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  1. Thank you all. He said he will write an email to the professor tonight and see what happens. His class is always online, except for the exams, so he cannot meet the professor unless he makes an appointment with her. I looked at his previous scores and they are all way above class average, but these count only 5-25 points, while each mid and final count as 100. Maybe if the professor looks at his grades, she can see that he works hard and he understands the material and maybe she will find a way to improve his grade. The school’s calendar says the withdrawal for this class was in Feb 14th. It started in Jan 5th. We are in a state where dual enrollment and books are free. He will also call the advisor tomorrow and ask what it is best for him to do. Both my husband and I talked to him today and tried to encourage him but he is still very depressed. This is a good learning opportunity for him to not only make sure that he follows instructions, asks questions instead of assuming, and most importantly, I want him to learn that it is not all about grades. I hope he gets it.
  2. My 10th grader is heartbroken. He is dual-enrolled and took his midterm in Trigonometry and got a 60%. He said he thought he was allowed to take a formula sheet in the exam room, but he did not read correctly the instructions on his course portal that the only sheet allowed is the one provided by the professor. So they did not allow him to bring in his own sheet and without the formulas he bombed the test. He has been in DE for three semesters and his GPA is 4.0; He has high goals for his future, including highly competitive universities. He did very well in Trigonometry until now and has only 90’s, but with the midterm being worth 100 points, his grade now is 64%. Even if he gets a 100% in the final and over 90s in homework and tests, he will barely pull a C. So my question is, should he withdraw from the class so his GPA won’t be affected? Will they mark his transcript with a W and is this really bad for college admission? Should he write his professor explaining that he wasn’t aware about the college’s policy ( about allowing only their sheet) ? And is there anything the professor can do about that, i.e. is there any way to re-take the midterm or maybe do extra credit? He understands the concepts very well, but has a hard time memorizing all the formulas. He just wasn’t sure which formulas are required to memorize and for which ones you can use a sheet? He is really upset about that and he even said he has no purpose for living!!!! I am considering bringing him to a counselor. He is very perfectionistic and was always a high achiever, so this grade affects him deeply. I told him that he is more than a grade and I try to comfort him...but he keeps saying that he is not smart enough to memorize all the formulas and that he is a failure. I am so desperate and I don’t know how to help him. I am also upset that he hasn’t ask the professor before what exactly he can bring in the exam room, but of course I don’t want to throw that at him now... Any other advice/ thoughts? ( and excuse my poor writing, English is not my first language)
  3. Yes, this 15 yo brother is very gifted and he started taking online dual-enrollment community college at 12 and is almost done with both CC and high school. He is teaching my 8th grader a lot of great skills. He is very compassionate and understanding and they are always together. The 15 yo is also somewhat reserved and introverted, but he has excellent communication and social skills. My younger kids are also a little shy, but they have good social skills too. Yet, so many blame ME for homeschooling the 8th grader and they say that is the reason why he is like that... Even my family on my side and my husband’s side blame homeschooling, so it is heart-breaking and another reason to send him to school. But my son also wants to go to school because he is hoping he would find some friends. In our homeschool circle he has not been able to find a friend yet. Even if he has social and communication problems, he still craves for a friend 😞
  4. Storygirl, actually he scored highest in the IQ test in the processing speed, both times when he was tested, although all four areas were only 5-10 points from each other. He does have a horrible writing and he is lefty. He was also diagnosed with “Binocular Vision” by a visual therapist, but our pediatrician and the psychologist are not convinced about this... It does seem that he has most signs from nonverbal LD, except that he did not have early speech and language acquisition, contrary, he was delayed and did not start talking in two words sentences until he was 3.5. But he did learn how to read at 4.5 which is strange. By first grade he was able to read ( or decode words) at 4th or 5th grade yet he was barely comprehending simple kindergarten books. Also, it seems like right brain hemisphere dysfunction might fit him (avoids eye contact, lacks the gestures that normally accompanies and accentuate speech, can’t convey thoughts and feelings in speech). The reason he has these problems might be that when my first born was only four months, I got pregnant with him, therefore my body did not have enough time to recuperate; especially my thyroid, since I have a mild Hashimoto syndrome ( sometimes hypo, other times hyperthyroid) It is proven that many children born from moms with thyroid problems suffer some kind of brain damage. But regardless of what diagnosis he has or what has caused it, what is depressing to me is that I am not sure how to help him. I wish our public school had the resources to help like yours, Storygirl, like for ex help with a career goal, etc. But other parents I know with middle and high schoolers say that the school has failed their children, both academically and emotionally ( bullying) so I am so reluctant about our school. Some of them pulled them out to homeschool or moved them to private schools. We live in a middle class neighborhood, so maybe if I move him to another upper class school, which is allowed, he will he provided with better services. I did a comprehensive career test for him and his highest score was Medical Informatics Analyst, and the second was accountant. IT or accountant were some jobs he said he wants to do since he was very young, but these require such high problem solving skills and high math that I am not sure if he should pursue it. We will continue to work hard on academics like we did, but still I am not sure if it is realistic to expect to reach that or should we rather focus on life skills and more therapy. He has a special need scholarship that is 10,000/ year! This can cover any therapy, music lessons, sports, school supply, therapy programs or kits, etc. Or a private school tuition. Please help me spend it!!! Give me suggestions on what to buy to help with any kind of therapy. In the past years, I bought a lot of games and books on social skills and speech, but they were’t applicable to him because he is not too delayed. My house is full of those, but nothing really applicable to his needs.
