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  1. Nice to meet you, Sharon! Let's connect via PM!
  2. 4KookieKids, I replied on the other post but edited out some detail. Hopefully, you saw that post before my edits. Please feel free to contact me if you want to talk about any specifics.
  3. 4KookieKids, I made a separate post about NILD Educational Therapy because the topic does come up periodically. Please see that post for more about NILD. Usually students start the full NILD Educational Therapy program at age 8-ish, but many 7yos are very successful. The key is individualizing to the child's developmental and achievement levels.
  4. Hi Pen, Within the regular NILD Educational Therapy framework, the various executive functions are addressed by the way we interact with our students- the type of questioning we do and the feedback we give the student- throughout the different activities we do. We are intentional about helping our students recognize opportunities for goal setting, planning, organizing their thinking, initiating tasks, sustaining engagement in the learning task even when the task is not one of their preferred activities, and being flexible in thinking. But this is all integrated into our responses to the
  5. Hi all, I just read through the thread titled "Dyslexia help." In it, the OP asks about how O-G and NILD are related. I didn't want a post describing NILD to get lost in the already very long thread, so I've created a separate post. Before I talk about NILD, I want to do some introduction for those who do not recognize my username. I was a homeschooling parent to three children for many, many years. I started by afterschooling my older two when they attended public school in the Japanese system. Later I homeschooled full-time. I've been on TWTM boards for many, many years now (about 20yr
  6. I'll have to check out Using the Standards! Discovery is an important part of my work. I've used a few things from TPT for reading, but that site is overwhelming and I prefer to have personal recommendations from people who have used a resource. Thanks for reminding me of Ronit Bird. I've never managed to spend any time with her stuff. But I actually own at least one of her resources. I'll check out the FB page.
  7. How long has he been home and what grade is he in now? Has he ever had a private educational or neuropsychological evaluation to more closely identify his strengths and challenges in learning? Especially what information processing weaknesses underlie his difficulty? If not, that would be one good step you could take. Behavior is communication. When a child is acting out, it usually means there is something or several somethings that are creating stress for him. Cognitively, it can be information processing differences or a mismatch between content and/or teaching style and the child. Ther
  8. I'm not sure if it's consistent throughout the district, but I was pleased when I learned last year that at least some primary classrooms in my district are using Wilson Fundations.
  9. The Sonday System is definitely O-G! Arlene Sonday was one of the first Orton Gillingham fellows and the first president of the academy. A number of the tutors in my tutor group were trained on the Sonday System years ago through the school district where they taught. I have seen the materials but do not own them myself.
  10. If you remember in the next couple of days, let me know! I'm looking not only for games, curriculum, and worksheets but also for websites with "how to teach" resources. I intend to include resources for multiple platforms. Some of the apps are on both iOS and Android. I personally have an iPad for student use (while right there at the table with me!), but I also want items usable on desktop. Games and puzzles that require higher level thinking are worth bonus points. I've got a few sites now that are more straightforward curriculum or drill.
  11. Hi all! I posted this request on the K-8 Board, too, but am posting it here since more of you know who I am. What are your favorite websites and/or apps related to K-8 math? I need to compile a list for a class on math teaching methods that I am taking. Since my kids are long out of that stage I'm not familiar with what is popular and good these days.
  12. Hi Harriet, It is not surprising that this child is having some difficulties picking up reading in English at this point. Most English Language Learners (ELLs) take at least 2-3 years to develop conversational fluency in English and anywhere from 5-10 years to develop full proficiency in academic language skills. Many students have an appearance of conversational fluency within a year or so of beginning to learn English at school, but there are often many gaps in background knowledge and vocabulary that make participating fully in a mainstream classroom challenging. Undeveloped pre-litera
  13. Hi all, What are your favorite websites and apps for teachers and/or students that are related to math? Why do you like them? I am an oldie who doesn't usually post at WTM anymore because my children are now adults. I occasionally still post on the Learning Challenges board; that's where I spent most of my time in the last years I was a WTM regular. I am now an educational therapist and a graduate student in Exceptional Student Education. Which brings me to my request.....I have an assignment to complete for my Master's level Math Teaching Methods class.
  14. I suggest hanging on until you get the report in the mail. Once you've received the report, you should be able to see exactly which tests were done and find out whether there are any specific recommendations. Once you've had a chance to digest it, if you have specific questions you can see if the evaluator will schedule another session to talk with you. Often you have to pay the hourly rate for an additional session, but it may be worth it. ​As for the request to have someone else fill out the behavior rating scale, that is standard practice. The diagnosis of ADHD requires evidence that the
  15. Don't you just love it? Just when we think we've got the parenting, educating, whatever figured out, we get a new version of the human operating system to learn. I'm on version number 3 and though there are great similarities to versions 1 and 2, there are also significant differences. And the manufacturer didn't give me the bullet point handout with a quick review of all the new features!
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