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  1. I'm wondering if it might be more useful for you to ask even broader questions about ballet training. (Perhaps I should insert that I'm genuinely thinking it might help. I'm not being snarky in saying that.) For example, were you to pose the questions: What mechanisms are present in classical ballet training? Do dancers work additional strength and endurance training into their dance schedules? (The answer is yes. :) ) When and why? you might find the answers don't match your idea of classical ballet training. This is the why to developing strength and endurance: Dance time on stage ref
  2. Yeah. I get it. They're making it about what they want to give, not what you want to get, which doesn't celebrate you at all. :grouphug:
  3. Those individual boxes of breakfast cereal. And an orange in the toe.
  4. I make my pies from pumpkins every fall. :) I grow and buy small sugar pumpkins. They tend to have a denser more orange flesh with a sweeter flavor than the "pie pumpkins" sold in the store. Butternut squash makes a perfectly good pumpkin pie too. I cut the pumpkins in half, scoop the seeds, then roast the unpeeled halves in the oven until they're soft. The rind peels right off, and it's easy to puree. It is a little runnier than usual, so I have to adjust my recipe a little. One thing that helps is to let the puree sit in the fridge overnight, then pour off some of the excess liquid.
  5. I agree with Laura and others. We are fortunate to live in a university town with many Chinese students, and found a Chinese tutor to meet with my boys weekly. She's able to make sure that their pronunciation is correct. Plus she's fun and engaging, and she can read the Chinese in their books if they get stuck on the exercises. :) We looked through the recommendations on this thread: http://forums.welltrainedmind.com/topic/526738-mandarin-textbooks/?fromsearch=1and our last tutor liked the Mei Zhou, so that's what we're using. Our current tutor also likes it. My boys are not particular ab
  6. So she might have a teensy bit of a sense of humor. :P Maybe she'll step back, have a bit of a laugh at herself, and stop being an unbearable PITA. (Or not.) Cat
  7. "What email? Oh. That was serious? I thought you were trying to recreate that Thanksgiving joke where the woman tries to micromanage the family meal via email." Sigh. Ok, maybe not that. I'd just tell her you haven't decided and then make something that you want to make. At best, everyone else will love it too; at worst, you won't be asked to do the veggie side again. My family tends to do things the way you do. So I had to send ds and his cousin home (we had our Tgiving meal at our church down the street) 2-3 times for things we forgot, and we didn't have lemons, and someone forgot th
  8. I have two. My first I got when I was 26. I said (again) how much I wanted to get a tattoo, and my ex-boyfriend said, "You'll keep talking about it, but you'll never get one." That really gave me pause. It was a mental crossroads for me: Did I want to be the kind of person who always wanted to do things, but didn't follow through? I waited for a while because I wanted to make sure I was getting it for myself and not in reaction to my ex. That's what it really means to me: I AM the kind of person who follows through on the (wise and healthy!) things I want to do instead of wishing and talki
  9. I :001_wub: Ellie. The problem isn't that "traditional" math isn't conceptual. the problem lies in the teaching of traditional math that relies only on teaching algorithms and not why they work. Do this, do this, do this, check your answer in the back of the book,and Wallah!...I mean Viola!....ha, ha, just kidding....Voila! you arrive at the correct answer! It's Mathemagic! There's nothing at all wrong with teaching mathematical concepts using a traditional approach. FWIW, we use Singapore. I tried Saxon and HATED using it. But conceptually, it was a good solid math program. My sis
  10. Loved your post about dealing w/ a hormonal 11yo girl. Well-said & very good reminders.



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