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  1. DS got into Carthage for both Econ & MusicTheatre and an invite to the 'honors program'. He's in the running for a president's scholarship, but automatic merit scholarship and other things makes most of tuition already covered. This is his backup school, so he'll get to go someplace! 🙂 CMU MusicTheatre declined him an audition. he was sad. He didn't think he'd make it in, but thought he'd at least get to the onsite audition. 😞 still waiting to hear from several others.
  2. based on my DS's experience, even the compressed, 1/2-year micro was less work than the 1/2 year macro. He felt it was less fun and interesting as well. Loved Dr Richman.
  3. after a bit of improved google-fu.... are not bad. if you have one you think is better I'm interested.
  4. having understood the theory, this seems like a place were a bit of drill-and-kill would help. It's just easier to do the rest of calc if you don't have to think 'now...what was the derivative of sin?' Anyone got a source for pages and pages of polynomials, expressions, trig equations, we can practice chain-rule and product rule and derivatives of trig and exponentials till it's just automatic? When the kids were little I generated pages of arithmetic practice in excel. Not sure how to do that in this case...but that's what I'm looking for.
  5. yeah - we looked and it seems like you have no choice but to enter it as text. We cleaned up all of the text, just typed it directly into the box and italicized something, then hit review. And are seeing the same problem. DS decided that he'd rather risk having the reviewers see it with an extra new-line (and expects that they'd understand where it came from) than risk having it show up un-italicized and having them think he didn't know how to correctly identify the title of a he's going with italics.
  6. Thanks for all the replies and suggestion! - Mitty (and all of the Catholic private HS's around here I've contacted) categorically refuse to allow outside students to take AP exams. - All the public schools here will let you sit for them, no problem! As long as you'd be going to that school if you weren't homeschooling....and none of the schools in our district offer, or are willing to admin, MT. - we've also had good luck w/ the upscale private HS's and the various independent learning centers. Except for this particular exam, as it requires quite a bit of 'extra' to administer. - CollegeBoard has a (I think it's new) website that let's you search for locations that have given a specific AP exam in the past, by geography! 252 places in the state of California for MT. I've called probably 60% at this point. - "Call CSMA and look for Kirsten Shallenberg" thanks. will do. - Berkekely HS is the current best bet. They'll let any one sit for any exam they give, if they have space. they're checking on space..and if so, that's where he'll do it. "On AP MT, one reason why it isn't common is that music schools often don't accept it." this. He's a senior so score will have no impact on any college admissions and he knows no one will give him credit for it. He's SUPER glad to be taking the class - he has a singing performance background but little music theory. He's said he'd prefer to take it, but won't be upset if he can't . Which makes me wonder why I'm spending QUITE so much time chasing it down....but that's another issue. 🙂
  7. +1 (+2 even!) I asked the same question of CB and got the same answer - no way to know who's offered what. This like gives me at least the list of the 252 schools in the state of CA that have offered MT recently. Warming up my phone dialing finger.....
  8. trying to find a place to DS to take AP MusicTheory. It's not super common, and it takes a bit of extra to proctor it (listening + I gather recording stuff?). This is proving problematic. The places we've done this in the past aren't offering MT. So I called CB and got the usual 'give me a city and I'll provide you with 4 places you can check with'. Fine. Place 1 - they do not, nor have they ever, proctored or offered AP MT Place 2 - they do not, nor have they ever, proctored or offered AP MT Place 3 - it has the name of the city I gave her in the name of the school, but is actually in Florida, not California. Place 4 - is in the village by same name as the city I gave her, but is actually on an island in Guam. We are not in Guam. I gave her the state and zip when she asked, so it's not like this is impossible to have gotten this right. On calling back...they have no ability to identify schools that offer MT, specifically. This is going to make for a very large amount of phone calling. 😕 Anyone have a BayArea location that's offering it? Or are you looking for one - maybe if there's more of us we can convince one of the testing sites?
  9. He cut-and-paste from the screen of a GoogleDocs file. If original source matters, then I wonder if this is about the editor leaving hidden markup tags in the document that it doesn't render correctly (<shudder> memories of wordStar come rushing back to me). We'll try rm'ing the whole text and see if it works if you have nothing else. also...directly uploading a PDF? I didn't see an option for that in the essays...but Ill look again. That'd be the way to go! If everyone else isn't also having this problem then we're clearly doing something wrong, so we'll try again. thanks.
  10. Anyone else having this issue? DS has the titles of a few plays in his college essays, entered through common app's website. They look correct when entered, but there's a 'preview' that generates a PDF that is apparently what the reviewers actually see. In that, each sequence of italicized words comes out on it's own line. Like the above. Same if you use underlining. We tried generating the 'preview' on both a chromebook and a mac. Same result. Anyone else getting this? Google is failing to find this issue for me.
  11. 1) decide what you want to do. The majority of career paths for Physics include a PhD. Is that what he wants? If so, then choice of undergrad should be based on what will get him into the best Physics PhD program because that's the one that will actually matter. 2) if it's engineering, what kind? If it's electrical or computer/software I would seriously consider StonyBrook. It has, imo, the best reputation of the SUNY's to employeers outside the area. It is, for example, the only SUNY that Amazon directly recruits from. (if you want a job straight out of college at most of the 'big tech' co's you will need to be graduating from one of the universities they directly recruit from. you can get a job there w/ a degree from anywhere if you've worked someplace else but they generally only recruit 'fresh-outs' from a limited set of's a technique for winnowing down the massive # of applications'. I get why everyone is super debt averse re: collect. That said, if you're in a high-demand tech field the delta in first-year compensation from a top-tier univ vs a middle one can easily be 50k/year. It may, or may not, eventually even out depending on job performance. Eventually, no one looks at this and only as what you've done before or are able to do in an interview loop. OTOH, what you did before depends in part on where you were able to land for your first job. So it does matter. To be clear - I am __not__ saying that there's no path for a successful engineering career unless you go to a top-tier univ. Definately not. I am saying that it's easier and usually more lucrative, however, from a top univ. In fields like comp sci & EE, if you can get to the top-tier univ it's almost certainly worth the debt.
  12. TBH, I'm surprised admin committees would accept this. it just encourages personal biases.
  13. Both my DC have (one currently is) done ScoutsBSA (the org formerly known as BoyScouts. Girl Scouts is structured differently). We've found it to be especially good for teaching this skill. Done correctly, scout troops are run by scouts. Youth pick the outings, badges to work on, run meetings, plan and execute campouts, track everything, do most of the instructing, etc. Adults are there to ensure safety and to assist - when asked. That last bit has been the key. 100% of the adult leaders we've encountered would bend over backwards to help - but the individual scout must initiate and ask (sometimes adults, sometimes older scouts) for whatever it is they need.
  14. I'm curious - PAH indicates that stats must be taken before or concurrently with AP Psych. did you? If not, how much back-filling of math skills was necessary?
  15. doing a transcript for the first time for DS17s college apps. I looked @ a few of his target Uni's, and none of them listed a requirement for having taken PE or heath or similar in HS. He's got plenty of credits (6 classes / year) w/o adding them, and it'll actually bring his weighted GPA down because there's no such thing as 'honors PE'. He's a year-round swimmer, so it wouldn't be a big stretch to get a credit for that, or we could do a unit of heath or whatever this year. But will anyone object if we just skip it?
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