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  1. Sonlight read-alouds (history and lit). Didn't use the readers for all. Apples and Pears spelling Singapore math Just started MCT last year, but seems a keeper for both.
  2. I am thinking of doing Primary 6A and 6B with at least one of my kiddos...but we may switch right over to DM 6A and 6B. So do you feel DM 7A and 7B were roughly equivalent to pre-algebra? Thanks! If we use it, I am definitely getting the workbooks... I've looked at a few threads, and some of them led me to this question. Since DM is integrated, it seems like it's not an even pre-algebra, algebra, geometry. It includes some geometry...but would we take a whole course? Algrbra II? Would we jump into Trig? I feel comfortable with the teaching, explaining (I'm a former math teacher), but what course will you do after DM 8B?
  3. Apples and Pears has helped this problem for us. We'd tried whatever their public school programs were, All About Spelling, Spelling You See, and Sequential Spelling. None stuck like Apples and Pears.
  4. We're doing Town level of MCT. My understanding: John's hat is in her car. John's is a (possessive) noun, yes? (Or no?) Her is a (possessive) adjective, yes? (Or no?) If I change the sentence to "His hat is in Sarah's car", His is now an adjective, even though the function of the word is the same as John's, a noun. This doesn't make sense to me - parts of speech depend on the function of the word, yes? Why is the same function labeled as two different parts of speech? Where is my mistake? TIA!
  5. "I do feel bad her feelings were hurt." I understand this, but try not to. HER actions resulted in her hurt feelings - NOT your actions. She's counting on you to feel badly - that's part of the manipulation. You did great! And I completely agree with the above poster's "That's just Grandma". shrug. Responsibility where it belongs. When you feel calm and able - maybe whenever you were planning to do it anyway, maybe a little longer if you need to build up your strength for boundaries again - call and arrange a visit. Do not let her "guilt" or "blame" or even get into a convo of this incident...incident over. Moving on.
  6. Praying for all of you, I am so sorry you are going through this.
  7. then what? Anyone done Dimensions Math all the way through 8B? What subject course do you do after that? I'm looking ahead in trying to decide whether to stick with Singapore or go to AoPS after 5B...
  8. I do use Xtra Math for facts, but set to 6 second interval. His main goal for Xtra math is "staying calm". The recall comes better when he stays calm, but it's still hard for him. On Anki, We started son at three new items per day and 5 minute limit. Good luck! :-)
  9. This sounds like my 11 yo ASD son. I don't know what to do either. In his case, he seems happy, and so I am not sure if I should do something at this point or not.
  10. I didn't read everything so this may be redundant. My 11 year old ASD kiddo also has low working memory and memory problems. The absolute best thing I have found is the Anki app. It is free, and essentially an electronic flashcard system with built-in repeat intervals based on how the student answers. So if they don't know it, it will repeat sooner. If they do know it, it waits longer. I set the limit to 15 minutes per day and no more than 5 new items per day. That's pretty much his frustration limit. (In contrast, his younger brother has an outstanding memory and so his limit is up to 10 new things day,) His confidence and ability have increased tremendously. He can now remember product indicates multiplication, perpendicular lines form a right angle, and a right angle is 90 degrees. And somehow (maybe because its now entrenched in his long-term memory?) he can access it while doing problems. Before Anki, I felt like anything he learned went out as fast as it went in. ETA: ASD son often needs to see and repeat some cards at least 10 times before he remembers it.
  11. I have read none of the replies but as a single momma of two boys, I would take my older-ish sons into the ladies room, LOUDLY but nicely explain to him, "Yes, Johnny, you are a little too old to be in here, but you're still too young to be alone in the car or rest area. Just wait right there by the sink, and I'll be out in a jiffy." If it was one of those open doorway types, where there's no door to get in, I'd have him stand there, and if anyone approached, have him call out, "Yep- just waiting for my mom. Mom - this lady's lookin' for you!" and I'd plan on calling out. Never, ever had anyone approach or comment in either situation.
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