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  1. well...the end of week-2 on campus. So far, so good. Infection rates are reported to be low (though, the state's are rising rapidly, so I don't imagine that'll last). Masks are mandatory everywhere and DS reports essentially 100% compliance. He's making fewer friends, and it's harder to spend time with them, because the usual start-of-year/new-freshman activities were all cancelled. But he does seem to have found some peeps, and honestly DS isn't super people/friend focused. Half of his classes are fully online, the rest are hybrid with the exception of a dance class. Voice lessons are being
  2. PAH's AP PhysicsC offering has changed a bit. There are 2 teachers. Jeff Lanctot uses Physics for Scientists and Engineers (Vol 1), 4th edition by Giancoli and offers both a year-long mechanics and a combo for mech + E&M. Dr. Jack Kernion also teaches both the year-long Mechanics and a combo class. He uses University Physics Volume 1, OpenStax Collection, Rice University. This is essentially the same class he offers directly through physics-prep, but with some additional live classes, class chat sessions and similar.
  3. Time Left: 3 days and 1 hour

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    Looking for the text + solns manual for the Introduction to C&P. Not very picky about condition.


  4. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Looking for the text + solns manual for the Introduction to C&P. Not very picky about condition.


  5. We live not too far from Kenosha, and DW went to college there. Recent protests seem to be mostly peaceful, though it sounds like there are federal agents (DHS) coming in, so there's fear of the same kind of unmarked-car/un-ID'd-officer abductions that happened in Portland. It's unclear exactly what we're going to do, TBH. DS is strongly sympathetic with the BLM protests, but is also planning on taking 19 hours this term so honestly - he won't have much time anyway.
  6. Move-in day was supposed to be Sunday. The college just pushed it back a week (classes were to be all online the first week anyway, so no class schedule change, just move-in day). DS is headed to college in Kenosha, WI. This past week there have been protests and riots and out of state, right-wing nut-jobs with long guns shooting people out of some declared sense of vigilante justice. Pushing back move-in date was the right call here. Kenosha is not a big place and this is scary. The campus is pretty self-contained, but it's also only 3 miles from where the 17-yo kid shot 3 people. <si
  7. DS's college suggested 30, which he's taking. DD16 did her EagleScout project coordinating the construction and distribution of reusable/washable cloth masks to various community groups (churches, daycares, a women's shelter, and the general public). All told, she + team made and distributed ~1600 cloth masks. https://eagleabby.wixsite.com/abby has links to the patterns used + detailed instructions and how-to videos. (https://4fbf9280-895f-4488-9f71-538553b85597.filesusr.com/ugd/5c88d0_442bda68539e410c918541adcd4ba03e.pdf is the best fittest mask instruction, imo). They're pretty easy
  8. masks are required everywhere, and you change the frequently. the school suggested you bring 30 reusable/washable masks. cause apparently no one does laundry. <shrug> You're supposed to wear them all the time when not in your room (I'm totally fine with that policy, fwiw). just today, 100% shuffle of class times and days. no change to onsite vs not, but all at totally new times. who knows. it will definitely be interesting.
  9. yeah - that would be easy. Some practical application of ML on public datasets, for example. (train a predictor for local county covid infection rates would be easy to setup and relevant)
  10. I've never seen it described that way, but...sure. There's only a few extra units in a BC vs an AB class, and they aren't _all_ at the tail end, so I doubt they're really splitting it that way. year-long AP Calc BC is what you want, so you're good there. interesting. I didn't realize PAH offered a full-year micro. I've more commonly seen people take the macro as a full year, but there's no reason you cant do micro first. That will likely not be a ton of work. Which might be good. re: USH. many states and high schools have a year of USHistory or USH/Gov as a graduation req
  11. DD16 (jr this year) is looking for a 1-semester course that's 'mathy'. Myself, and probably 90% of my coworkers, have at some point taken Andrew Ng's excellent Coursera ML class, so I was wondering about that. https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning the linAlg required is light, and there's a review section in the class. She's never seen MATLAB or linear algebra beyond the treatment of matrices in the AoPS series, so I suspect the 54 hour completion time estimate is low. If it took 75 hours or 100 hours...enough for a 1/2 year class credit? Am I thinking about this incorrect
  12. re: AP exams - start calling now. How difficult this is to find depends very much on your area. None of those are rare or unusual AP classes, so that helps. re: Calc...AB first semester, BC the second? Usually it's just BC, the whole year. And you only take one of the tests. BC isn't that much more material than the AB, so personally I always recommend that one, but some disagree. re: Econ...Macro first term, Micro the second, or whole-year Macro? That IS two distinct tests, unlikely the calculus. The scheduling that includes both in a year is very doable for a motivated student.
  13. DS was just notified that he will have a new roommate. Move-in is next week. Apparently the previous one withdrew from the college. I'm a bit disappointed in old-roommate that he didn't even say anything. <shrug>
  14. us too, just now. Dorm move-in is next week (DS will be a freshman). Roommate just withdrew from school for the year. New roommate was assigned immediately. Was hoping he might end up as a single. no such luck.
  15. just like my every working day. We had all better get used to this. 😕 DS moves in on 8/30 and all his classes were originally in person. Just today, we've received notice that some will be remote - sort-of. His voice lesson and music theory class will both be conduced from some room on campus where he's the only one in the room and the instructor will be over zoom. The school send a list of acceptable mics and you bring your laptop and plug it in. Apparently the rooms have pianos, which they'll need. The students are supposed to go through a cleaning protocol before their class/l
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