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  1. Here's some information about "soft" vs "hard" credit checks and how they do and don't impact score. https://www.creditkarma.com/advice/i/hard-credit-inquiries-and-soft-credit-inquiries sounds like it's typically a "soft" inquiry for background checks by employers and that doesn't impact. I don't know how common they are, but that article makes it seem like it is within routine stuff for some employers.
  2. My oldest ended up STEM degrees (electrical engineering, math, comp sci). Did not want to do anything performance based. Barely wanted anything. I assigned her to do this https://www.professorcarol.com/discovering-music/ She wasn't "interested" but at least did it. I had this idea that we could try "technical drawing" or something like graphic design, but we never did that. I think we may have done a lesson or two out of some art book. I always admire those who can really do the everything STEM approach and maybe I should have done that for oldest. Well, ok what she would have liked to have done would have been LARP and/or D&D and have that count, but she didn't get into that until college. But if she had been... oh yeah, I would have counted it. I even once found a college syllabus in some fine arts section that used D&D as creative class. I know that not all STEM people are into that culture. but .... in addition to the ideas already shared, maybe looking at a list of ideas in the fine arts listings of NARHS might spark an idea. I think it's page 18 of this pdf https://www.narhs.com/sites/default/files/NARHS Handbook_0.pdf this will be controversial..... what if you gave high school credit for Visual Communications for completing the sophia.org course by that name (Visual Communication)? There are colleges that give that course 3 credits according to ACE Credit guidelines (media arts) . In fact, my middle daughter did after high school. If I did that in high school, I'd call it regular level course (not honors) and it would be a check the box thing. But 3 college credits = 1 high school year credit. may not be a solution for all styles.
  3. I feel for you with dumb questions. I really do. Brings me back to my time working in a physics department (I was staff not faculty) and had the same type of really???? I don't think I can forget the "how was I supposed to know when the final was?" person that one quarter. oh my. anyway. yep. and at the same time, I wished at times to get extra points or money each time my daughters found inconsistent and contradictory information in the syllabus vs other parts of course. Instructors who did not proof read their own stuff and had dates all wrong. Or used the calendar from Fall of 2017 for a Spring of 2021 class....really????? or where one page of the syllabus talked about percentages the mid term and final counted, but the very next paragraph at top of next page said there were no mid term or finals. It was so annoying to have to email instructor and ask which page of the syllabus was correct. and her excuses? well, I didn't make that syllabus. I didn't know. I can't fix that. It will break the system. This was for a class that was asynchronous before covid.
  4. When I heard the 5.5 hrs a day... I kinda figured Missouri. Why? Because I misunderstood it that way when I was looking at laws in case we moved there to be nearer dh's family. glad that did not happen. but. anyway..... Agreeing to check if you're required to count hours before a certain age. Most of my friends did not worry about counting hours like that before a certain age due to the laws. Let me share their collective experiences. and yes, the mom graduated her children to college, etc...... My Missouri friends were big on telling me, 1000 hours does not mean 180 days at 5.5 hours a day. I was really freaked out about it with my youngest who just could not do that. They were quick to remind me that life/learning/school happens all year round. So those non M-F hours count. They counted nature walks as science in those early years. Church time was "bible lessons" (aka non-core subjects). and one of them was very insistent that it was part of "social studies" in early years to learn "life skills" as chores, etc. That same person was also insistent that once they were older, regularly establish chores were not counted. But cooking in early years for that person was counted in her core hours. Why? lots of measuring and clock reading was applied math. definitely echoing to find some local groups. ps: disclaimer. I'm not a legal person and I did not end up moving there. so this is all hearsay from my friends. and is food for thought how to approach it
  5. I told Terabith this in pm and she suggested I let y'all know. Had to share the fun. Something about the photos just looked like "home" to me. No, I'm not the owner. But I grew up in that area. Everything just looked familiar. I just knew. Last week, while getting to visit my mom, we had to drive one of her vehicles around to keep the battery fresh. I can say that I've seen the monolith in person! As we drove around that thing, my mom said "You mean you drove 600 miles to see me and to find THAT?" I answered "Well, yes. That thing is legendary." Thanks Terabith for giving us something fun to do together with regular chores. Looking forward to more updates so I can tell mom to see it again when the van needs to be driven. Not sure it was a rom-com, but it felt like a Hallmark movie moment.
