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  1. Took me a while, and much cursing, but I got through the thread and posted links. Folks, I'm pretty good with words, but this one leaves me speechless. Or, at least, unable to form a coherent sentance without useage of words that would get me in trouble with mods. Wolf and I have long dreamed of going 'off the grid'. To *us*, that means solar power, wood heat, well and septic. I admit it, I'm a big ole wussy, b/c you'll get my internet when I'm dead, and I'm not going without running water and electricity, EVER. I really would LOVE to be in a position of growing a *lot* of our own food, be it on the hoof or in the garden. But we're not stupid, or crazy. We know what we don't know, and that's a LOT. Far too much for us to undertake such an event, from scratch. Could we sell everything not nailed down, and strike out on our own? Possibly. But I couldn't allow Bazinga the Wonder Dog to live in the conditions that these children were in, let alone my Minions. EVER. I wouldn't leave Bazinga with only three freaking walls. In the winter. What the holy heck?! And, I love my dog. But my kids are higher up the love chain than she is, so out of all the living creatures in my home, if it's not good enough for the DOG, there's no way on Earth I'd allow it for humans. I get the idea of 'roughing it'. And homesteading. I'm far too used to my comforts to be any good at it. But what they're doing ISN'T either of those. It's living in squalor, and attempting to legitimize it. I sincerely hope the children aren't returned. I can't imagine how much worse it would be, now that the children have been apprehended once, for the authorities to show up again.
  2. Honestly? I'd not bring the friends, and spend the $ that you would've spent on the other kids, on my own kids.
  3. I'm a mega Anne fan, so that's why I immediately recognized it, and how it would be pronounced. I guess it depends...Do you live in PEI? :lol:
  4. I guess the other twin's name, 'Anne' or 'Nan' is out...
  5. I was interviewed on the news about Kate looking so great.
  6. Things have been a bit hectic, but I'll try to pop in more.
  7. I love being married to Wolf. I don't know if I could handle being married to anyone else, though. I'm a wee bit too...unique...to get along w/someone long term, that isn't really tolerant and patient, and willing to put up with my special brand of crazy. I think any other guy would've been driven round the bend by me long ago, or driven me there. Add in the whole RSD thing, and yeah, it takes a special kind of tolerant to not want to kill me in my sleep.
  8. Anne is one of my all time favourite (literary) people, so I love Rilla.
  9. Thanks guys. I'm sorry I've been MIA. Things have been a bit chaotic, and I honestly haven't been much for just hanging out and chatting for a bit. This writing gig is harder than you'd think, esp one armed, LOL
  10. Today is appointments mainly. Boo has speech therapy. I have an appt. I also need to get caught up on YNAB, look at a cpl more submissions to send out, and who knows what all next.
  11. I came across a pamphlet the province has put out that cited French as among the required subjects in order for homeschool to be considered 'effective instruction'. Which makes me wonder how they enforce that. https://www.gnb.ca/0000/publications/ss/Home%20Schooling.pdf
  12. What I found about NB is that they demand French as a component, and have 'you must' subjects. Zero clue how they enforce that. I don't mind French, but the kids have been interested in other languages, so haven't been worried about one vs another. Just doing some research for now, not about to pack and move anytime soon, LOL
  13. I did post this on the other board, but wasn't sure how active it was. Anyone homeschool in either province? What can you tell me about it? I've looked online, and just was hoping to get some first hand info.
  14. Anyone homeschool in either place? What can you tell me?
  15. Those decorations are, and I've 0 clue why. Not my thing.
  16. I'm not surprised. They probably figure that if you, her mother, can't help her, there's no way they can. :grouphug:
  17. I'm so sorry. I keep saying it, but I just can't find better words. I misunderstood, I thought that they wanted you to go out and BUY a coat. If they're demanding one she owns, I'd give it. What happens is no longer your responsibility after that. And make sure there are witnesses (perhaps even recording?) of her getting the item(s).
  18. Not having a place to go *may* be what causes that to finally happen. That's the horrible thing about mental illness...IF someone in the home is unstable, to the point of violence, then younger children are at risk by their presence in the home, and if something (God forbid!) were to happen, and a child injured, could well result in a CPS investigation. I think not allowing her back in the home is really the only safe option for the entire family. I can't imagine how hard, how hurtful that must be, but I don't think there's another safe option. :(
  19. I'd call the police non emergency line, if you want to confirm, but yes, what Mrs. Mungo says has been my experience. Anything that is *clearly* hers, ie clothes should be made available to her. Stuff like furniture, etc, no. I was told (again, you can/should call to confirm) that unless I could prove who paid for it, it couldn't be removed. But, that doesn't mean you have to go out and buy her anything, either, that she doesn't already have.
  20. I'm so sorry. I think that disengaging, as best as you can, is about all you can do right now. She's an adult, and if she's able to be taking off here and there, she's able to figure out how to get herself a coat. You're not responsible for her choices, including her clothing, so I'd ignore all the nonsense they're texting you. You don't get to retain the rights of a child, when you demand those of the adult. (I'm talking about your birth parents trying to force you to buy her anything, here) Hoping and praying that she gets the help she needs, but for now, taking care of you, and your minor children, is all you really can do. I'm so sorry. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
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