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  1. And because this is something I think of often, I have started a bucket list and am checking things off as I go. This spring/summer I intend to start to hike the 4000 foot mountains in NH and I won't stop until I've hiked them all. I am also joining a women's camping group. I want to buy a retro style camper and take off for a.few weeks each year by myself or with a VERY few select people. These glampers meet all over the US and I have been studying campers for a good 6 - 8 months now. I gave to my family my entire life and now want to do for myself. I am blessed that my family fully supports this and is thrilled to see me doing things for myself. One other thing I did on my bucket list was to adopt a kitten. I always adopt harder to place animals. I felt guilty so I also adopted her mother and another boy kitten. It yook dh months to discover that I had 4 cats. :D
  2. What is the correct form of B12. I still can't figure this one out. I got an awesome raw food one but it made my heart beat rapidly and caused flushing. I didn't realize it had niacin in it when I bought it. My mom died at 68 of dementia, her sister died at 70 of vascular dementia, their mom had dementia when she died in her 80s and my grandfather died of Alzheimers. This coupled with the fact that I have had many concussions, one severe and life changing, leads me to believe I know what my eventual fate will be. My memory never recovered and I haveany cognitive issues at age 53. What would I do? Move to VT before it progresses too much. I told my family this is my desire.
  3. Hospice would be a much more peaceful and comfortable death but it's not like you can make anything happen. I can't imagine a father doing what he has done, and I can't imagine being the daughter he has done this to. I am really sorry for you.
  4. I tend to have a VERY obnoxious sense of humor and find what you speak of so cold hearted and outright mean.
  5. I do not have life insurance on myself but my family would be fine financially. I don't see how they will survive without me emotionally. It is something I have worried about for years. Dh is a good dad, but I am much, much closer to my kids than he ever will be. My family calls me the heartbeat of the family.
  6. It is SOO hard to sit quietly by and watch loved ones suffer because of their choices. When my parents were dying, I thought I would go insane myself. I get it. Your mom can't think clearly now. Do what you can yo show her you care, and when dna donor is gone, that is when you can show her how much you love her. That is when she will need you most. She has made her choices and has to live with them. They do not have to impact you - physically anyway.
  7. That is so gross!!! "Mom!!! Dad!!! Time to have sex so you can make more children for us to care for!" Really? Where on earth did you hear this?
  8. My two dogs I got for $400 I adopted from FL so they were cheaper than adopting in New England. I gave a video your of the home and yard. They are more lenient when adopting in the sputh because it is impossible to find hones for the numbers of dogs there. Just wanted to clarify. My cats and kittens have been from the south AND from New England. They all have cost $100
  9. Oh, and Aura! So happy to hear about the homeschool groups! The cost of the neuter is so cheap, I would ve surprised if that became an issue for the little fella.
  10. That is a very cheap price for a neuter. It is likely because you are in the south. Hornblower, I believe I remember that you're in Canada? In the US, rescues can be cheap - or not. In the south there is a serious problem with strays and poor dogs who live their entire life on a chain or in other undesirable circumstances. Adopting down south is cheaper. In the Northeast, many of the dogs in rescues have been transported from the south. I adopted a dog and his blind mother or sister (not sure which) and paid $400 for the two. I then paid another $300 to transport them to NH. I also adopted from a shelter in VT. This dog came from the south and was a puppy. I wanted an older dog but she was the only dog who would tolerate my over steung blackmouth cur. She was adopted out at 3.5 months and was not aoayed. I paid $600 for her. People complain about the cost, but I look at the volume of dogs which they transuport from the south WEEKLY and I am more than happy to contribute. The spay was another $300 or so. Money well spent. I saved a life.
  11. If you don't want to list your state here and are willing to PM ke, please do. I also know of many places which transport dogs yo shelters.
  12. I would NOT recommendong sending him to a kill shelter. Adoptable dogs are killed regularly. I would research rescue grouls and keep trying to get one to help you until you fond one. What state are you in? I have ties to a few...
  13. I am glad they will closely monitor you. If there are findings next time, get a second opinion. I was told my oldest daughter had Downs Syndrome and was encouraged to abort her. I never would have done that and left the practice. I went to Boston for a second opinion and the dr I saw was disgusted by what I told him. He said that from everything he saw, my baby had no findings and all loomed perfectly normal. Of course he couldn't guarantee anything, but he was confident all looked normal wuth my baby and pregnancy. She was born totally healthy, no issues, no DD. A neighbor of mine, after an amniocentesis, was told her baby had DS. Told it was with 99.9% certainty or something like that. Nope! "Funny little things" seems like a reckless diagnosis which, obviously, likely will cause mama nervousness and anxiety. I am sorry.
