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  1. AEC

    IT career

    I think that's a balanced prospective. I don't want to paint an overly negative picture of 'IT' roles, and of course there's a broad spectrum across industries and locations. But it's worth understanding the distinctions between those career paths and, say, software engineering. If we're looking forward 10-30 years a lot of things will change due to consolidation (cloud is likely to become ubiquitous, even for small non-tech companies), commodification, and impact of ML. I expect that much of marketing, SW test, and even SW development is going to end up automated by AI/ML. Which mostly means that anyone considering a tech-adjacent field should expect to be continuously training and upgrading their skills for the duration of their career.
  2. AEC

    IT career

    <for context, I'm a hiring manager and tech lead at a big cloud computing company. That makes me somewhat biassed, but it also provides a glimpse into the IT/tech departments of my customers.> I will strongly 2nd Calming Tea's advice. Companies, even banks, health care, and government, are rapidly moving to the cloud which amounts to outsourcing and consolidating much of what was traditionally considered IT (networking, storage, backup, security, DBA, and similar). The part of IT that looks like 'sysadmin' for individual users still exists, but can also be outsourced and has become less relevant over the past decade or two. The job prospects for CS/ CSE in pretty much any sub-domain (networking, databases, storage systems, distributed computing, cad, ML, web programming, etc) are the best I've ever seen. It does generally take a 4-year degree and you do want it to be from an accredited university. There are of course exceptions, but where you get your degree and the grades you get while there will materially impact your job offers out of the gate. After the first job, it matters quite a lot less.
  3. "one of the more straightforward APs to prep for" totally OK w/ that. She'll have CalcBC as well next year and feels strongly she must get a 5 so it'll be stressful. She's interested in the art and the art history. I was interested in the following description on the APH site... "This time commitment includes reading, writing"...."several independent research projects that explore non-western traditions are required as well. Students are responsible for up to 40 pages of reading and several writing assignments weekly." I'm looking for a regular (e.g. weekly) requirement of writing that requires some analysis (doesn't have to be super deep), that is graded by someone who is not me, and I don't care what the topic is. Ideally it's something she's interested in. Anyone have experience with this teacher (Amber Kane)?
  4. DD15 is quite interested. The course description @ PAH ( ) sounds pretty good (esp like the description of regular writing, which would be good for her).
  5. Was at Stanford for a tour & admissions Q&A this week. They noted specifically that you can self-report SAT/ACT scores and only send an official after you're admitted. They also noted that they're find if you've taken the writing part and you just leave it out (it wasn't even me that asked!)
  6. Macro is with dr Richman in the fall and they coordinate it so micro w Mr Burns starts right after it completes, in the spring. Both ap tests in May , ofc.
  7. Thanks for all the inputs. Yeah - we're aware of the special entrance process, that each school wants something different for the application and that at the auditions. And that the acceptance rates are super low. It's utter craziness. hadn't see unified auditions before - that is so awesome, thanks. (there's two on there he's specifically interested in - Michigan and FSU due to their connection w/ Disney) Any idea if those unified auditions are 'as good as' going to the campus or one that's specific to the particular program? We'll for sure ask the programs, but I wonder if it matters even if they say it doesn't?
  8. yes, it's Carnegie Mellon. He's gotten conflicting reports about the possibility of double majoring if you're motivated and willing to take a bit longer than 4 years (he would be, and he's likely to go in w/ 10ish AP classes, so that might help some with timelines. Michigan seems to explicitly allow 'dual majoring' between the mt group and other colleges, which is a plus - though I expect he'd fit in better at an overall smaller place like CMU. We'll see. The admission %s on both schools are in the single-digits for the MT programs so it's unlikely he'll actually have to pick between them.
  9. funny story. DS17 took the ACT and got a great score. You can tell he is different from me because 17 yo me would have said 'woo-hoo I'm done w/ standardized testing for college entrance forever'. DS though ''s good, but what if some college likes the SAT better so I should ALSO take the SAT.' Wishing to avoid hearing him be all stressed out for the next month while he preps for this exam I don't think he needs, I suggested he call the admissions board of a few colleges he's interested in and just ask them. So he did. Discission w/ CMU's admission person went something like: DS17: Hello. I'm very interested in attending CMU. I'll be applying this fall. I just took the ACT and got a 35, but I was wondering if you have a preference for SAT over ACT so maybe I should take that too. CMU Admissions: that's a very good score. congratulations. No, then don't care. Wait....what department are you interested in? DS17: Econ CMU Admissions: nope, they don't care. DS17: and Musical Theater. CMU Admissions: <pause> oh honey. They SO DON'T care. <snicker> He was honestly pretty insulted. 😛
  10. DS took Macro & the 1/2 year version of Micro from Mr Burns last year. Both he thought were good courses, though he enjoyed Macro more (enough that he's thinking about a college major in Econ). He was a bit mystified about what the full year micro course covers because he didn't think the 1/2 year version had an especially fast pace. He got 5's in both and felt well prepared, FWIW.
  11. DS17 took the ACT for the first time a few weeks ago. Got a 35 composite score - which seems pretty fantastic. Everyone's thrilled. Then the scores for the optional writing part came out, and he got a 7 - which is apparently the median score. He was all set to send his ACT to his current fav schools (uMich, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford) but w/ the writing score in there he feels like 'it's ruined' and he shouldn't send it to anyone. It feels odd that he got a 7 on the writing part, given 36's on the english/language sub-components of the ACT and that he's got a pair of dual-enrolement English writing classes under his belt w/ A+s in both. but it is what it is. I understand that many (most?) universities don't require the optional writing part, but since he took it I assume they'll see his score? How much do they care at the selective universities he wants to attend? He wants to double-major (Mich calls it 'dual majoring') in Musical Threater & Econ, which are generally separate colleges within the university, so he'll need to get into both at any particular school to go there. Thoughts on what to do or how much this matters? IS there any way to send only the composite and not the writing?
  12. we've had a good run w/ OKState german online. DS has done 1-3 and is mid-way through 4. He'd like to take AP, but it's uncertain if he'll get selected to enroll in AP. And, if I'm being honest, it seems to be running down. I'm not sure if it's that the upper levels are less well structured than German 1&2 or it's that they're getting a bit long in the tooth, or that some of the sr individuals have moved on...but the earlier ones seemed more solid. SO - anyone have a recommendation for AP German other than OKState?
  13. DS17 wants to take AP Stats next year. Prefers we go through this together rather than signing up for PAH or similar. I got the same book they're using in the class (The Practice of Statistics, Daren S. Starnes; Dan Yates; David S. Moore (2010) ). I understand that Statistics is a field of study that uses math, not just purely math, and that a significant portion of the course is understanding data, how to get it, and what it means. But having come from AoPS for all math classes since pre-algebra the presentation is seeming a bit....noisy? Anyone have a recommendation for a more direct presentation of the subject that we could use as a companion text?
  14. A rather unexpected opportunity has arisen, and we might be relocating to Connecticut. Hslda suggests the hs laws are pretty lax. Don’t even have to submit a curriculum? DS will be a SR next year and DD a sophomore, so we’re in the middle of high school. What should we know about homeschooling in CT? Culture shock coming from Northern California? They’re both theatre and swimming kids. There’s lots of theatre around...but is it super cut-throat at the kid/community level? How’s the social acceptance of hs’ing?
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