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  1. DS15's math credits are all messed up and I'm not sure how to represent them on a transcript. He's looking at a few competitive schools. Please no flames...we had a lot of attitude difficulties, disorganization on my part trying to cover four grade levels, an unexpected late pregnancy, and a special needs baby who has spent 8 weeks in the hospital and had 6 surgeries in 8 months. Here's what happened starting with the first "high school level" class: MUS Algebra 1 - taken in 3rd grade AoPS Prealgebra - take in 4th and 5th grade...I learned about advanced math curriculums too late, and we found the transition difficult so we had to backtrack when we switched to AoPS. AoPS Introduction to Algebra - Started in 6th, continued in the first half of 7th, detoured the second half of 7th, and finished in the first half of 8th. Algebra 1 - I put him in the public middle school for the second half of 7th grade, and this was all they could offer him. He fiddled his thumbs for the semester and passed the required end of course exam with special recognition for getting a perfect score giving him official public school credit for the entire course. AoPS Geometry - Started in the second half of 8th and finished in 9th. AoPS Intermediate Algebra - Started in 9th and finished in 10th Khan Academy - Mastered all of the Trig sections and some of the Precalculus sections (just didn't finish others) He's going into Running start next year and tested directly in Calculus 1. He also plans on taking Calculus 2 and then Calculus 3 or Statistics.
  2. I was just talking to someone about this on Monday. She says she is able to keep it at bay with daily fish oil supplements (Nordic brand). If she misses even a day, she says she can feel her eyes start to swell. I hope you find a long-term solution!
  3. We have both: chores that must be done without pay and chores that are paid.
  4. You're right. We need to make more opportunities for them to use their spending money.
  5. Do you allow the kids to skip their chores if they choose to do so knowing they won't get paid for the ones they skipped? We just started last week, and like the last time we tied chores to allowance/commission, they simply chose not to do their assigned jobs. They knew they wouldn't get paid if they didn't do it. So my 5 year old only earned $0.25 out of $2.50. My 7 year old earned $.70 of his available $3.00. My 12 year old got $4.50 out of the $6 he could have earned (he likes being big ticket items). My 14 year old earned $2 out of $7. They are not allowed to pick up extra chores unless their regular assigned ones are done.
  6. I tried all kinds of diet tricks, being careful to eat frequently enough to keep my blood sugar up, and sea bands to no avail. B6 (50mg) and half of a Unisom (regular strength*) at bed time each night get rid of it completely. I was on it until 19 weeks, 24 weeks, birth, and birth respective of each pregnancy. I should have stayed on it until birth with the first two because I was miserable even if I wasn't throwing up anymore. * You must use regular strength Unisom only. The extra strength is a different medicine. This combination of B6 and Unisom creates a medicine that used to be on the market called Bendectin. It was voluntarily removed from the market when a different medicine caused problems. It continued to be used in Canada under the name Diclectin for the next 30 years with no safety concerns. The FDA has recently approved Bendectin for use again in the US.
  7. Darn! It sounded like it might be helpful after your last post. I hope you find your miracle!
  8. Each tablespoon contains: 60 calories 0 grams of fat 730 grams of potassium 14 grams of carbs, 10 of which are from sugar Each tablespoon also gives 10% RDA of calcium and 15% RDA of iron. Per wikipedia, it also contains up to 20% RDA of B6, magnesium, and manganese.
  9. I take a tablespoon (the silverware kind, not the measuring kind) stick it in the jar, and run the bottom of it across the mouth of the jar so that I have a heaping tablespoon that isn't dripping. I've started just taking it straight and chasing it with food or drink to get rid of the taste. I just had my fourth cycle. It was 5 days early for some reason. I had slacked off on the blackstrap molasses last month, and had a slightly heavier period than the previous two. It was still manageable. I left the house on my heaviest day for a few hours without issue. It was over in five days. Oh, and no PMS at all. I had no clue that my cycle was coming early at all. And that is totally weird because the whole reason I was on the pill was to battle PMS, because my whole family is miserable with my PMS. I have no idea why it is working so well for me.
  10. Here is a report from Berkeley showing increased ER visits and deaths related to bacterial intestinal infections immediately following San Francisco's ban on plastic bags. They chose San Francisco because it was the first major municipality to enact a ban. According to the report, other areas enacting a ban has seen a similar rise in illnesses. I'm not a germaphobe, but I wash my bags.
  11. You'll want to read that article posted by Kathkath. Reusable bags need to be washed weekly because of the germs they pick up at the store. Our city is banning plastic bags as of July 1st. I've made myself a few and need to make a few more before I'll have enough to carry all of our groceries each week.
