AA before the end of high school. 1. Apply to MIT or Georgia Tech but his classes/credits likely won't be accepted. I think Georgia Tech might accept his English, Calculus and Physics, so 9 credits out of 60. 2 . Apply to a state university, where ALL 60 credits are accepted and he can go straight to junior. So he will only have 2 years to complete a bachelor. He has almost perfect SAT,very high GPA and extra curr. He would have a good shot at his preferred university, but he does not like the idea to stay 2 extra years
  2. Notanumber, just curious, what level is your 8yo working on? She must be really smart to be able to solve this! At 8, most kids barely learn their facts.
  3. Brilliant, thank you for both examples. Super helpful!
  4. She drew some bars like she learned in Singapore Math. First, one bar (unit) for Paul and 5 bars for Dad. Then she drew Paul one bar and dad 4 bars. She added + 3 years then she got stuck. Honestly, I don't know how to solve it without a traditional algebra equation but there must be a simpler way.
  5. We need help to solve this problem in an non-algebra way and easy to explain to a 6th grader. This is from CLE Math 6th grade. Paul's dad is 5 times as old as Paul. In 3 years, Paul will be 1/4 his dad's age. What are their ages now?
  6. Wonderful! My son just finished it today with a 97% in the final and 95 overall. It took him 12 months to complete it because he had to repeat some concepts he struggled with or if he got under 85-90% . It was so beneficial to have the unlimited practice for each chapter or lesson in order to master each concept. BEST upper math program ever !
  7. I bought Jacob’s as well and thought it looked intensive for me. We still use & love Unlock Math! I am also pleasantly surprised that unlike other online math programs it incorporates higher order thinking skills and not just in the ‘challenge’ problems as they call them. They are mixed in the practice and stay sharp sections among simpler, procedural,ones. For me it is easier to go in the kids’ accounts and check only what they did wrong and go over the mistakes to make sure they get it. The solutions are given to them right away after they click submit, but I am afraid my kids (younger
  8. My son has used it; I thought it was a decent math program. Similar to Saxon—incremental and lots of review, so if your student doesn’t learn that way it won’t work. The geometry part was a little weak IMO. We had to supplement with another geometry book. My son placed in College Algebra at a local college after using Shorman Algebra II. He is a strong math student and I was surprised he did not place higher. Shorman claims you can pass CLEP after Algebra II but I am not so sure. I am glad he took Algebra II at the college though; it was a good review for him and it filled in the gaps. F
  9. Thank you for taking the time to compare. That helps so much and it makes me feel better knowing it covers all the topics. Signing up now.
  10. Yes, that is the link, thank you. I am highly considering it but still undecided between Unlock and Mr. D. My 8th grader needs a lot of review in order to solidify the concepts, so I don’t think Mr D will help. Plus, all that printing... So I was looking at Unlock and I am not sure it covers all the topics that a (rigorous) algebra I should cover. Please tell me your thoughts.
  11. I am considering Unlock Math Algebra. It is a new-ish program so there are no reviews. I was wondering if someone (a mathy person) would look at the S&S for me and tell me if it looks like a comprehensive and comparable with other Algebra programs. Thank you so much!
  12. Thank you all. He said he will write an email to the professor tonight and see what happens. His class is always online, except for the exams, so he cannot meet the professor unless he makes an appointment with her. I looked at his previous scores and they are all way above class average, but these count only 5-25 points, while each mid and final count as 100. Maybe if the professor looks at his grades, she can see that he works hard and he understands the material and maybe she will find a way to improve his grade. The school’s calendar says the withdrawal for this class was in Feb 14th
  13. My 10th grader is heartbroken. He is dual-enrolled and took his midterm in Trigonometry and got a 60%. He said he thought he was allowed to take a formula sheet in the exam room, but he did not read correctly the instructions on his course portal that the only sheet allowed is the one provided by the professor. So they did not allow him to bring in his own sheet and without the formulas he bombed the test. He has been in DE for three semesters and his GPA is 4.0; He has high goals for his future, including highly competitive universities. He did very well in Trigonometry until now and has
  14. Yes, this 15 yo brother is very gifted and he started taking online dual-enrollment community college at 12 and is almost done with both CC and high school. He is teaching my 8th grader a lot of great skills. He is very compassionate and understanding and they are always together. The 15 yo is also somewhat reserved and introverted, but he has excellent communication and social skills. My younger kids are also a little shy, but they have good social skills too. Yet, so many blame ME for homeschooling the 8th grader and they say that is the reason why he is like that... Even my family on my sid
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