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  1. Hey all! Just popping in. Haven't read through the thread, but things have been INSANE here. Just moved across Canada three weeks ago, for example. Crazy!
  2. Anyone homeschool in either place? What can you tell me?
  3. Holy. Old. Cheezits. I'll start wading through. *looks at post count* DIVA! COFFEE! STAT! Momma's gonna be some buuuuusssssssyyyyy....
  4. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  5. Wolf is not allowed to take one of the baby Minions out alone. Yes, NOT ALLOWED. Reason being, normally when we go out, it's either he and I, all of us, or he's got one of the older kids w/him. Rarely, it's us and one of the little ones. I have watched him walk away from the truck, completely forgetting that we've got a baby in tow, and called him back. It's happened twice. It's so out of his routine, and the babies fall asleep, and are quiet, *and* he doesn't see them in their seat in the rear view, that he forgets they're along. So, either I'm along, or babies don't go.
  6. Keith Richards. Seriously, he LOOKS dead. Has for years. I think he's the harbringer of the Zombie Apocalypse.
  7. If I ran the world, adoption would NEVER be a 'for profit' situation, period. To me, that's the problem, so many ppl demanding a piece of the financial pie, which makes adoption a financial burden that few families can manage on their own. I think I'd rather have ppl asking for fund raising than children being left to moulder in orphanages.
  8. It never seems to fail, that the bigger the jerk, the more vocal.
  9. I was taught that brackets are first, so therefore, you have to eliminate the 3 in the bracket before the division.
  10. Order of operations, BEDMAS. Therefore, 6/2(3) =6/6 =1
  11. Brings back memories of my gr 8 class. Guy teacher. Had a buffalo head mounted on the wall. And my desk was right underneath it. Ack!
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