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  1. I don't know if you are including me in that 3, but I want to thank you for being around during my continuing struggle. I hear he has cancer now. My kids report they are too young to have both parents with major health issues. They are. :(
  2. I'm in Texas, albeit a different county. My kids (he was only suing for one of the three) were asked, repeatedly, their opinions. They were 11 and younger. The family law mechanism is truly jacked up beyond belief. I'm still paying (and will continue for YEARS) on my battle.
  3. Some thoughts from a professional in the trenches with this population. One BIG issue is that insurance companies have reduced the payments to Master's level clinicians to an absurd low. At this point, I am probably not going to pursue getting on insurance panels because they do not pay enough. Some are as low as $30 per session. In my private practice, I have to cover CEU, rent, license renewals, liability insurance, marketing (directory listings, website, other stuff), an online/cloud health record system. That is just the business cost - not shelter, food, clothing..... And let's not me
  4. Reduce (or eliminate) washing. Use conditioner, in the shower, and use a very wide tooth comb or your fingers. After using conditioner to wash, I use MORE conditioner and let sit like normal conditioner. After co-washing, don't use a towel. Squeeze hair, and interact with it minimally. Like, don't touch it. Don't, don't, don't brush or comb after the shower, whether wet or dry.

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  6. Yes. It was my avatar for a while. I wanted one for a long, long time (before they were trendy and trite). But xh#1 didn't want me to get one. When we divorced, I thought about getting one, but I didn't want it to be the "divorce tattoo." So, I waited. After I graduated with my Masters and on my 46th birthday, I got my butterfly tramp stamp. (Yes, seemingly trite, but not to me and that is what counts.) I studied for my National Counseling Exam (to become an LPC) while getting my tattoo.
  7. I'd encourage you to stop associating "stress" or "stressors" with anxiety and whether it is understandable or not. Anxiety is (like depression) a brain dysfunction issue. There is something wrong with the brain. To try to manage life in a way to prevent anxiety (or depression) misses the mark medically. It may also add to the anxiety in making the human who suffers with it feel they lack something (coping skills, etc.)
  8. :grouphug: :grouphug: and virtual chocolate.

  9. Sending you a happy :grouphug:

    Praying for continued improvement and a happy birthday!

  10. Joanne,


    I don't know if you're dumb to stir that pot or just brave! Bravo to your effort! :)

  11. :grouphug:

    I wish I could say something super comforting and uplifting.


  12. I don't recall ever seeing the need to report any of your posts. :grouphug:

  13. When we agree, we really really agree and when we don't... we don't.


    :grouphug: Joanne, keep fighting the good fight :)

  14. I really appreciate your comments on the extended breastfeeding thread.

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