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    <p>Whether we call them crockpots or slow cookers, whether we use them them for soups or desserts, we are united in our loathing of cream of cr*p soup as an ingredient.</p> <p> </p> <p> So, post about your crockpot or slow cooker here. Post your tried and true, or tried and goo recipes. But most of all share your abilities to cook a great meal in an electric device without having to resort to cream of cr*p soup.</p>
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    <p>This is a support, encouragement and informational group for WTM board participants who use positive discipline as the main approach to family life with their kids. Punitive, adversarial, or harsh parenting styles and authors will not be supported.</p>
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    <p>This is a group for Christians who do not fit the "conservative" model often embraced by homeschoolers. It's a welcoming place for a wide variety of spiritual thought. We are inclusive rather than secular.</p> <p> </p> <p> Harry Potter, Guitar Hero, the Bible, Halloween, and Merry Christmas are welcome here.</p>
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