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  1. Thank you so much! I got busy and haven't been back to this forum for awhile. I have to be to the hospital soon with a family member today, but will come back to this thread as soon as I have time and can think clearly. I appreciate all the help! I don't know a thing about programming, that's why my question is broad, but will give some thought to what we need more specifically and will look at your questions, Lanny, thanks!
  2. Where could my son take online computer programming classes? He is 15 and would need advanced programming classes. He has been mostly self-taught up to this point. This would be for spring semester. ETA: I looked at Landry Academy but the time for advanced Python classes conflicts with his online math class.

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    New, never used Classical Academic Press Latin Alive Book 1 Teacher's Edition, Student Workbook, and dvd & cd set. $90 ppd, media mail. In the US only.


  4. Thank you for bumping this! I've been making my older kids' lit lists, and this was great to read! Right now, my 3 year old's top three that would have to go on my preschool list are: The Three Billy Goats Gruff by Paul Galdone Cars and Trucks and Things That Go by Richard Scarry (I'd be fine with never reading this book again!) I'll count the Beatrix Potter collection we have as one book, because he has three favorites in it that I have to read over and over: The Tale of Two Bad Mice, The Story of a Fierce Bad Rabbit, and The Story of Miss Moppet. (They all feature someone being nau

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    I have the complete set for both Math 4 and Math 5. They were purchased earlier this year. The text and answer keys have never been used or opened, so they are in like new condition. The cds have some marks, normal from use, but nothing that impedes their function. I have tested every cd and all are working. Asking $70ppd for each set. Media mail shipping in the U.S. only. I lost my feedback here when I changed my username, and have lots of feedback in other forums and can link you to it if you'd like to see.


  6. I like the Kumon First Steps workbooks and then the later Kumon workbooks. But, really, it depends on the kids. I had some young preschoolers who loved workbooks. My current little one is 33 months, so on the young side, but he is so much better about playing by himself while I do school with the other kids if he has some "school work" to do too. He enjoys play based and games based learning, he doesn't sit still for long and isn't into workbooks yet (or maybe ever...) HWT preK is great, it does have a lot of hands-on learning and my kids liked the cd too. WIth my current little, w
  7. If the sun is interfering, and you can't see what's behind you, do not assume that all is clear and back the car down the driveway anyway. Or you may run into the car that is parked at the curb in front of the neighbor's house, while they watch you do it. If you have dangling markers in your garage to tell you how far to pull the car in, do not leave in a hurry because you're late for work and neglect to notice you've closed a dangling cord in your door. When you back out, it will pull the whole thing out of the ceiling and it will badly crack your windshield. This one is from my teen
  8. My 16 yr old and I just laughed until we cried. :lol: I'm assuming your little one was fine but little one tattling on you was just too funny. My 6 yr old does the same thing, because I accidentally locked him in the van and we all went inside and thought he was upstairs playing with the other kids. Twenty minutes later when I called him for his bath, and after a house search, I located him still buckled in his car seat, bawling his head off. (He was 5, and a year later he still tells everyone how mom and dad left him locked in the car all alone for a long time). What's scary is it was su
  9. :iagree: My kids enjoy memory work, I don't believe I'm denying them anything, when I see the satisfaction they gain from memorizing; they really feel a sense of accomplishment. Things like the order of the U.S. presidents, my child memorized on his own, because he wanted to! I agree with Classical Ed that young children enjoy this and it's their natural inclination anyway. Our memory work does occur in context of what we're learning. I have also seen my eldest struggle with remembering anything, and it bothers him. He went to public school until 4th grade and then I never stresse
  10. We may just take the plunge then! Great, I'll take a look at MEP. Thanks!
  11. Here in TX we have Beer Barns. Yep, you can drive right in and get your beer or wine, but there's no place like that for groceries.
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