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  1. With Kolbe, if you do the distance learning approach, you can skip all Catholic content if you want to. I did that with one child who was in a very anti-religion phase of her life. The other was fine with online classes.
  2. Second acceptance for our youngest: Concordia University in Montreal, Biology major. no financial incentive, but at 3K a year, they're not needed. ?
  3. We're expecting the same again this time around, as my daughter didn't submit to McGill early enough. At least we know !
  4. How about Lingua Latina, which she could read through (first book would be pretty quick given her current knowledge of Latin, second book is where she would be challenged). The goal of Lingua Latina is to become fluent in reading, without having to translate all the time. This would totally prepare her for AP Latin.
  5. Thanks Ethel! Nice to see you're still around! There are still people here who remember me :)
  6. Also odd is that she was turned down for the French Immersion program due to the lack of French on her transcript. We're native French speakers, doh.
  7. My youngest: U of Ottawa (Canada) Honours Health Sciences, with merit-based scholarship Funny thing, we're French speakers, most of her education has been in French. However transcript came from American school. She had applied to the French Immersion option but was turned down as it was reserved for people with extensive French knowledget already. LOL. She's a native French speaker :) So she has to ask nicely if they would reconsider. All her homeschooling has been done bilingually and she wants to keep doing that.
  8. I haven't posted on this board in ages but I wanted to share that our youngest daughter got her first acceptance letter today: UOttawa, Honours Health Sciences with (unasked for) merit-based scholarship due to her outstanding grades. Also a refusal from UOttawa in nursing due to low grades (honestly they ask for 65%! Her GPA is 3.8/4) We're a bit puzzled by that one. 3 more colleges to come in.
  9. We're also with Kolbe Academy - Online. And my daughter also has Mr. Frey. He's a top notch Biology teacher. Both my kids had him and both praised him highly. Almost all of the Kolbe teaching staff have been fantastic in their own way but it is highly dependent on your kid too. For example both my kids loved Mrs Powers in Geometry but I know other kids who were terrified of her (because she was demanding in her proofs? ) I've been very very pleased with Kolbe Academy. They do teach from a Catholic point of view as is expected of a Catholic school. That means science is in line with what
  10. Kolbe never requires a student to be on webcam/video. Audio yes, video never that I've seen. And we've taken many many classes
  11. https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-computer-science-mitx-6-00-1x-9 This one starts in January. Also get him a Raspberry Pi (cheaper than his own computer, and more forgiving) Linux class here: https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-linux-linuxfoundationx-lfs101x-0
  12. Quite a few of you have asked for the info in PM, so I'll post this once here for everyone. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/john-cole/spy-v-spi-robot-missions-code-capture-defend
  13. Nope. Which is why we switched to English. Although I do have Liber Primus and Secundus (and teacher material) here. Otherwise we took the CNED latin classes but there's only 2 years being offered.
  14. I've learned and taught Latin from French books and English books (both American and UK) The two approaches are apples and oranges. Since French has many of the same notions as Latin (gender, adjective-noun agreement, extensive verb conjugation....) the order in which notions are seen are totally different. And as France is a country that was/is heavily influenced by Roman culture, that aspect is in all years of Latin. One example is that the first year of Latin I did with a long distance school from Belgium had us translating The Gaelic Wars. First year. This was aimed at adults though, bu
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