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  1. Every kid is going to be different. My DD has a fairly severe language impairment and while she has made progress over the years, it's been glacially slow. That's why the whole ASD 2 category is so misleading. Your DS and my DD are both ASD 2 but their challenges and need for support are very different. His sound like they're much more behavioral while hers are much more in language.
  2. My DD has needed YEARS of explicit teaching of narrative structure as part of her speech therapy. While she does have some anxiety issues, her inability to tell a narrative was due to the language impairment.
  3. I don't know anything about EverlyWell but I have used and Sign up for their emails as they often run sales. I use them when I want a certain test or panel run but don't want to go through the hassle of convincing one of my doctors to order it. For example, I used Directlabs a few weeks ago when my doctor ordered basic anemia panel but I thought she should've done a more comprehensive one. As it turns out, everything was normal so I didn't actually need the extra tests. But the peace of mind was worth the out-of-pocket costs to me.
  4. Labor costs will get passed through. Walmart/Target/etc. sell for cheaper than traditional supermarkets because the workforce isn't unionized. So milk will be $2.99/gal at Target but $3.49 at the grocery store. CA has a minimum wage of $12/hr so our milk is going to be more expensive than areas with similar wholesale prices but lower wages.
  5. The first 5 years of our marriage we were an Army family so I learned very quickly to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. when we could rather than worrying about what the calendar said. Don't sweat the small stuff...
  6. My maiden name starts with Mc and everyone in my dad's family abbreviates it M.
  7. First, have the child evaluated by a good pediatric dentist or ENT for tongue tie. If there's a posterior tie, it may not be obvious and until it's released, you can go YEARS in speech therapy with very little improvement (BTDT with my 2nd). I would also recommend making sure the child can do auditory discrimination among the various consonants. You mention f vs. s and those were some of the consonants that my hard of hearing child struggled with due to her high frequency hearing loss (which we believe went undetected for at least 2 years and possibly up to 4). Her articulation errors cleared up within a few weeks of getting a cochlear implant (aside from developmental ones like /f/ for /th/).
  8. FWIW, our pediatric neurologist (who handles medication management for my SN child) says that in her professional opinion Intuniv and Strattera are worthless. Right now my DD is on Clonidine at night and the Daytrana patch (same medication as Ritalin) during the school day.
  9. College level courses "verify" high school level coursework. So freshman English verifies 4 years of high school English, college math verifies all the previous math courses (so up through Algebra 2, pre-calculus, or calculus depending on the first college level course taken), college biology/chemistry/physics verifies the corresponding high school level class, etc. Also, in my state, there is a high school proficiency exam (*NOT* the GED) that students can take when they have completed 10th grade level work. Both my 2 oldest students took the CHSPE at 13-almost-14. My almost-17-y.o. will complete her associate's degree & then transfer. My 2nd is applying to boarding school for 9th so assuming he gets accepted he will have a standard high school transcript. My oldest was offered a Grade 13 at boarding school (we weren't in a financial position to send her for 9th) but she isn't interested.
  10. My old OB-GYN told me that the Paragard has a LOWER failure rate than getting my tubes tied. It's a good thing that I listened to her advice because much to my surprise I changed my mind about being "done" with 3. I would very much have regretted permanent sterilization had I gone with that instead of the Paragard.
  11. If he has any inflexibility about how fairy tales "should" go, then I would definitely say to skip it regardless of age. Kids with ASD are so individual that I don't know if that would be a concern for yours but I wanted to give you a "heads up".
  12. I'm on my 2nd Paragard. The first one worked great for the almost 3 years I had it before deciding that I actually did want a 4th child. No issues with cramping or heavier/longer AF with my first one. My first post-partum AF was very heavy but since I'm still nursing I suspect wonky hormones rather than the IUD. If it continues it would be annoying but not enough to remove the Paragard.
  13. Bingo. I took a class entitled "Assessment of Deaf Students with Disabilities" through Gallaudet that was actually just a regular SPED assessment class (I'm totally ticked off about the mislabeling because I could've gotten a regular SPED course for cheaper elsewhere but too late now). The textbook and professor said that under RTI only 1-3% of students should be in SPED. Well, we know that 20% have a learning disability so that's leaving a whole lot of kids not getting appropriate intervention. Now granted not every kid with an LD is going to need SPED services but it's definitely well above 3%.
  14. Ugh. My DH won't read labels but he knows to either get something naturally GF like fruit or to buy something from the GF section. Really, it's not that difficult.
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