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  1. I'm actually taking an Early Childhood Education course right now that's required for me to get an ECE teacher permit in my state. It is the absolute BIGGEST waste of time so far. This week's assignment was reading a chapter on setting up the preschool environment and it's total common sense. Seriously, does anyone NOT know that a preschool/daycare should have activity centers, a library corner, handwashing stations near both the eating and toileting areas, a playground, etc. ? 🙄 The title of the course is "Curriculum Development" so I thought it might have some useful ideas about what to do if I do wind up working as a preschool teacher. Maybe we will later on but as of now it's making want to poke my eyes out.
  2. Now you're twisting my words here. I never claimed that a degree from a particular school would render someone "unemployable". What I said is to be aware that there may be a stigma. If I said that employers may have a stigma against a GED and that a dropout should consider enrolling in a H.S. diploma program or an associate's degree at community college instead, would you claim that I'd said that a GED renders the holder "unemployable"?
  3. My personal take on this is that many, if not most, homeschooling families these days are trying to stay if not exactly dual income, definitely not single income, while homeschooling. They need to outsource to co-op or online because mom needs the time to devote to her work-at-home job. A big reason that my 2nd has applied to boarding school for high school rather than continuing to homeschool is because I hope to start my graduate studies this summer. I homeschooled my oldest from pre-k through 12th and my 2nd from pre-k through 8th. I'm ready to move on to the next phase of my life.
  4. Maybe this one?
  5. When Maximized Genetics had their Black Friday sale I bought a MaxFunction panel for my SN daughter. I went with them over 23andme, etc. because of the privacy issue. The flip side is that MaxGen only sends a SNP report and not full data that can be uploaded to Promethease or other interpretation sites. So I'm left with a bunch of results that are probably very useful if I understood but that are just a bunch of letters and numbers to me right now. Can anybody help? CBS rs2851391 homozygous CYP1B1 L432V homozygous DAOA rs3741775 homozygous FUT2 (all 3 variants) homozygous MAOB rs1799836 homozygous MTHFD1 rs2236225 homozygous MTHFR A1298C heterozygous PEMT rs7946 homozygous SLC19A1 rs1051266 homozygous SOD2 rs880 homozygous SUOX(A628C) rs7297662 homozygous TCN1 rs526934 homozygous
  6. A school that offers credit by exam and/or credit for "life experience" is not going to be viewed the same by potential employers as a state university that requires completion of coursework through them for graduation. Fairly or unfairly, something like Thomas Edison may be viewed as a "diploma mill". Maybe not as bad as University of Phoenix or one of the for-profits, but the stigma is real. My last paid position was at an employer who had blanket prohibitions on applicants who listed certain schools if the position required a bachelor's or higher. The policy may have unfairly disqualified certain applicants, but it was put in place for a reason.
  7. Unfortunately I don't think that it's only a matter of time. I do think that healing the gut can help many people with ASD but that'll only help if there are gut issues. It's not going to fix any genetic mutations that exist and as more and more patients with ASD are getting genetic testing, it's becoming clear that spontaneous "de novo" mutations cause a significant subset of cases. There was just a study published this week that raised the number of known genes that cause ASD from 50something to over 100. Nemechek is worth a try if you haven't already done so, but he's delusional if he thinks it'll help EVERYONE who has ASD.
  8. What (if anything) is she planning on doing with it? If she hopes to use it in the paid workforce, I would personally recommend doing the online wing of an established state university like AZ St, Utah St., Penn St., Maryland Global, etc. rather than something like Thomas Edison.
  9. I could see an indirect link in that effective contraception has led to a dramatic increase in the number of babies being born to women 30+ vs. <30, and maternal age is a known risk for autism.
  10. Birth control use has been widespread since the very early 1960's, but the autism epidemic has been much more recent. If it were hormonal contraceptives, then why would that be? FWIW, the child whom I conceived while on the patch is NT while the one with ASD I hadn't taken hormonal contraception in probably 4 years prior to getting PG.
  11. Every kid is going to be different. My DD has a fairly severe language impairment and while she has made progress over the years, it's been glacially slow. That's why the whole ASD 2 category is so misleading. Your DS and my DD are both ASD 2 but their challenges and need for support are very different. His sound like they're much more behavioral while hers are much more in language.
  12. My DD has needed YEARS of explicit teaching of narrative structure as part of her speech therapy. While she does have some anxiety issues, her inability to tell a narrative was due to the language impairment.
  13. I don't know anything about EverlyWell but I have used and Sign up for their emails as they often run sales. I use them when I want a certain test or panel run but don't want to go through the hassle of convincing one of my doctors to order it. For example, I used Directlabs a few weeks ago when my doctor ordered basic anemia panel but I thought she should've done a more comprehensive one. As it turns out, everything was normal so I didn't actually need the extra tests. But the peace of mind was worth the out-of-pocket costs to me.
  14. Labor costs will get passed through. Walmart/Target/etc. sell for cheaper than traditional supermarkets because the workforce isn't unionized. So milk will be $2.99/gal at Target but $3.49 at the grocery store. CA has a minimum wage of $12/hr so our milk is going to be more expensive than areas with similar wholesale prices but lower wages.
  15. The first 5 years of our marriage we were an Army family so I learned very quickly to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. when we could rather than worrying about what the calendar said. Don't sweat the small stuff...
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