  6. I know it's a really old thread. And when the thread started originally my oldest had her license for short amount of time. If it helps with my looking back at what I did for my oldest. We thought it was needed to be on transcript for insurance discount. don't remember if that was the case, or if I just thought it was. eventually the good student discount was accepted with ACT score, and then college grades or something. So, did it count as semester? 30 clock hours plus the between the wheel of 50 hours was easily a semester credit earned in summer school on transcript. (Middle daughter has some disabilities and didn't get license until after high school was over.) wasn't needed for any academic reason, nor to have enough electives, etc.... can see no reason to have it as an award or extracurricular either. any insurance needs will be varied by state and company. Rules about getting license without formal driving school vary too widely from state to state. Some places don't even offer this in public high schools. take away multiple years down the road: check with your insurance if they have documentation preferences. if not, then probably not worth it to be on transcript in majority of cases, and not something on portfolio or EC lists, or awards. just one opinion
  7. In addition to the ideas shared, you might check out a program based called Archway Online. It's affiliated with a popular homeschool "cover school" in TN called Home Life Academy. Online academy (monthly charge) and they have tutoring, etc. and probably would also help with the guidance counselor role for college since they work with lots of homeschoolers. Here's link https://www.archwayonline.com/ talk with them for options.
  8. no personal experience there as my child was reading when we did it. While waiting for answers here, if it were me trying to figure it out for me: 1. I'd at least skip Set 2 for now and not worry about trying to get the speed of set 1 and 2 to match. There's plenty of thinking and memory skills with the do up to 20 directions on set 1. and I'd look for some other way to do the directional stroop with arrows instead of words and skip the color one until they can read those words. I might even hold off on that specific exercise until child is reading or has word recognition. of those specific color words. I might contact Carol Brown's company directly and ask if they have suggestions for modification of that exercise for non readers. hoping someone on here has specific been there to help. my child was reading enough to do that. sorry can't be of more help to modify it for that need.
  9. I got mine a few years ago with dvd instead of flash drive. But I doubt that makes a difference. I did not need ROSES to do this at home. I did need to give myself grace for learning curve. I had to do several dry runs with one of my children who didn't need the program to have practice time. It boiled down to me using the page that was called Daily Training Schedule for Individuals and Groups as my daily guide of what to do. It's page 25 in the manual/workbook that I have. But then again, my copies were printed a few years back so page numbers might not mean as much. In sections that had 5 games grouped together, I would do one of them on Monday and the next on Tuesday. so on. (That's like wher eit says to spend 10 minutes on Qwitch, SET, Blink, spot it, deck of cards. I'd spend 10 minutes on one of them, then next day 10 minutes on another similar game on the list) I also would break it into two half hour sessions. What specifics are you guessing at? maybe we have collective ideas
  10. no comment on spears or her situation. no comment on who can/should control money. came to say similar thing that Laurie mentioned about Supported Decision Making exists in some situations. If random person reading is in state of TN and needs more information for this option as your special needs child transitions from high school age to adult... try here https://www.tndecisionmaking.org/ an archived overview webinar can be found here https://transitiontn.org/center-for-decision-making-support/
  11. I'm a newbie at it. But it does have a version for when you can't get out of bed yet from injury. moves to chair version to standing and then gets advanced. I'm too new to say much more. Hoping for results in flexibility increase.
  12. just echoing the others.... if you can hear those mole chasers, they aren't buried in the ground properly and not working well. shouldn't be able to hear it unless you're really close to it. I have the brand that beeps every 28 seconds and barely know they are there. check out website for places like home depot or lowes and that kind of store. They show the instructions and pictures with it. wonder if neighbor would like to know that?
