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  1. My daughter did Algebra 2 with Derek Owens. She placed into college algebra after finishing his course. He was really good about answering her email when she had questions.
  2. The look and guess or "look see" technique encouraged by my son's public school did not work at all for my son, but he has severe dyslexia, so maybe that's the difference? I personally think if he had been taught to read books without all the pictures he would have started reading before the end of 4th grade. Interestingly, my son could only read 9 words at the end of 4th grade, but he had memorized several Dr. Seuss books. He knew the book word for word. He became blind to seeing printed words, and refused to even look at the words. I believe he may have "Dr. Seuss Dyslexia" or "educational dyslexia". He's been homeschooling now for two years, and he's currently reading at a 5th grade level. In two years I've taught him how to read which is something six plus years of "look see" and being in special education couldn't accomplish. I'm absolutely POSITIVE covering the pictures had a great deal to do with it. When I was teaching him phonics I had to use flash cards without pictures. If I used picture flashcards my son wouldn't look at the letter on the flashcard, he'd instead look at the picture on the card and know the sound I was looking for. If I covered up the picture on the card he had no idea what sound the letter made. By using flashcards without pictures he was forced to look at the card and actually learn the sound the letter made. I really liked having him use Bear Necessities and Dancing Bears. There are very few distracting pictures in these books. Now that he's a reader, is is drawn to comic books, but I think most boys his age are. At any rate, the OP was looking for suggestions...
  3. My son was in public school for six years (he repeated K twice), and at the end of 4th grade he could read 9 words. I homeschooled him over the summer, and when he returned to public school for 5th grade he was reassessed, and labeled "severely dyslexic". His reading had improved so much over the summer, so I decided to remove him from public school. He's now in the 7th grade and is reading at about a 5th grade level. I used several programs to get my son reading, and whenever one got too hard, I'd back up and or use another program. I used a variety of curriculum to get him reading. He needed so much practice, and he's just now really taking off. If your son loves Bob books, then give 100 Easy Lessons a rest for a month or so. You can return to it later. I recommend covering up the pictures in the books and only show them to your son after he's read the page. This was a huge deal with my son, his public school had taught him to "look for clues in the pictures". I really don't care for ABeCeDarian, but bought it out of desperation, when my son stalled out with Dancing Bears, and Plaid Phonics. I don't care for the program at all, I don't feel there's much practice, but something about this program really clicked with my son.
  4. I did the same thing. My home number was ported over to Straight Talk. Straight Talk works on the Verizon network.
  5. One of my daughters took Economics at our local community college. At the time she was a 10th grader. It was a good experience. In the fall, my 11th grade and 12th grade daughters both plan on taking two community college classes. One of the problems with dual enrollment is the kids get the lowest priority. Classes tend to fill up quickly.
  6. We always buy new, with one exception, an old Jeep which we bought used. Yesterday, I traded in my gas guzzling 10 mpg Tundra for a VW Passat TDi. I got 39.6 mpg on the way home. I am thrilled!
  7. The calculator says I'll have to pay $2,250 a month for health insurance, which makes the $1,599 I'm currently paying seem like a deal. :001_unsure:
  8. I feel your pain. My husband is self employed and a major oil company retiree. We buy health insurance through his old employer. That company pays a portion of my husband's premium as part of his retiree benefits. Our rates go up every year. We are currently paying $1,599 a month ($19,188 a year)! We can barely afford to go to the doctor, and definitely can't afford to do any lab work. When rates go up again next year we will probably have to drop our health insurance.
  9. I agree with the other replies. Rod and Staff Spelling by Sound and Structure is painless.
  10. We homeschool year round. My son has severe dyslexia. He was in public school until the beginning of 5th grade. His school failed to teach him how to read despite him having an IEP. He's behind in everything except math. I don't think following a tradition school calendar is an option for us.
  11. One of my kids is enrolled in American School. She started in January, and she's already completed three classes. Overall we are happy with American School. She's also doing some homeschool classes, and taking Alegra 2 with Derek Owens. In the fall she plans on taking a class or two at our local community college.
  12. I got tired of sweeping too, but I ended up getting a cordless stick vacuum. I got a Hoover Linx, which I love.
  13. I did the same thing with my dyslexic son, except I had him fill out a new chart every day before he started math. I also had some flashcards and he'd do one set (7's or 8's, etc) everyday. Now that he knows his multiplication, he no longer has to fill out the chart. When he's doing his daily math lesson I still let him use a chart, but he's not dependent on it.
  14. My son has severe dyslexia. He only managed to get to page 22, then the workbook became too difficult and frustrating for him. I've found that my son needs TONS of practice, he can't do one page and move on. He needs lots of repetition. He's at a point now where he could do the book again, but what we are currently doing seems to be working, so I'm not going to make any changes. The book was not a miracle for us, like it was for some Amazon reviewers.
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