  12. Talk to the librarian. Between the lack of permission and the financial issues, they should remove the fine.
  13. I wear almost nothing but my $120 Brooks running shoes. If I want to walk without constant and significant foot pain, I must spend the money on the shoes. I have one pair at a time and wear them every day.
  14. Lacey. Guess I should have said that initially. Thanks for pointing it out.
  15. Hey everyone! I'm hosting a get-together for local homeschoolers from the board at my house on June 7th. We'll do this potluck style at 11am. Let's shoot for an end time of 3pm. I have plenty of room inside and outside in a fenced back yard. We have a dog and three cats. The dog is old and friendly. PM me for an address and phone number....in the Olympia/Lacey area.
  16. I took this photo of my bed one recent morning after I extricated myself from it. My husband had woken up some time before so I'm not sure how much of the bed he actually had available to him. My foot, at one point, had been between the large black cat and dog.
  17. Coming back for another update as I just finished my third monthly cycle since quitting birth control and starting blackstrap molasses. (I posted my background in post 22 and 33.) First, I made it through PMS like it was nothing. Normally, I'm irritated and frustrated at how everyone is behaving...because the hormones make me think THEY are the problem...and I end up taking it out on everyone. This month I noticed none of that. I never felt irritated at anyone for anything, though my husband claims that there was a day when things were tense. I'm not sure how things could have been tense when I wasn't feeling irritated...but even if he's right, it was a huge improvement. Second, my period lasted a whopping THREE days!!! What the heck happened there? The first day was light to medium. The second day was medium with no flooding at all. The third day was light. Normally the second and third days are so heavy I have to stay home or very close to home. Instead we drove two and a half hours away, hiked up a mile of switchbacks, hiked back down the mile of switchbacks, drove to a nearby town for ice cream, and then drove two and a half hours back home without any incident. ETA: I've taken to just taking a heaping tablespoon straight...like swallowing gross medicine and getting it over with...on days that I want to eat something other than a smoothie for breakfast. ETA: Ok, so I sort of had a fourth day, but it was so light that I didn't need any protection for it.
  18. Our favorite thing to do with turkey is make turkey pot pie. I use a filling of onions, carrots, celery, diced potatoes, peas, and turkey seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme. I precook it about half way before adding to the pie crust. Then I pour a homemade gravy made with a roux and turkey stock over the filling before adding the top crust. I've bought three turkeys since Thanksgiving (including the Thanksgiving one) just so we can have turkey pot pies. After the initial roasting, I divide up the leftover meat and bones into 5-6 freezer bags for future pies.
  19. Doughnuts....and my church serves doughnuts every Sunday. Even if I eat breakfast before I go, I can't not eat them.
  20. Congratulations! What would you say has been your biggest obstacle, and how did you overcome it? Do you find people (strangers) treat you differently than they did 80 pounds ago?
  21. I've been following your story all along. I'm so sorry for all that happened. I pray that God gives you peace and works on his heart while keeping him safe.
  22. Mine kids' names mean: Female variation of a name that means "Who is like God?" "God has heard." "YAHWEH is salvation." No meaning, but is a different spelling of the English form of the name of a Biblical person in the New Testament. The baby we lost in a late miscarriage: strong (first name), God's peace (middle name).
  23. I start with 1 cup of 100% juice. I usually use blueberry pomegranate. To that, I had a good handful of spinach (probably about a cup), 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries, 1/4 cup of frozen blackberries, 2-3 frozen strawberries, 2-3 chunks of frozen pineapple, a banana, and a tablespoon of unsulphered blackstrap molasses. My understanding is that the regular molasses doesn't work. If I don't have blackberries, I just use 1/2 cup of blueberries. This makes about 16 ounces, and I shoot for having it for breakfast 5 days a week. Here is a thread at earth clinic where people are talking about their experience with blackstrap molasses. It seems that everyone has a different way to get it down.
  24. Got a notification that brought me back to this thread. I mentioned that I've been trying molasses to help my cycles. I've had another cycle since then, and it was the lightest cycle I have ever had. It lasted five days. Day 1, 3, and 4 were light. Day 5 was so light it barely counts; I could have used a single panty liner for the entire day. Day 2, my heaviest day, was heavy with no flooding at all. To contrast...my previous normal cycles lasted 8 days. Days 1, 4, 5, and 6 were moderate. Day 7 and 8 were light. Day 2 and 3 were very heavy with flooding so I had to double up with a Diva cup and an overnight pad if I wanted to leave the house for a short time. I couldn't be away from home for more than an hour on those days.
  25. I like Marie's in the refrigerated section, in part, because it has no preservatives. I sometimes thin them with a little milk.
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