  13. liking JennyD's above. I moved here from a state without cover school too. Nothing at all wrong with doing the independent legal option. wanted to make sure I said that. oh blush. now I see where we read the document differently now that you said all of that. What they call ordering sites are actually professional testing services. But unless one knows that already it's not as clear as it could be. yep. that document needs work for clarity. some other little things I've learned along the way if any of this helps you or not: 1. to order from most of those , you need to select a test administrator in your area or become a test administrator. Rules for that vary. I'm not bju or abeka or seton's religions, but am approved through all three. Easy to do that. Set up for homeschoolers to do this. I'm not familiar with the riverside one to know anything. But those businesses are professional testing services. And they are the ones who approve administrators. 2. some of them have online or other at home options. others don't. 3. if you need standardized results for things like honor societies or clubs or outside groups, you'll most likely need someone else to be the test administrator even if done in your house. You might even do that for the state legal side. but I'm not a lawyer. sorry you have to deal with the LEA's lack of knowledge and the state's confusing wording.
  14. me again. I had a moment to read the the document you linked. I noticed it says "such as sylvan" . and then gives a whole bunch of other ideas that were the same places (and a few more) I mentioned. Also it says 'four most common tests". so you're ok to use any of those. and for those reading later down the road, this only applies to those who aren't using cover school options. not the OP's situation.
  15. In my opinion you don't have to say it like that. Instead, If it were me in this situation, I would inform the Director of Schools "we're using an approved test administrator for the Stanford 10". The location (in your home or another site) will not be an issue so I personally would not tell them information that is not required. They don't need the name of proctor/administrator or testing location. I also wouldn't personally worry about it if I used the replaced version of IOWA even if a document was not updated with current name. Maybe they should be more grateful, but maybe it's so far in the distance for them that they don't realize it. In our area, there are not a lot of people this impacts because most use cover schools. on the other hand, you might become the go to person in the spring and be the one to proctor for others. been there. (and yes, I'm in TN and graduated all three of mine.)
  16. I used cover school so I never had to deal with the testing. I've even heard there's no penalty for not taking it if you don't use cover school. However, I was a proctor for a family that was not using cover school. Our LEA allowed the use of the Stanford 10. Officially the testing provider was BJU with me as administrator. (and I'm not the same religious flavor as bju either). Maybe you could find someone (or yourself if you have bachelors) and do testing that way and send it to the officials. Other test providers that could be used can be on Abeka, or Seton Homeschool. There are others and some of those are online options too. But the family I helped was told some expensive option and that wasn't going to work for them in reality. So family said what about (using BJU with local proctor). No clue what you should do about the Sylvan issue at the bigger level. But wanted to share an option for asking which test and a few common testing providers so you can have options for testing if you want and don't use cover school.
  17. I don't have other titles that haven't already been suggested. Just another voice suggesting to go back to your cover school and ask more details about the 1, 2, 3, 4 (I II III IV) sequence. Even the big public school system in my area labels it with Piano (and Guitar too) I II III IV.
  18. I've heard of NARHS as less tuition than Clonlara https://www.narhs.com/Tuition similar idea in that get to pick your own stuff and can transfer in stuff from group schools and finish up. I'm not in NC so no input on the dual enrollment stuff for you.
  19. another thank you for this thread. just starting this process with 19 y.o with autism and ID.
  20. I have a linen closet with the dimensions you listed. The kitchen pantry is double folding doors. No wire shelving in either. I'm too short to have important stuff on upper shelves. grin
  21. Hope your dad enjoys the Bible study this morning. sending understanding thoughts your way for sleep issues.
  22. From the "been there" perspective: my oldest did 6A and 6B (original US edition version). 6B was not needed to be ready to start an algebra program. It was more of advanced problems with previous info and topics that would be covered again in algebra. in our case, student was near end of the school year so we used 6B to finish our that school year and start new book/publisher in the year after that. I do not think doing 6B is what made her become a math major (as one of her degrees), if you know what I mean. Using 6B didn't hurt her either. but it was not required to continue on. no opinion on tgtb. haven't used it.
  23. this seems to go to new stuff https://www.goodandbeautiful.com/simplygoodandbeautifulmath/
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