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  1. FWIW, my special needs kiddo never had any obvious GI symptoms and she had tested negative twice for celiac (including the extended panel) and wheat allergies (including the extended panel). We had been told by the pediatrician that "well, SOMEBODY has to be below the 2nd percentile". Then when we tried GFCF after the autism diagnosis, within about 6 weeks she had gained 25% of her body weight. In 4 months she went from a size 18-24 months to a 4T (she was 2 yrs 11 mos. when we eliminated gluten & dairy). Parents need to do what they feel is best for their own family, but I think the "don't take them off gluten unless there are obvious GI symptoms" notion is terrible advice for kids with autism.
  2. I did my 2nd bachelor's online and while most of the time I could use an iPad or even my iPhone, for certain things in my course I did need to be on an actual computer. I graduated 2 years ago so I can't remember specifically off the top of my head but it was occasionally an issue (maybe 5-10% of the time).
  3. I agree with this, but I do think removing gluten and dairy takes priority so that the child is more likely to eat the wide variety of foods necessary to have a healthy Paleo/Whole 30/etc. diet.
  4. I was terrified of removing gluten and dairy from my special needs child's diet because she only ate a handful of foods, all of which contained gluten and/or dairy. There is evidence that kids with "leaky gut" can literally get addicted to gluten and casein because of the chemical structure similarity to morphine. I found a GFCF muffin recipe that she liked and mixed pureed fruit, veggies, and even meat/poultry into the batter. Yuck, but she was willing to eat it. After detoxing from gluten & dairy, she became willing to eat a wide variety of foods. Now 7.5 years later she's actually my best eater of my 3 older kids.
  5. I don't have a lot of room in my freezer to chill the insert so I hardly ever use the one I own. I suspect I would use one more if it didn't require chilling in my freezer.
  6. Are you planning to go on to a 4 year school to complete a bachelor's? If so, does your target school have any limitations on how recently a class was taken? I chose to re-take language development because I figured the knowledge had changed tremendously since the first time I took it due to all the neuroimaging studies. It's a good thing I did because many grad schools have a 5 year time limit on pre-reqs. If I had transferred in the old class then I would've had to retake it in grad school at a much higher tuition.
  7. There is an argument to be made that conspicuous consumption benefits the broader economy through creating jobs for people like this girl's father, the factory workers who manufacture luxury goods, the salespeople, etc., etc. If all of a sudden consumers with disposable income stopped spending, our economy would tank. Is there an ethical duty to consume rather than hoard wealth under a mattress? One could argue that there is (I personally think the situation is a bit more nuanced than just "money is the root of all evil" or "greed is good" but that's too much of a tangent) It's sad that this girl lacks the critical reasoning and debate skills to make that kind of argument rather than just getting her knickers in a twist & complaining to Mommy.
  8. I have been told by our family's pediatrician that she will see my SN child until her 22nd birthday. Your local ARC branch may be able to refer you to a family medicine doctor good for a SN young adult.
  9. It's an assessment used by Applied Behavioral Analysis therapists that goes up to IIRC a neurotypical 5 year old level. It covers language, social, self-help, and pre-academic skills. It's written in ABA lingo so if you don't know the terminology, it's going to be hard to interpret the results. ETA: I would recommend reading The Verbal Behavior Approach by Dr. Mary Barbera prior to attempting to use the VB-MAPP.
  10. My condolences to your family. Even with a strained relationship, it's a tough loss. {{{hugs}}}
  11. Yes, this. I had to spend a good 15 minutes explaining the verbal pun "chili today, hot tamale" because my DD didn't understand it. With one of my other kids I might've had to spend 30 seconds explaining what a tamale is since it's not a Mexican entree I personally serve, but they would've gotten the pun after that. With my SN child I had to explain that "chili" the food sounds like "chilly" the weather descriptor and that "tamale" sounds a bit similar to "tomorrow". Furthermore, I had to specifically tell her I was making a joke.
  12. Pregnancy #4 at 41 almost 42 absolutely kicked my backside. I had dangerously low potassium at 30 weeks that caused me to think I was having a heart attack and take an ambulance ride to the ER. Then I developed Piriformis Syndrome so bad that I couldn't walk until the doctor prescribed me Tylenol/codeine (neither medicine I like taking but I needed to be able to function). Then in my 8th and 9th months my blood pressure crept up until spiking at 38 weeks, resulting in an emergency induction. The good news is that delivering my baby resolved all the issues. It's fortunate that I didn't anticipate how miserable the pregnancy was going to be because I might've had second thoughts about trying for #4. But when people bring up the possibility of #5 I respond that I'm just too dang old!
  13. I like most nuts but am not a fan of Brazil nuts. I got a big bag of them though when we were trying for #4 because they're supposed to help with implantation. Also pineapple core (ick!) It worked though 🙂
  14. Our family has participated in SPARK and also Simons Variations in Individuals Project. SPARK didn't provide any results to us and we sent the blood samples in several years ago. Simons VIP has reported results but to even be included in that research project at all there has to be a previously identified gene mutation or chromosomal microarray result.
  15. Supposedly Maximized Genetics is better for privacy as they don't sell data to Big Pharma. I still haven't done it as I'm dubious about any genetic testing except through a doctor/research organization legally required by the GINA law to keep the information private.
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