  5. Wow, that is amazing, Storygirl, that list completely describes my son! Yes, he can’t cut properly with a knife, although we have tried teaching him so many times! And by the way, my son also plays and loves drums. He plays the piano also, but he doesn’t like it. I am going to check out nonverbal learning disorder. I have heard about it, but didn’t think he might have it and I don’t remember why.
  6. I so agree with this! That is why I worry about his future. I worked very hard with him ever since he was a baby, we read tons of books, worked on two math programs at a time, worked hard in grammar and writing, ( that was HARD because English is not my first language!) and now he is not too bad academically. But academics won’t really help much in life like you said. He is very delayed in vital areas. The psychologist was not sure if he is in the ASD, because he didn’t score high enough, but he had a lot of symptoms. The only recommendation she gave was to start speech therapy and enroll him in school to practice social skills. She also said there is a discrepancy between his IQ score (low average- all four sub tests were about the same) and his last academic test scores, which were mostly above average or very high. Low only in comprehension and math problem solving. She said it is because anyone with this IQ can be taught anything, yet he will struggle with simple problems solving in life. My husband thinks that it is impossible to perform so well if his IQ was accurate. He just doesn’t see that it is because I have been working with him all those years. He has been in speech, in public school and private speech, but I did not see any progress at all, so we discontinued it. I think his best speech therapists are his 4 siblings, especially his 15 year old brother. I will consider putting him back in speech. Right now he does a FaceTime speech for his stuttering only, but they work a little bit with him on “small talk “ as well. In our area, public schools are not the best, so I don’t think it will work. The principal from a private school said we may try one free school day and see how he does and also if they can accommodate him. He is very quiet, sweet, polite and hard working, so they won’t have any behavior problems with him, but academically, he will need one on one in order to understand concepts. How do I know that? Besides our literature-based full curriculum, he is also doing full Acellus, an online curriculum, and he doesn’t seem to get it when the teacher explains new concepts that he hasn’t studied yet. I have to go over again and explain, then he gets it. So my guess is that it will be the same in school. Thank you again for all your thoughts. I am sure I will come back to this thread to read the recommendations, especially the tests suggested by Kbutton. He will have a complete evaluation again in February for ASD,IQ, LD, and academic, so we will see what they recommend.
  7. Lecka, can you tell me how do I find out what options we have in our community? Any organization or website you can suggest? When we tested him, they said he might also have a mild form of autism and anxiety. He has poor communication and very delayed social skills. He moderately stutters also. He can’t do some basic skills like tying shoelaces for ex. Basic things/ common sense are hard for him. I am going to enroll him in a private school next year for the first time, in 9th grade, and see if those life skills will improve. Especially social skills. Some people, including the psychologist, say that his social skills are delayed because he hasn’t been in school at all. I feel that by homeschooling him, he has been able to learn a lot, but I will never know if he is so delayed because “he was sheltered” as the psychologist said. He knows a lot of facts in history, science, math, grammar, a lot more than most peers his age, yet, when he is in a youth group or other people, his social and communications skills withold him from showing how much he knows. Yet, those are just “facts” maybe to pass a test, and these do not really help him in life and in a career where you need problem solving and critical thinking skills. But my husband, who as you said, does not work with him at all, thinks he can succeed in a career that requires systematic work and repetition, such as a programmer or accountant. My husband is a software engineer. I am just more pessimistic because I see him performing in a daily life...
  8. He wants to be an accountant or maybe a programmer...not sure yet. He is fast with computation, mental math, well organized, so maybe he will do ok in these jobs.Although programming does require a higher order thinking and higher math ability. My husband thinks he can do it. I am not so sure and I have a feeling he should rather go to a technical college that is just down the road from us. Thank you for your insights.
  9. My 8th grader is doing great in pre-Algebra but he struggles with word problems and logic questions. He is doing two programs (CLE 8 and Acellus 8 ) and is making over 90%. He learns the how’s easily, but I don’t think he fully understands the why’s, although I have always made an effort to explain beyond the textbook all those years. He is also doing great in grammar (perfect punctuation, spelling) has high vocabulary, but low reading comprehension and poor writing. His IQ was 73 when he was 8 and another time 85. So is there a hope that he will reach Algebra II and maybe attend a 2 year college? Any experience with older students like this who were successful? ETA How is it possible that he always gets right these kind of problems, “What percent is an increase from 21 to 45 ” but if I told him a word problem, like for ex . I bought a book for $21 and sold it for $45 , what percent profit did I make? — he is not able to do this kind of problems? Any resources,, books, tips on how to help him with word problems?
  10. I know they must do every problem, and they do it. That's why it takes so long. I skimmed through the book, and I haven't seen any real good word problems to apply what they are learning. I do like the daily problem solving at the beginning of the lesson, but I feel that's more a fun exercise rather than applying the concepts that they are learning. But again, this is my first year with this program and maybe I'm not seeing the big picture...
  11. Do you supplement Saxon math with something else, and if so with what? We just transitioned from Singapore 5 to Saxon 87 and I find it strong in practice and computation, but lacking terribly in problem solving/ critical thinking. Will it get better maybe? We are only in lesson 11 and it's the first time using Saxon. Another question: so far, my kids think it is very easy, but it takes way too long because there is too much work. It takes them about one hour to read the lesson, do the mental math practice, the lesson practice and the mixed practice. I am looking for encouragement, advice , or maybe switching to something else? I was planning to use Shormann algebra next year, that is the reason we switched to Saxon, thinking that maybe it will be a smooth transition, but the lack of problem solving worries me, and I am not sure how to add anything extra when math takes so long already.

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