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  1. Also - forgot to ask - does anyone know where I could see samples of the Holt books?
  2. Thanks Lori for reminding me about Lial's Algebra. I've never used her books but I have a copy of Basic College Math and like the layout. I was able to find one on Amazon, the version they use in Jann's class, for $5.14 which included shipping so I ordered that just to take a look. For that price it will be worth it even if I just use it to supplement something else. I'm going to review these other options as well. Choosing math for this kid drives me crazy. We just don't think the same way. I want to use AOPS LOL.
  3. Just an FYI - I found out a couple of weeks ago that James Madison University (in VA) is now fully test optional, even for homeschoolers. I talked with the recruiter for a little while and she expects this trend to increase. I was flabbergasted. I never expected a major, secular university to go that route. Now if UVA ever went test optional (even for public school) we would know hell had frozen over :-).
  4. Math is a struggle for my youngest. She has executive processing issues. But it's been coming along over the years and now she's ready for Algebra. I can't use the programs I have in the past because they just won't work with her. She needs to read the explanations in order to understand. Oral instruction isn't very useful at all so I have found video programs to be pointless, especially if they don't have a full textbook along side. I am capable of teaching the math but I've found that it's most effective if she reads a lesson and does some problems and then I come in and help when I see where her mistakes or misunderstanding are. So far the programs that have worked best for her are R&S Math and Teaching Textbooks. She used TT last year (pre-algebra) but didn't watch the videos. We could continue but I feel like she's capable of more challenge as long as I find the right way to teach her. It's not a matter of her being "bad" at math, but more that she needs to be taught in the way that helps her understand the best. For the summer we are lightly going through Horizons Pre-algebra just to help make sure she doesn't forget and she's doing fine with that but so far it's all material she's learned before. I know they have an Algebra 1 but since that's all they have I'd rather find one path (if possible) and stick with it at least until Pre-Calc. If we have to change for Pre-calc that's fine but I'd rather find something for Alg1, Geo, and Alg2 so each year I'm not trying something new and hoping it isn't a bust. Right now my forerunner is Fresh Approach. I like the uncluttered, straightforward layout of the text and the explanations seem clear. But I worry about something I don't know much about. Is it comprehensive enough? Does it cover what we need etc? Thoughts? Recommendations?
  5. Found it! I was looking for Put That in Writing.
  6. Thanks for the ideas. I’m looking for someone to do at home too. I looked at her schedule for high school and I am considering waiting until 10th (she’s going into 9th) so maybe I can put something together myself. Hmmmm. That sounds crazy LOL.
  7. I haven't done it yet. My daughter won't do chemistry for another year. But I'm considering adding just the text from Spectrum Chemistry. It has more math and I got it at a used book store for $2.50 LOL.
  8. I figure maybe 3rd time's a charm. I have graduated two without being able to find anything I like so now that my last is coming up to high school I was hoping there is something out there. I don't need history. We have that. Geography will be an elective. I want physical and cultural geography. At this point I'm ready to give up on the idea of finding something I really like and going with BJU or other straight textbook option. Anyone have an experience with those? Thanks
  9. Have you considered online dual enrollment? My daughter got a lot of general ed credits out of the way doing that. There are some very cheap options out there. Also, check into the colleges your student is ultimately hoping to attend. In our area the SAT/GPA scholarships are only available to freshman. By that they mean kids who have not attended college after graduation. You can have as many college credits as you want but it you attended college after graduation then you are no longer eligible. This includes CC. So what seems like a cheaper option can really be more costly. My middle daughter graduated at 16. She turned 17 that summer and went away to college. I don't know many kids who could handle it. She did but I also knew she could. She is now a sophomore double majoring in psychology and chemistry.
  10. I just got the link to download the first 6 weeks of Grammar for the Well-trained Mind. Can't wait to look through it!
  11. Thanks for the sympathy. I have to say that the convention visit was far more successful than I expected. I took my daughter and let her decide on a lot of things. She chose Biblioplan's Remember the Days Year 2 book which really surprised me. We've been using BP for several years but the Remember the Days book is new and we haven't used it. I was going to take this year off of BP before starting high school because their companion is really hefty and I wanted to save it for high school. I told her to pick any history she wanted (except ancients since we did that last year). She loved the RTD book. She chose two literature guides from MP (Beowulf and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight) and started making a list of other books she wants to read from the time period. So yippee. She chose Fresh Approach Algebra which I told her we could start after we do some review at the beginning of the year. It's the first math book she's asked for so I'm going to say yes LOL. I scored a full set of R&S Grammar 6 (text, teacher, workbook, and tests) in practically new condition for $20 at the used curriculum sale and she decided she wanted to do Essentials in Writing. I got grade 9. I'm not in love with it but I don't hate it either. She does well with explicit instructions and I think it will be good for this year along with writing in R&S. I didn't get it while I was there but I'm probably going to get Art of Argument at some point as well. At least I don't feel quite as unplanned LOL.
  12. I'm going to a homeschool convention this weekend. I haven't gone in a while and thought it would be fun to look around. So yesterday I sat down and decided to make a list of things I need to decide on so it could be a more useful trip. I realized I have only made a 100% sure decision on ONE THING!! That's no good at all! Now this trip is less fun and more work LOL. I'd love to hear ideas on things to look at. Sometimes I feel like Ive been doing this so long nothing is new and interesting but the student I have left at home is so different from my other two I am starting from scratch curriculum-wise. My plan so far: 100% sure - using Guest Hollow for science. 80 - 90% sure - AOPS Pre-Algebra. We used Derek Owens Pre-Algebra this year and she needs one more go-around before Algebra so I thought this would step it up a bit (we liked DO though). But I'm worried about it and open to other options. 50% sure - taking a break from a 4 year cycle for a year of American using CLE's 8th grade with Sonlight 100 book list. I'm not against this idea but don't love it. the rest - no real clue. waiting for samples on the new Grammar for a Well-trained mind but not sure on that. No ideas for writing. Need to step up literature studies. Not sure if we will start a language. Geez - time to get in gear LOL
  13. I posted on the WTM FB page and asked about samples. They said they are hoping for samples "in the 2nd week of July - give or take a week'.
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