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  1. Crimson Wife

    PANS/PANDAS Crisis, looking for BTDT

    I agree with giving ibuprofen plus an antihistamine. We do Claritin in the morning and Benedryl at night because of drowsiness with the latter. We've also seen improvement with a high EPA fish oil, turmeric, and resveratrol. CBD oil may also help with inflammation. Hemp-based CBD oil is legal everywhere and in states with medical cannabis then they could try cannabis-based CBD oil. We did end up having to start prescription anti-anxiety medication. Zoloft caused aggression so the neurologist switched her to Prozac and that worked better.
  2. Crimson Wife

    Target inventory woes?

    Baby formula is locked up at most stores because apparently it is one of the most frequently stolen items. I guess some parents are so desperate for cheaper formula that they are willing to purchase it off Craig's List, etc. even if it probably was stolen.
  3. Crimson Wife

    Target inventory woes?

    Walmart is awful and has been for a while, but all of the various Targets I've been to in January (at least 4 that I can think of) have had seemingly normal inventory levels.
  4. Crimson Wife

    mini update on my son, possible PANS/PANDAS, etc

    My special needs child has been dealing with suspected PANS for a couple of years. Her integrative doctor believes it is PANS based on symptoms and response to treatment but as the source of the triggering infection was never identified, he's calling it "suspected PANS" rather than giving the official diagnosis. Anyways, we have seen improvement with resveratrol, turmeric, and a high EPA fish oil. We may go the IVIG route as soon as we are able to get in to see a doctor willing to order it for her (our current integrative doctor doesn't do IVIG).
  5. Crimson Wife

    juggling multiple specialists - help?

    To the extent that I can stay within the 2 major hospital systems in the area (UC San Francisco and Stanford), I do. Because both of those have gone electronic and I've signed release forms, all the doctors and other healthcare providers affiliated with one of them can view all of DD's records back several years. Unfortunately our general pediatrician has her own independent practice and uses paper so anything she does isn't in the electronic file. Ditto for DD's speech therapist and her occupational therapist. The ABA center has an electronic file but it's not accessible by anyone outside that organization. I can definitely empathize with juggling multiple specialists. Within the past year DD has seen audiology, behavioral therapy, endocrinology, ENT, genetics, integrative neurodevelopmental pediatrics, neurology, occupational therapy, primary care pediatrics, and speech therapy. This spring we're planning to see a different geneticist at UCLA who does research on her neurological syndrome and I put in a request for an appointment with Dr. Frye in AZ as he's an expert in the role of immune dysfunction in autism. I don't know if he'll agree to see her but if he does, I'll take her to Phoenix.
  6. I know we've had a discussion on DLD vs. SLI on this forum but I don't have time to go digging through the threads to find the right one. Anyways, here is an interesting article on the topic from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (professional organization for Speech & Language Pathologists).
  7. Relationship Development Intervention and the author is Steven Gutstein.
  8. SPARK will test siblings but it doesn't give results back to families. Its purpose is building a DNA database for researchers to access. Now the Simons VIP study also does genetic testing of siblings and I'm not sure yet whether or not we will get notification of the results. The coordinator told me that they'll have the results back from the lab in about 4 weeks, so if they do provide notification to families, I should know by the end of the month (we sent in the test kits shortly before Thanksgiving).
  9. I can't compare We Thinkers to Super Flex or Social Detective as I haven't seen the latter but We Thinkers is excellent. It's the program used by the best of the social skills groups my DD has done (unfortunately the clinic changed the day to one that didn't work for our schedule so we had to stop). Don't let the age range scare you off because even though the ST website says it's for 4-7, it's something that can be used throughout elementary if the child needs those foundational skills.
  10. Crimson Wife

    Can I share some more baby cuteness.

    What a sweetie!
  11. Crimson Wife

    S/O Abcde - musing on naming conventions

    I've seen a couple of "cool baby names" lists recently that included the name "Aryan". In this political climate it astounds me that anyone could offer it as a serious suggestion. ETA: I'm not the only one questioning this:
  12. I wouldn't automatically blame the schools. I've had my kids swear up and down that I never taught them [insert topic here] when I can pull out a textbook that they acknowledge they did to show them where said topic was covered. Teachers have no control over what information their students actually manage to retain vs. have go in one ear and whoosh out the other. I
  13. Thanks for posting this! I got the "Talk With Me" book because conversational skills are an area where my DD really needs work.
  14. Not sure, but one big disadvantage to a FSA vs. a HSA is that FSA money has to be spent by the end of the plan year while HSA money can grow tax-free until such time as the owner needs it. If someone is healthy and has minimal expenses, a HSA is much better than the FSA.
  15. Crimson Wife

    Narrative language in autism

    SLI generally refers to Specific Language Impairment and by definition, a child with autism, any other developmental disability, cerebral palsy, hearing impairment, etc. cannot have Specific Language Impairment because the primary disorder would better explain the speech & language difficulties. DLD refers to Developmental Language Disorder, correct? That's just a new name that some people are now using for Specific Language Impairment and again, by definition it's a diagnosis of exclusion. If the child has ANY other diagnosis, he/she cannot be given a diagnosis of Specific Language Impairment/Developmental Language Disorder. It has to be "mixed expressive-receptive language disorder secondary to [insert primary diagnosis here]" or something along those lines.
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