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  1. DS15's math credits are all messed up and I'm not sure how to represent them on a transcript. He's looking at a few competitive schools. Please no flames...we had a lot of attitude difficulties, disorganization on my part trying to cover four grade levels, an unexpected late pregnancy, and a special needs baby who has spent 8 weeks in the hospital and had 6 surgeries in 8 months. Here's what happened starting with the first "high school level" class: MUS Algebra 1 - taken in 3rd grade AoPS Prealgebra - take in 4th and 5th grade...I learned about advanced math curriculums too late, and we found the transition difficult so we had to backtrack when we switched to AoPS. AoPS Introduction to Algebra - Started in 6th, continued in the first half of 7th, detoured the second half of 7th, and finished in the first half of 8th. Algebra 1 - I put him in the public middle school for the second half of 7th grade, and this was all they could offer him. He fiddled his thumbs for the semester and passed the required end of course exam with special recognition for getting a perfect score giving him official public school credit for the entire course. AoPS Geometry - Started in the second half of 8th and finished in 9th. AoPS Intermediate Algebra - Started in 9th and finished in 10th Khan Academy - Mastered all of the Trig sections and some of the Precalculus sections (just didn't finish others) He's going into Running start next year and tested directly in Calculus 1. He also plans on taking Calculus 2 and then Calculus 3 or Statistics.
  2. Gentle Jaguars Injure Kings Quickly ekols
  3. I have no idea how you would only catch the back of the patch on a sewing machine??? DS and I made a deal. I would sew patches onto his shirt (he's worried about ruining his shirt), and he'll sew badges to his sash. I'm going to show him how to use both the machine and hand-stitching.
  4. DD13 had a couple of baby teeth pulled. With one, she had lost the baby tooth about a year prior and no adult tooth came in. We pulled the tooth next to the missing one to make more room. It had a groove gouged into it where the adult tooth that never came it was trying to force its way through the tooth. She had two other locations where she lost baby teeth and the adult teeth took more than two years to come in. They came out above and in front of the teeth that were suppose to be on either side of them. In total, she had four teeth above and in front of other teeth and is now in braces to move those into alignment with the rest of the jaw. She also has a 70% overbite. She'll be in braces for 2 1/2 to 3 years, which is a bit longer than usual because she can't have expanders on her lower jaw due to being tongue-tied. (Yes, I wish I would have known to insist having her frenulum clipped when she was a baby.) Her teeth are really messed up. She inherited DH's teeth. He needs braces as well. His teeth are so crooked that he has to have quad cleanings every time he sees the dentist because his teeth can't be properly cleaned otherwise. He's been told he needs braces or he'll lose his teeth. We're hoping to do that soon.
  5. Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I'm guessing the $2000 doesn't include airfare. I just asked him about Patrol Medic. He's responsible for his patrol's first aid kit. In fact, he brought it home from his campout. It is his responsibility to bring it on outings, making sure it stays stocked (doesn't have to pay for items just letting the leaders know when items are used), and ensuring it gets passed to another patrol member to carry on outings he's not attending.
  6. I have no idea what a Jambo shakedown is but it sounds exciting. DS went to his first boy scout campout this weekend. He loved it. Saturday night, they did a handful of scenarios complete with fake blood and an amputee playing the victim of an accidental amputation. DS got picked to teach his patrol CPR. DH said one of the adults told him he was impressed with how well DS conducted the class. He earned his first aid merit badge while there and wants to do the campout again next year. Oh, and he is apparently now the patrol's medic; is that something just his troop does; I can't find mention of it as an actual position. They stayed up until midnight both nights so he was a bit tired.
  7. Good point...about the learning he's competent. I think I'll teach him how to do both ways so he can do both. Hand-stitching is useful, though I find sewing badges really hard on the fingers because of the thickness.
  8. Is there a reason to sew on the badges manually versus with a machine? It's so much easier with a machine.
  9. Ya'll are talking like your boys know how to sew. Mine wouldn't even know where to in the thread getting onto the needle part.
  10. Maybe you should just send me the files for blank charts and save us the work. :tongue_smilie:
  11. Thanks for this. No one has suggested that I need to keep track of this stuff. He's already been swimming with the troop, and I didn't know I needed to keep track of it.
  12. Thanks! We are still in the overwhelmed state but it seems to be working out fine. The troop we joined is boy lead. Most of the boys seem friendly, and he chose his patrol because they were very friendly and patient with his questions. The adults all seem friendly and helpful and patient with my questions. Our neighbor is also into scouting and has an eagle scout and another boy in scouting. Between everything, I think we are having a pretty easy start.
  13. I'm glad this came back to the top of the forums. DS11 just joined boy scouts four weeks ago. It is our first time involved with scouting in any way so everything is still pretty overwhelming. But he is having fun and meeting boys his age. He's decided to work on astronomy and space exploration first. He's going on his first camp out next weekend where they will be working on first aid.
  14. My 9 year old also finished Algebra 1 last year. We tried going into AoPS Counting and Probability but found it too difficult. We decided to go back and do AoPS Prealgebra for a few reasons. First, the material is easier, which allows him/us to get used to AoPS's method of teaching. It also lets us wet our feet with problem solving on easier material. Second, there are plenty of new concepts in their version of prealgebra that we haven't already covered. He's also spending time at Khan Academy and Alcumus.
  15. I caught the cookie thief! BUT... someone else took 186 cookies from the cookie jar!

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