  14. I used the Diva cup but it actually orevented urination! I had to remove the cup to pee, and waiting too long caused a gross mess. Am I just a freak of nature? I'll bet nobody else has experienced this. It clearly obstructed urine flow for me.
  15. I am surprised Mazda got a good rating. I owned one once and will never buy another.
  16. My "going smaller" was to go from a Suburban to a Honda Pilot. Hondas are a much better quality vehicle. I live on a rough dirt road in NH and need 4wd. This is the only car I have ever owned in my LIFE which reached 100k miles. I usually get so sick of repairs that I traded in and got a new car. My Pilot has 128k miles and runs like it did the day I drove it off the lot. I am now a HUGE Honda fan and plan to stick with them. My husband just buys commuter cars which will lastonly a few years. His.little Fit does awesome on our road. I hate tiny cars like that. So I would suggest one of the sportier looking Hondas, but maybe that isn't what you're looking for.
  17. Bosch. Webhave had every brand under the sun but Miele. I am NOT one to like appliances. I am suck od the junk that is out there. I am very happy with our Bosch. It is 8 years old now and looks and runs like it did the day it was installed. Before getting out Bosxh we were replacing dishwashers every 3 - 4 years. I am in my 50's and have tried every stinkin brand out there. We will be sticking with Bosch.
  18. I was once actually told to go out and get a real job instead of dreaming up conditions I didn't have. Turns out that at 32 and skinny, my blood pressure was through the roof. Guess I dreamt that uo. $&%^!%# never saw that jerk again and have been on meds 21 years. Never tried a more natural treatment because mt dds health issues burnt me out. I alsi had a cardiologist dusmiss me once he found out I was a sahm. I now do work, but beforw I did start to, I started to tell doctors I was a private tutor. I got more respect. I also started to dress casual but nicely. I got more respect. It is all maddening. Jerks. They know it all, don't listen and disrespect. I despise most doctors.
  19. I have learned through the years when to see a naturopath and when to see the MD. Almost everything is covered by the naturopath, testing wise. Most of the supplements (minerals, herbs, etc) are not. Then again, you must find a GOOD one. I always opt for a natural treatment which, ahain, treats the ststem as a whole. I avoid pharmaceuticals wheneverpossible.
  20. Yep. Western medicine is limited and oftentimes they put a bandaid on the issue rather than treating it. With what you said above, U woukd have gone straight to a naturopath. You may remember, it took 32 doctors and 4.5 years before my dd got her diagnosis. Numerous and various tyoes of specialists, tube after tube of blood drawn (twelve in one sitting once!) children's hospitals and other widely known hospitals people travel to from all over the world, novody helped us. I was spoken down to fir putting dd through all the testing, etc. She was so sick. A naturopath is what cured her, a Lymes Literate one. Mineral deficiencies? I would go straight to a good homeopath. I also love ayurveda and Chinese medicine as they treat the system as a whole, not just the one symptom.
  21. This probably won't help you, but did anyone mention cluster migraines? My dd, now 17 (next month) was diagnosed when she was 6. The rolled on the floor in pain. They said it wasn't one conti uous mugraine, instead a cluster of them. Hers lasted 5 days. She also had neuro symptoms and was diagnosed with a murmur. I feel your pain. It took me 4.5 years and 32 doctors before we got our diagnosis. I was also bullied. I told many doctors I was NOT going to blindly trust them when my gut was telling me sonethibg else was going on. I was quite pissed when they tried to diagnose her symptoms as psychiatric in nature. I knew they ware SO totally wrong and never gave that another thought. Trust your gut. A mon just knows. I am so sorry you all are going through this and hope you get answere and an effective treatment soon. My dd did outgrow her murmur.
  22. I honestly wouldn't recommend adoption if you have bio kids. I would focus on raising them and giving them the best childhood you can. When the youngest is in late teens, that is a better time to adopt. I recommend this because my youngest has RAD and she destroyed my kid's childhoods. I am so sad that they will always carry the scars of having a RAD sibling.
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