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DD22 Robbed at Gun Point while on the Job

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Please don't quote this, I may end up deleting it.


My oldest DD 22 had her birthday yesterday. In addition to going to college full time, one of her jobs is working part time as a teller at a credit union. Her co-workers decorated her area for her birthday.


A suspicious man entered her bank wearing a fake beard. He ended up choosing her teller line to rob the bank.


Thankfully the guy was caught. She's still pretty shaken up. Her work has offered her counseling, and I've stressed to her that she needs to take them up on the offer. I feel so bad for her.


Here's the news link.

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I've been told that EMDR is a weird but effective treatment for post traumatic stress treatment. I would definitely tell her to take advantage of the counseling and consider trying to find someone who is trained in EMDR. It sounds weird and new agey, but there seem to be studies out there supporting it. http://www.ptsd.va.gov/public/pages/treatment-ptsd.asp


:grouphug: That is so scary, for both of you!!!! What a relief that he was caught and no one was hurt!

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wowzers :grouphug: I sure hope she takes them up on the counselling. She may not realize how badly this will hit her for a few days yet as the adrenaline and surreal feelings of it fade away. I am so very very glad you were able to post that she is okay and that the idiots have been caught and not something more tragic.

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