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  1. I do not think she has that book, but I am not certain. I will check into it. I do have a friend that will let her be an assistant to the trainer/program manager, but not until next spring when she is a little older. Just trying to make it through!
  2. I am not looking specifically for Equine Science, and I am aware that Equine Science does not teach horse training. We have owned horses for nearly two decades and my eldest daughter is majoring in Equine Science with a specialization in Equine Husbandry at Texas A&M and also rides pro rodeo. ? For this daughter, if she is going to own horses and train horses (which she already does), she needs to have solid knowledge of horse anatomy and care. She is the first line of defense to identify and prevent injuries, to control pests, and to determine if the horse is in need of more care tha
  3. I wish we both knew. I let her interests lead this and so far it has been a combination. She is not interested in showing, but in being a trainer. What is a MOOC?
  4. My daughter has requested yet another horse related study. We have done Beautiful Feet History of the Horse, I am looking into Winter Promise Equine Science, and I am planning to purchase the Homeschool Legacy Horse Unit Student. I am hoping for something on a high school level. Thoughts? Suggestions? If we could integrate it with Sonlight's Core 100 (American History In-Depth) that would be ideal. I am also willing to write my own lesson plans if needed. Help a mama out!
  5. after FLL. This was pre-ALL (now known as Grammar for the WTM). Can someone that is more vintage help me find that? Thanks!
  6. instruction go into WWS Level 1? Especially if it is not rushed?
  7. Looking at the set of classes available for $20/month. Any input helpful.
  8. Just a note. I attempted to use the 3rd Edition Tests & Worksheets book with the 2nd Edition text because I had them from prior students. They are not compatible. The 3rd Edition has some concepts out of order from the 2nd.
  9. One of my dc is doing well in Saxon 5/4. She can do the lessons just fine, but hit a wall with the facts practice when she reached division. Should I stop and drill her on facts? She is not solid on multiplication facts and I don’t want her to get lost, however, not doing the actual lessons does not appeal to me. Thoughts and suggestions?
  10. Have you looked at the BF suggested progression schedule? Is there a reason you cannot combine the Primary and Intermediate for some of the guides? I currently have 6th, 2nd, K and Pre-K using the primary/intermediate combo for Early American and it is easily doable.
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