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    Looking for volume 3 specifically, in decent condition, and I would like the Teacher's Guide too.


  2. I have one, a sea turtle whose shell is a dive flag. I got it when I was 27 after finally completing master diver certification. I definitely don't regret it! I will be getting another one next month hopefully in honor of getting my black belt.
  3. I can't even imagine. Cancer sucks. :grouphug: :grouphug: :grouphug:
  4. Ha! Ds did something similar at that age. The hygienist earnestly explained to him the importance of cleaning his teeth to keep the "tooth bugs" from eating them. When she stepped out of the room to get the dentist, he said in his best stage whisper "Mommy, I'm not sure about this dentist. They don't even know what germs are here!" The dentist and hygienist were both :huh: . They used the correct terminology with him from then on. :laugh:
  5. Not school related, but...we were listening to Margaritaville on the radio... Ds8: Mom, did he ever find his lost shaker of salt? Me: It doesn't sound like it. Ds8: So he's like Bono - he still hasn't found what he's looking for. Me: :001_huh::lol:
  6. Ds8 is very into puns right now. One of his weekly chores is to clean and straighten the shoe shelf by the front door. This morning as he was doing his chores he called me in very excitedly. He was standing a few feet back from the shoes arrayed across the floor, holding the duster like a rifle, and announced "Look, I'm at the shoeing range!" before falling over laughing at his own punniness.
  7. Thanks Bethany! I hope you are too!

  8. Truscifi, this is your very first visitor's message! :) Hope you're having a great winter!

  9. A paring knife. My friend who owns the house (and the knife) was not thrilled, lol, but she tolerated it.
  10. "Mommy! I just found this fish floating in the lake! It is still flexible, so it must be fresh! Can we dissect it PLLLEEEEASSSSEEEE!!!!" "Cool! Now let's see what's behind the eyeball! Ewwww, is that its brain? It's so small! It must not be very smart." Sigh. Fish dissection was not part of the relaxing vacation at the lake I had hoped for, but okay. :tongue_smilie:
  11. Ds7 and one of his friends at the friend's 7th bday party: Ds - I got SiO2 on my cupcake! Now I can't eat it! Friend - Yeah, the crystalline structure makes it have sharp edges so it's not good for your insides. Ds - Well, at least the ants will get lots of C6H12O6. (As he goes to get another cupcake.) Can you tell we've been doing chemistry this year? :tongue_smilie:
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