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  1. Dana Mosely is the instructor on all of our courses. I purchased mine directly from Chalkdust. They are an excellent company.
  2. (((Rosie))) What a special fella he was! I know you and Zia will miss him tremendously. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  3. Praying for you all. May the Lord give you peace.
  4. I have family and friends in the same boat. Praying everyone gets home safe and sound OR has a safe and warm place to stay put.
  5. "Dory days" indeed!! Very encouraging...thanks for sharing.
  6. And just to add...there seems to be a lot of negative response on the hats, but I have had several women close to me battle cancer and all of them have loved a nice warm hat made by someone who KNOWS and loves them. Don't be discouraged. YOU know YOUR friend. I think she will love your idea. My friends and family members have all had folks who didn't know them as well who gave some of the other things mentioned. Perhaps your friend will also. :)
  7. Hi Cat, My neighbor spent the last year battling ovarian cancer. I made her a hat and shawl out of Caron Simply Soft yarn (which is completely washable AND dryable) and she LOVES them. My neighbor has a wig and lots of scarves, but she lost a lot of body fat through this process and she stays on the cool side body temp wise and she wears my hat more than anything. I'm going to make her a new one for this winter. This is the hat I made her. It's a free Ravelry download pattern. I chose it because the sides come down a bit over her ears and it sits on her head more like a "hat" t
  8. I know! But...I'm not so sure I want to. I like paper and I don't know what I'm missing. I was just thinking that I might decide I want to know what I'm missing. lol :)
  9. The link says it's for new customers only. I was bummed because I have all print plans and I was interested in the DE.
  10. Please call 911! You don't need to exert your heart by walking 30-45 min if you believe you may be having a heart attack!
  11. Don't ever drive yourself if you think you are having a heart attack. Call 911. The paramedics are equipped to begin treating you IMMEDIATELY if you are having one and that is what enabled my father to survive the Widow Maker 3 years ago. If my mother had driven him, we'd have buried him.
  12. Okay, I looked at your links. I'm still not understanding your argument. What Mergath said is TRUE. Tapestry of Grace is written from a Christian worldview. Other religions are studied from the perspective of a Christian, if you study it as written. (And dare I add that our Catholic and Orthodox friends would say a "reformed" Christian worldview? ;) ) My point is that I don't understand why this is an argument. This board has many, many who are not Christian and they just want to know if this is a curriculum that could be a good fit for their family. I'm saying that while I know peo
  13. No, I'm not interested in devoting time to this. I said it is "written from a reformed protestant perspective" because the Somerville family is "protestant" and "reformed" and have been members of a Sovereign Grace church, which is "protestant" and "reformed", and even sold books by CJ Mahaney, who is also "protestant" and "reformed", on their website for encouraging teachers. Catholic and Orthodox families will absolutely want to know it is from this perspective. I am not defending anything. I'm stating facts. The bulk of my post was mainly to be informative and helpful to people se
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