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  1. also find this amusing...... 1-d&geo=US&q=riemann sum 1-d&geo=US&q=taylor series no one EVER cares to know what a Riemann Sum is....except between 1:24 and 1:32 today, central time, when they do...and then we're back to no one caring. lolz.
  2. the countdown occurred w/ 'submit' still on the page, but it sounds like that's expected. Also, we found a CB site that indicates that if you've hit 'submit' before the 2nd one starts it'll upload in the background and if you get the 'congrats' page they have everything. so sounds like we're good. thanks.
  3. I don't know why a cable didn't occur to me. DS has 3 next week - we'll have to look at how to do that w/ a chromebook. I'm sure it's possible and that would be better. Did you also see that the page just said 'submitting' till the 2nd question started, and there's no confirmation of receipt?
  4. whelp, she's done. She thought the (2) problems were pretty easy. she's definitely solved harder ones in practice tests. There does not seem to be any confirmation that you submitted something and they got it, or how many pages were submitted. which seems bad. We suspect that the 'submitting' tag is held from the time you hit 'submit' till the 2nd question starts. At least, we hope that's true because that's what happened. If you had another experience let me know so we know if we should contact SB about the issue, or not.
  5. I don't know what a good alternative would be, but this is pretty awful. DD is taking the CalcBC exam. She's mid-way, right now. First question she completed it with just barely over 5 minutes left - their guidelines for when to stop and upload your work. Take photo of 4 pages. upload photo to google drive over cellular connection. download to chromebook from google drive over crappy DSL wifi. attach in reply page. hit submit. As she's hitting the submit button the clock at the bottom is counting down. 11 10 9 8 7 ....why is it not submitting? it's just spinning there....the submit button is dark, so looks like it took it? but the submit page is still unchanged...what's the problem??? major stress balls....hang wringing... 4 3 ....clock stops counting. page just says 'loading'..... clock resets to 20:00...and starts counting down. page still says 'loading'. again, major tress balls. for 20 more seconds. clock says 19:40 and question 2 appears. calc working begins. no idea if the first question was successfully submitted or not. not sure if/when we get confirmation. She's doing math now, but it's gotta be hard to not be wondering or stressing about if the first problem actually went through or if you should stop earlier on this one to have more time, or??? this is dreadful. We took an already stressful situation, and made it worse by adding yet more time pressure plus the uncertainty of time-pressured IT problems, while actually reducing the amount of subject-related work and assessment.
  6. DS took the 1/2 year Macro (Richman) and 1/2 year Micro (Burns) combo 2 years ago. nHe was a sophomore and I'd rank it as middle-of-the-road work-wise compared to AP classes. He LOVED the Macro w/ Richman. Micro with Burns was acceptable. 5 on both.
  7. DS took AP Bio w/ Dr Kanner 2 years ago., The materials were good, and he got a 5 on the exam, but he found the class frustrating and somewhat disorganized. Assignments changed at the lat minute and it sometimes took ages to get grades back. Current year experiences: - AP Stats (Carol Matheny): A-. The class has been fine, the teacher responsive, etc. It's not clear this really NEEDs to be a PAH class, though. There just isn't that much material to be covered. -AP Psych (Bonnie Gonzalea) : A-. Solid class, well taught. Assignments were fine. He's feeling quite well prepared for the test. - AP Music Theory (Hannah Jackson): A+ DS loves this class, though it is a huge pile of work. He's passionate about music (music theater), but had 0 formal music theory background and his vocal training was 95% performance oriented. Ms Jackson's class has been fantastic and he loves it. - AP CompGov (Julia Reed) : C. I am shocked, but he really dislikes this class. He loved HumanGeo, Econ, history, and generally all social sciences. The teacher is not a fit here. She provides all feedback via short recorded video commentary, which he really dislikes. Much of her feedback seems quite arbitrary. When he's asked questions and I hear her response, I sometimes feel like she didn't actually read the question he asked and the response feels....aggressive? He may do well on the test - he's been working w/ a Baron's book and the systematic review has been super helpful. I was certain he'd love the class and he really dislikes it - I think mostly because of the teacher. -
  8. Looking for a standard, either online or pretty open-the-box, us history course. Dd has enough AP’s and de classes planned for next year, this one doesn’t have to stretch her. Prefer to avoid overtly religious curriculums (unless it’s interesting and off the beaten path. I could get behind a USH course published by Zoroastrian Press, for ex.)
  9. Most AP Bio classes require that you have taken chem and a previous bio class. Most ap chem classes require that you have taken a prev chem class. It can be done without that, but the classes are already a full load and a lot of work even with the pre-requisites.
  10. There's articles around (and it makes tons of sense) describing how the COVID situation will accelerate the carnage of colleges and programs within those colleges. I'm trying to peer at least a bit down the road and estimate the likely stability of choices DS is making about where to go to school. I've seen endowment #s from 2ish years ago. I wonder if that's really the best thing to look at?
