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  1. :iagree: The only ones that can't be kept secret are issues of safety or health. And an adult is never allowed to tell them to keep something secret from parents. Ever. I had one person do that to my kids and when I found out about it...you can imagine. It was a seat belt/car seat secret and you can bet that person will never ever again be alone with my kids.
  2. I firmly believe in less intervention. Dh still has his-no problems. Same with most of my family. I had my canines removed for braces (small lower jaw-removing caused my jaw to buckle and a gap on top), and later had an infected impacted wisdom tooth and so they removed them on that side at age 24, but not the other side.
  3. Whoever says no is obviously not a good influence in your life.
  4. :iagree: But not required for the host to accommodate. My children and I have had allergy and intolerance (and vegetarian lol) issues over the years. I bring food we can eat no matter what. I don't ask people to accommodate our issues. First of all, I wouldn't trust ANYone to know how to properly handle allergy protocol. I had very intelligent healthcare workers even insist things like Reese's don't count with peanut issues and stuffing isn't gluten because she didn't add flour. One year when one of my kids had a birthday at a family member's house by HER request I did insist on no dairy being served as she was very little and didn't understand what she could eat, would eat food like Cheetos off the floor, and had a really really severe reaction. I was promised yes and we showed up to a house full of dairy. Like, cheese dips left out next to our cheese-free alternatives with dairy filled crackers and cheetos and things set at kid-height and where cross contamination was inevitable. I would have had it elsewhere (like I wanted) if they would have been honest with me. So if you say you'll do something, I think it's respectful to follow through. And yes, we went home with a kid with horrific puking, diarrhea, and a bleeding rash on her birthday despite watching her like a hawk the best we could with family passing her around. Personally, I always work around guest allergies (except cat, not getting rid of those) to the best of my ability. But I do warn them that I will do my *best* but I'm not perfect, so they're welcome to come watch or help me cook if it's an issue. I've had people not tell me their allergies until afterward. Don't do that. Tell me. Seriously. It's no big deal and it makes me feel terrible if you sat through something that causes you pain.
  5. :iagree: :iagree: :iagree: Do you want my genetic DNA? Because FWIW, those tests are inaccurate because of the lack of enough samples from tribal peoples. ;) But yes, I have done my genealogy and DNA and while I have some NA descent (Powhatan Algonkian), it doesn't even matter. It's not ok to characterize an entire living breathing surviving group of a genocide.
  6. This. A million times this. When I was underweight (115 lbs soaking wet with ribs poking out at 5'5"), I went to a gym to work on leg strength for my bad knee. The trainer was insistent that I lose more weight since my hips were so big. I'm a pear shape. I have tiny little kid wrists (where they take frame size), a smaller waist, and a big ole bottom even when I'm in starvation mode. It really hurt me to be told that. I was trying to *gain* weight because I felt ill and frail. There is no one size fits all chart. Of course now I need to drop 30 lbs, so I'd hate to hear what they'd tell me now. I just can not lose it no matter what I do.
  7. I've even worked in medical offices and never heard of this! I've also never once been called back less than 15 minutes post-appointment despite the fact that I am always early. Always. Delays happen and some professionals are just completely inconsiderate of patient time.
  8. I always always always leave with at least 10-30 minutes to spare.
  9. Cytotec has been studied and shown to be quite dangerous. Even with a loss, I would not allow it but opt for ROM and pitocin. I am very very sorry. :(
  10. Well, I'm not having notifications or anything I *know* I recently wrote and responded to show up in notifications or my content. I feel bad because it makes it look like I'm ignoring people! I have to google it and hope it comes up.
  11. It entirely depends on the terrain, company (little kids take like 5x the time to walk a distance), and weather. Where we are now, it's a lot steeper terrain, and colder, so 1 mile is far to me. Back in IL we would walk like 5 miles and barely bat an eye.
  12. I always wonder why these people don't start with themselves if their prerogative is just extinction. It also makes me wish for stricter gun control laws because if you're pro-extinction, it makes me question how far you'll take that. :iagree: And let's not forget that drastically falling population rates can actually cripple economies and society. The people who want the world to be void of humans seem to forget that they'll need younger populations to wipe their butts and give them prescriptions when they're old or ill. It is just ridiculous to me.
