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    Wife to 'Wolf' Momma to 'Diva' (dd 15) 'Tazzie' (ds 9) and Princess (dd 7), Boo (2) Cubby (June/13)
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  1. Holy. Old. Cheezits. I'll start wading through. *looks at post count* DIVA! COFFEE! STAT! Momma's gonna be some buuuuusssssssyyyyy....
  2. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  3. Keith Richards. Seriously, he LOOKS dead. Has for years. I think he's the harbringer of the Zombie Apocalypse.
  4. Oh, def will! Love your Akita...makes me miss mine!

  5. My 2yo & I loved Cassie's picture! I hope you post some when you get your new pup too! :)

  6. :001_smile:Back atcha!

  7. Thank you, Jane and LovedtoDeath.

  8. Hey! Congrats!! I just *knew* there was more to your cloth diapering question a while back!! ;) Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby!

  9. Way too tall, LOL Going to exchange it the lower model...still adjusting to the firmness, our other was SUCH a p.o.c.

  10. This inquiring mind wants to know: how's your new mattress?

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