  11. I have been known, on occasion, to grouse about a few online class providers (that post will come in a few weeks....). So it seems fitting that I should also mention when someone really does a standout job and provides something exceptional. Connie, from CloverValleyChem, has done just that. 100% recommended. DD16 is taking honors chem. She started with some serious chemistry fears and dislike. She tried to take it along side her big brother (diff provider) when she was in 8th grade. She had the math for it then, but not the intellectual maturity otherwise. She flamed out hard and was left with some serious fears and belief that chemistry was just awful. I made her take some chemistry class this year. She opted to take the honors because she knows the colleges she's looking at will expect a difficult course load. But she was super nervous. CVC has totally come through. The course has been hard. Possibly the most challenging class she has yet taken. But the teacher, Connie, is fantastic. Her video lectures are great, she's accessible at frequent office hours, the homework and tests are solid and Connie grades submitted work quickly. DD is now wondering about taking AP chem next year. 'it's hard, but I think I'm kinda good at it and it's fun to understand how things work.' awesome-sauce. If you're looking for an async online source for chem or honors chem, this one has my endorsement.
  12. It feels a bit early for this, but looking ahead is helpful to DD, so....I'm looking for feedback on the PaH AP Physics classes. DD is currently taking CalcBC (AoPS is the text, I am teaching) and Clover Valley Honors Chem (+1 for Connie, who is awesome. that class rocks. Cannot recommend strongly enough). We do want it to be a class that someone else teaches, grades, etc. There's a choice of teachers - I'm interested in feedback on one vs the other. Also, there's a PhysicsC Mech-only that spends the whole year on mechanics or the option to do mechanics the first half & E&M the second half of the year. Any feedback on how challenging that schedule was for your DC? Finally, I think the HS Physics thread that's stickied is a bit out of date. It looks like the PaH classes have switched texts. suggests he's using Physics C Mechanics: University Physics now. Jack Kernion's class description says: "The backbone of each course is self-study based on a wide variety of clearly defined sequential activities, but students will also have the support of the instructor through a discussion forum and through live (optional) video sessions held every other Wednesday at 12:00 noon (US Eastern Time). " that sounds maybe TOO limited in teacher interaction? What are the assigned HW's like, how much teacher engagement is there, etc? Jeff Lanctot's course sounds a bit more teacher-involved, but that might just be the description?
  13. I would read this as 'we may not be able to open in the fall, in which case we'll open in January for the usual term that begins in January and we'll do the classes we had planned in the fall during the coming summer (summer '21)' I can see why that makes some sense, but what about classes that are a sequence, where you need the first term to be able to take or understand the 2nd? You can't just flip those around and do them in the reverse order.
  14. of the list of things OP mentioned as possibilities, the only two I see that are really hard to switch INTO are Music (BFA) and CS. Both are effectively trade schools and at many Universities you have to apply specifically to them at the outset and you have almost no GEs. I have a CS degree and my GEs were essentially 1 english and 2 philosophy classes - everything else was math, physics, more math, and CS/EE classes taught by the department. Even the math and physics classes were specifically for Math/Physics/Eng majors. BFA programs, as I've learned this year, are often run as tracks where you have no choices in what you take - all the courses are specific to the major. I suspect that for most kids, if you're a fit for that sort of program you KNOW. Most everyone else who 'likes computers' or 'enjoys music' should look at taking some classes here or there and making this a great hobby or weekend gig (which is fine!). The rest of those majors (heck, most majors) have a decent chunk of GEs in common that you can take without loosing a year of progress while you sort it out.
  15. Swimming is cancelled indefinitely, the play was cancelled a week before opening night and there won't be a summer one, and school is all wonky. With everything shut down, the org formerly known as the BoyScouts of America has been a total godsend. If you're looking for some structured activity for your DC (it's coed now), I totally recommend it. Adult scout leaders have been awesome. Youth scout leaders have organized zoom-based troop meetings and teaching sessions for rank advancement. Last week DD's troop held a virtual camp-out where everyone camped in their own backyard (or living room) and they discussed the usual things via zoom. DD has a list of probably a dozen merit badges she's working on and she's currently leading her troop as they work through the Emergency Preparedness badge (lolz). It's the most structured and engaging thing we've got going on here. On an interesting note...the current situation seems to have accelerated the total removal of gender barriers that I figured would take many years. The boy's and girl's troops here used to meet separately (but at the same time/place) and have separately planned activities. That's gone - the pair of youth leaders jointly plan and run meetings, scouts of any gender teach and signoff requirements for any other scout, etc. I suspect the kids did that on their own, w/o intervention from their leaders, because it was just easier. Will be interesting to see if it sticks once they can meet in person again.
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