  13. Anyone want to chat about what they have made/are making? I dabble mostly in 18th century costume making, but I've been wanting to branch out more. Does anyone do this with their kids? My oldest is a dedicated costumer, too. We try to work some into our history studies. :)
  14. I guess we will have to disagree on what selfish means. I am raising kids I love and who love and care for the earth and who will hopefully make it a better place. I don't see that as selfish. I see raising kids just to tote them around as accessories to be selfish as you are not thinking about them or the world. I guess if you think the only morally appropriate answer to life is to live a life of stark asceticism, then you should probably not be on the internet using the resources (oil, gas, nuclear, rare minerals). This is the modern world. We can try to do better, but pointing fingers at who is most selfish like it's some sort of competition doesn't help anything. It's some sort of jacked up elitist argumentation. ETA: The only time I see this argumentation is in some sort of one upmanship about how wrong someone else is because you obviously care for the earth more. It's bull hockey. Totally. Are you out there helping find alternatives and voting with your conscience and doing better or are you posturing yourself as great? We are humans. We are animals. We are of this earth. The earth will be there even when we're gone (for at least a few billion years). It's pretty good at taking care of things that hurt it. I do not see it as selfish to be alive or to have children, but individual actions may be selfish.
  15. Thanks for the recommendations! We had a huge collection but had to donate them when we just moved. :( Ohhhh very cool!
  16. Your dentist sounds great! I had a NURSE do that once when we were at the office. Didn't realize we homeschooled. It was so absurdly inappropriate.
  17. I agree. This is *certainly* not a "young person" thing to me. In fact, I get the most of the above sentiment from people my own age or slightly older. I've been around two groups of college aged kids in the past week who were super cool about kids and talking about how they want to homeschool and travel with kids before they even knew I had kids or homeschooled. :thumbup1: Ok, I actually like Whine About It. That one didn't bug me in the "kids are awful" thing. He's a comedian. That's very different to me than very real outrage about kids being, dare I say, kids. Sometimes we need to laugh at ourselves like that, though I draw the line on things intending to actually hurt feelings or actually put down any part of the population.
  18. I understand what you're saying. Some people also have kids and treat their pets better than their own children. I'm super super duper cat lady but I know the difference between being a loving and responsible pet owner and crossing the line into what may be mental illness. I know one person who crosses the legal and ethical boundaries with their dog child often, even going so far as to try to take it into the CCU in a purse. I think it's less of a misplaced maternal instinct and more into a mental illness realm for some people. :/ And I certainly don't want to judge others for not having kids. It's none of my business. But I do know a disproportionate number of people who came to regret that decision since I worked in hospice and infertility, so I'm not totally ignorant about the long term effects. As the child of someone who definitely never wanted kids, I think that wish should be respected (though I'm glad that failed for one person in my life so I'm here lol), but I still am allowed to be irritated and saddened when someone feels their valid personal choice gives them a right to harass and insult mine.
  19. I agree with you. As for society being family friendly-no, not really. If it were, we would have paid parental leave, a lower maternal death rate, and less child poverty & starvation in our society. It's biologically natural for many to question the decision to not have children-it's a biological drive to reproduce. But I have yet to see someone lose their job over their choice to be childfree, meanwhile every day women lose their jobs or pay because they lack support in childrearing in our society. When I worked hospice I heard lots of laments on not spending more time with family or having another/any kids. I never heard a regret over the kids they had, unlike what I have seen from people in my age range. I think in the end there will be some gratefulness and clarity of your decisions. I'm pretty strict about not hanging out with vocally anti-child people. I have five kids, I don't like being insulted or treated like I am an ignorant earth killer.
  20. I fully support choice in child bearing. I would unfriend people like you see, OP, because our values do not match up and I find it extremely rude and disturbing to mark any part of the population in such nasty terms. It's the attitude and rudeness that I can't stand. So if you're child free by choice, at least have the decency not to insult others and hurt people with infertility. KWIM? I used to work in infertility and many of my patients lamented "waiting too long." It's a risk you take. I think doctors and peers convince people that there will always be later and that infertility treatments are so normal that it's no big deal. That's not true and it hurts people with infertility to hear that it should be "so easy." Now I will warn you to stay away from news articles about population growth or kids in general because the comments on those always make my stomach turn.
  21. My poor children have a mother who sews 18th century Robe a l'Anglaise and corsets by hand for fun. Most go to my kids, but I swear one of these days they'll bring a friend home to find me surfing the web dressed in an 1880s bustle. Whatever floats your boat.
  22. The only place I can afford to travel is somewhere I can hitchhike, too. So while I think that is unsafe, I'd totally get on a plane today to Europe without a second thought as to safety and more than any other trip near to home.
  23. Well, my 11 calls them Yorkshires for some reason. I blame her watching too much British TV.
  24. We really love Halliburton's Book of Marvels. But now we're looking for more "living" geography books to read for around the world. Does anyone have any favorites that they've used?
  25. Lukeion: You will need a LOT of time dedicated, including dedicated computer/internet time for required recorded lessons to watch outside of "class." This became an issue when we were moving and didn't have internet for awhile! They're wonderful, but something to keep in mind. :) Also, your kid will steal your computer at only the times when you really really need it. So have a back up. ;)
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